Friday, November 30, 2007


1. Surprise dinner out. Last night I was looking through recipes and trying to find something to make for dinner without much luck. I haven't been shopping yet since before we left to go out of town (does anyone have a solution to shopping with two kids? I HATE it, and so avoid it like the plague- I wait till I have a moment when I can leave the kids with Jake as often as possible) and so I was missing one or two key ingredients to anything that sounded good. In my moment of frustration Jake called and said, "So, are we going out to eat tonight?!" "YES!" was my immediate response.

2. Good quotes. Here are a couple new favorites: "Failure is only the opportunity to more intelligently begin again." - Henry Ford "At the end of each day, you should play back the tapes of your performance. The results should either applaud you or prod you." - Jim Rohn.

3. Stuff that makes you think. I'm reading this excellent book right now- and though I'm waiting for some answers to questions still, and I'm not sure their theories are as simple as they make them out to be- the ideas are making me think critically and leading me to ask some good questions and spurring good discussions on parenting techniques with my husband. Just now I found they have a great website with lots of other resources as well- check it out if you're interested:

Thursday, November 29, 2007


1. Potential. I was sitting at young women and excellence listening to all the yw explain their displays, what they were working on/accomplished, what things they enjoy and are learning. All of these Young Women are so beautiful and have such potential for good. I remember adults telling me that when I was young- now as I look at them I see it more. We ALL have great potential. We need only to seek the Lord's aid in developing our talents and we will do great things.

2. Tamales! I ordered some pork tamales and served them with rice and beans last night for dinner. Its a South Texas tradition to have tamales during the Christmas season. They were really yummy and brought back so many memories!

3. Mitt Romney. LOL. I think he's my husband's secret man love. Last night we watched the republican (I only watched half due to young womens) debate and he did a good job. It's good to see that there are good people out there really trying to make a difference. There are some other good candidates as well- and we'll need them when it comes to batteling Hillary Clinton who is a phenomenon I really fail to understand.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


1. Cell phones. Mine is out of comission for a few days. Over the vacation it died and refused to be charged, we always keep insurance on our phones, so I took it in and they're sending a replacement- an upgrade even (apparently mine is now old enough that they don't keep parts/replacements for it so I get the newer model). We have a landline- but it still makes me realize how much I'm grateful for my cell phone.

2. A "clean" car. I got the car emptied out from the trip yesterday. I still need to vacuum it, but it feels good to not have it packed full of stuff.

3. Cold weather meals. Honestly I think I enjoy cooking in the winter the best. Grilling in the summers is fun- but I really love all the soups, stews and the warmth of oven baking breads etc in the winter. Last night I pulled out a jar of canned tomatoes from (from our garden) and made tomato soup accompanied by open faced tuna melts. A simple meal; but it hit the spot. I normally hate tomato soup- but I love this recipe:

Cream of Tomato Soup with Pesto:

32 oz chicken broth
1 can diced tomatoes w/ juice
1 can diced tomatoes with garlic and onion
1 cup half-and-half cream
2 Tbsp basil pesto
salt and pepper to taste

Boil chicken broth and let reduce by about 1/3. Pour in the rest of the ingredients, stir, turn to med-low and stir and let simmer 15 minuted. Blend in batches or use a immersion blender. Serve hot.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


1. Home. It was a great vacation, but its always nice to come home and sleep in my own bed and get back into a routine.

2. Christmas Tree! For FHE we went and picked out a tree. We then came home and decorated the tree. I still need to get out the rest of the Christmas decorations, but I'm loving the sight and smell of the tree already.

3. Christmas music and hot cocoa. Tradition says that we break out the Christmas music and hot cocoa while decorating the tree. I love this time of year!

Monday, November 26, 2007


These come first this time. We left to go to Sunriver, Oregon Tuesday night and got home just before midnight last night. My mom rented a large cabin for our first "family reunion". It was SO fun. It's been a long time since my whole family has been together- I love them so much! It was cool because we all arrived at the cabin at about the same time and everyone was so excited just running around giving hugs to each other. Jake brought a laptop- and we had the internet, but it was a little slow, and to be honest, I wanted to take a vacation from technology and just hang with the fam- thus no entries over the holiday.

Funny moment of the trip that I will probably never live down:
So we left Tuesday night and drove to Twin Falls, Idaho to stay the night there and drive the rest of the way Wednesday. It helped to break up the trip a little. Before we left I scoured the internet looking for a deal on a hotel/motel to crash for the night. I found some good deals- but really wanted queen beds (instead of doubles) since I knew we would be getting in late and not wanting to pull out and set up the portacrib- which meant Dekker would be sleeping in bed with me. I finally found a really good deal at "The Crest Motel"- it was about the same price as Motel 6 but had queen beds- so I figured it would be about the same standard- nothing fancy but a place to sleep. When we got there though it looked like something out of a horror movie! Aside from Guatemala, this was the worst place I've ever stayed. Jake was laughing so hard- when we walked into the room we saw they provided a fly swatter- and soon found out there was a reason for that. There were 3 flies that buzzed around the room the entire time (at least Josh had fun chasing after them). I'm notoriously known for being "frugal"- but this I'm sure will forever be the story told as an example of just how far I'll go to save a buck. The sink wasn't really even cocked into place and could almost be lifted out of the cheap counter it sat in. It looked as if they'd recently regrouted the shower- but didn't wipe the tile clean in the process. The place was so dirty feeling I wouldn't let Dekker crawl on the floor. Luckily we were there for just the night and long enough to get ready in the morning. The sad thing is I would have gladly paid more for a nicer place had I known it would be so bad- but it was too late and we were too tired by the time we got there. I thought I'd found a good place since it was offering queen beds! Oh well. Just have to laugh about it.

The cabin at Sunriver though was awesome. Very spacious. It had a sauna and jacuzzie, nice fireplace, pingpong table and big screen TV. It was just a few minutes from Mt. Bachelor, and they opened that weekend! They didn't have much of a base, so they only had two lifts running- but tickets were discounted and we had a blast!


So many things from this weekend....

1. Fab food! Buttermilk biscuits, egg nog, turkey, orange rolls, crepes, cookies, pies, and all the rest! My mom knows how to fill our bellies.

2. Fireplace. I love the warmth that a fire brings to a room.

3. Entertainers. Everyone took turns playing with and helping take care of my two boys. It was nice to have a break and see everyone else make fun memories with my kids.

4. Snowboarding. Neither being pregnant or recovering, means that this is my season- and what a fun way to kick it off with my family!

5. Holiday sales! Its a tradition to wake up early Friday morning and go to the Fred Meyer sock sale. We stocked up on socks and other finds and also hit Eddie Bauer Outlet and Target. I spent a lot of money, but hey- it was in Oregon so I got great deals at the sales, and didn't have to pay sales tax!

6. Movies. We watched some fun ones: Nacho Libre, Hitch, Rocketman, The Man who knew too Little, Flushed away. Funny and silly ones that were fun to have on in the background.

7. SSX Tricky. I think that's the name of it. This is about the only video game I play on the game cube that my family brought. It's a snowboarding one where you can do all these totally unrealistic tricks and race through some crazy terrain. It's lots of fun.

8. My family!!!!!!!! It was so fun to hang with them. I haden't seen my neice Kjerstin in way too long. To get to talk to Garrett and hear about his mission... to go snowboarding with my brother Brian and see him die laughing after scaring the living daylights out of Garrett, Kari, and Kjerstin on our way back from boarding (they were all asleep in the back and he slammed on his breaks and honked his horn- sending them flying out of their seats)... to get my mom's sweet hugs and just BE with everyone. I love them all so much!!!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007


1. My dad. Okay, so I was reading my post about "effort" and realized it didn't sound like much of a thanks. I didn't mean it to come off so harsh. Sorry. Dad got here yesterday and had dinner and stayed with us last night. It's been nice to visit with him. And the boys both love Grandpa and the attention he's been giving the.

2. The Priesthood. I'm thankful that Jake honors his priesthood and is able to give us blessings (Josh is the one needing them as of late).

3. Priesthood leaders. Yesterday our bishop spoke in sacrament meeting. Then last night Jake went to a stake priesthood leadership meeting and came back explaining how inspiring out stake president is. I'm grateful for such good examples around us.


Bri- thanks so much for the quote. I used it in my lesson and it fit in great! The lesson went really well.

Sandra- thanks for your shout out. Its been cool to read your blog and get to know you through it. Funny how so many years later the internet can help you become friends with someone so far away... I appreciate your thoughts.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


1. Another cute Josh moment. Yesterday Jake was helping me bag up some of the leaves in our yard, and a couple of the older boys in the neighborhood were wanting to "help", which meant Josh was dying to be outside too. Jake told him he needed to go find his shoes- so Josh went inside and was gone for a while. Apparently he could only find his church shoes, because that's what he came out wearing, and as if knowing we might object, he came outside, and shook his head and said, "Sh, sh!" as if to say, "I know they're my church shoes, but please don't embarrass me in front of these boys, just let me come out." It's hard to write out- but it really was a cute moment.

2. WalMart. With nothing else to do last night, we decided to go to walmart to pick up a few needed items, and just browse. It sounds funny- but when all else fails- go to walmart. There are always fun things to find/see.

3. Warm showers. I'm one of those people who cannot start their day without a shower. They just help me get going and feel good! In Guatemala we had to keep the water pressure extremely low just to get luke warm water... its nice to have hot water and good shower pressure.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


1. Grapefruit. If you're not aware- it's in season right now, and SO YUMMY. I think I love this fruit so much because even though I sprinkle a little brown sugar on mine, I feel healthy when I eat it- but LOVE it. Also because it reminds me of my mission; the best grapefruit is grown in South Texas as far as I'm concerned- I never even had to sprinkle brown sugar on the ones I ate there! The smell is pretty spectacular too.

2. "Sweet dreams". Josh came down with a horrible cough and chest cold. It woke him up during the night and he came into our room and laid wheezing on the bedroom floor. I picked him up and took him back into his room and snuggled with him, his poor wheezing had me worried, so I stayed rubbing his back. Josh likes snuggle time, but can't sleep very well right next to someone else- I guess that's why after a bit he said, "Sweet dreams Mama".... his way of letting me know I could go! :)

3. Another cute Josh moment. This happened a while ago- but I forgot to record it. Josh is in the stage where he always wants to make sure he's heard. So much so, that he'll repeat the same thing over and over until you repeat back or somehow recognize what he's said. The other day Jake and I were in the kitchen and Josh came down saying, "Look Mom, blue shirt. Blue shirt Mama. See blue shirt..." Jake smirked at me and said, lets see how many times he'll say it if you don't respond! So we continued our conversation, and as Josh said "blue shirt" in the background Jake would take note "One... Two... Three... etc". He got all the way to 52! He probably would have kept going, except Josh finally just said, "Mama?!" and I broke down and said, "Yes?" and he then said "See? Blue shirt!" for the 52nd time! We were laughing pretty hard.

Friday, November 16, 2007


1. The public library. I took the boys there earlier this week. I didn't get to all the sections of the library I wanted (Josh started throwing a fit), but I got some books for the boys, and a few for me. Josh and I have both loved reading our books this week- and its for free!

2. Effort. I've been a bit miffed at my dad for a while because he gets so self-absorbed that he forgets about everyone else, and this time its kept him from meeting my son Dekker. I used to be fine having to be the one to always make the effort at maintaining communications- because he likes it when I do, he's just not good at doing it himself. But now with two little ones its hard for me to go see him, and I began to wonder if it REALLY even mattered to him. So I stopped making an effort. Well, he finally called this week. My grandma who's been living with my aunt in Pleasant Grove isn't doing well, and they've moved her to an assisted living center. So my dad decided it was time to pay Utah a visit. He'll only be here a couple days, and its mostly to see my grandma- but he admitted he feels like a "derelict grandpa" and want to stay with us and meet Mr. Dex. I'm proud of him making an effort, and I'll make an effort to understand where he's coming from (the family situation we have isn't an easy one with divorce, religion/lifestyle differences, second families, etc).

3. Naptime. When Josh's nap, and Dekker's second nap of the day align it is a happy moment. I swear this is the only time I can get anything done!

Thursday, November 15, 2007


1. Kisses. Dekker has started giving kisses, and I think its the cutest thing ever!

2. YW lessons. I'll be teaching this Sunday and I'm so excited about the lesson. It's about attitude and mentions being thankful. These are two things that I've really been working on and gaining a testimony of recently. It never ceases to amaze me at how the Spirit works and how these lessons fall into place.

3. Prayers. Josh is finally starting to say prayers by himself (he used to have to only repeat whatever we'd say). It's so sweet to hear what is in his heart. This morning he prayed, "Father in Heaven, Thank you for this day... help stay dry all day... bless Dekker stand up... go BYU Cougers... in name of Jesus Christ, Amen!"

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


1. The Spirit.

2. The gospel.

3. My testimony.


You'll have to excuse me if I get on a bit of a soap box for a minute. I've just been thinking more lately about our consumer driven and "beauty" crazed society. It can be easy to fall into. I think its good to take care of your appearance, and we certainly don't need to live and Amish lifestyle to stay in keeping with gospel principles... but sometimes the lines get blurred. Recently, an acquaintance decided to go in for breast enhancement surgery... Now, I don't know her intimately, and so I don't know all her thoughts or reasons behind this decision, but I do know that what got her thinking about it was another woman from her ward telling her that more than a few women in their ward had had similar surgeries. I have to be honest in my disappointment! I work with the young women in my ward, and I find that so many of the lessons are trying to emphasize that worldly approval are not as important as seeking eternal treasures. I try hard to let these young women know that their true beauty will shine from within. We teach that body piercings, tattoos, and immodesty are worldly trends that do not merit these girls' attention. How much will these girls pay heed to if they soon here of women in the ward seeking to alter their body image in what to me seems such a superficial way. Correct me if I'm wrong please! Now, I know the argument can be said, "What about make-up, braces, or hair color? Aren't those just as much worldly ways to change our appearance?" I don't know where exactly the line falls- I'm positive that I have paid more attention to worldly opinions than I should- but I think it is very different to improve for self-confidence purposes something that people see every time they look at you, than to change something that you should not draw attention to and holds sexual connotations. The whole thing has made me look more at my own self-perceptions, and what things I place great emphasis on.

Jake's employment has as of late proved very successful. As we look toward the future, we begin to see that we could afford things that we wouldn't have been able to in the past. We recently looked at a beautiful home that I fell in love with and began to dream about. As we looked more at our circumstances though, and all the responsibilities we have over that which we receive, trying to keep an honest perspective of the future and our goals; I began to see that the thought or dream was premature. It was still hard for me to let go of at first, because I know that the home could have been rationalized or afforded. I can say though, that what has made it easier is thinking about what making that jump right now in our lives would mean for our family. How many and what kind of children would live in that neighborhood. How would I keep my kids from feeling a sense of entitlement to those things that they would then see around them. Would I change my perspective on what our "needs" are? Would that move really change my level of happiness? If so, is that a good thing? What other opportunities might be afforded our family if we were to wait for such a "dream home"?

I want to make clear that I'm not saying that living in a "prominent" neighborhood and lifestyle is bad. I've known several very successful people who have stayed very humble servants to the Lord, and raised moral selfless children. What I'm saying is that because those kinds of people exist does not mean that we should all aspire to such things, and especially not expect to "have it all" all at once. If that kind of lifestyle does present itself- the challenge to keep perspective, include the Lord in all decisions, and instill children with the same perspective can be difficult. When we are blessed, do we feel "I deserve this" and quickly look for what's next on our wish list that we can get with that blessing? Or do we ask why the Lord has blessed us with it, how we can multiply it, and ask what HE would have us do with it? Are we constantly trying to keep up with our neighbors and the world? Do we know where our true joys and treasures are really coming from? Are we happy with ourselves and with what we have- or are we frustrated if we don't get what we want right away?

I've lived in very impoverished parts of the world (south texas, and Guatemala) and seen good people work very hard for very little- but continue to move forward with happy hearts and a positive attitude. I've also seen people in similar circumstances give up, complain that their needs are not met, and wait for a handout to fix their problem. I've seen very affluent people who seem to give and give, serve and serve. I've also seen very wealthy people who take and take, and become lazy. I don't pretend to understand why we are born where we are, or given what we are given (or withheld for that matter)- but I do know that what we do with what we receive and our attitudes towards what we have are important. I know that if some of the people I knew in Guatemala were to see my home and lifestyle they would probably be shocked... I know that I was shocked someone would think breast enhancement surgery was worth spending a large amount of money on....

Ugh. My thoughts are a little jumbled. Answers aren't easy. I just know that the world has more influence on us than I like. I am not perfect, but I try to be careful about how much influence the world has on me. I know this acquaintance would probably say the same thing.

Monday, November 12, 2007


1. Family time. Josh and Dekker love to climb on me. Most of the time they love to do it at the same time (one sees the other one, and the other decides they want attention too). Sometimes it can make me claustrophobic- but last night I decided to surrender. I laid on the floor and let them wrestle, climb, tickle and kiss me all they want. It was actually lots of fun. Jake joined in the fun after a bit and we all had a "dog pile" on him.

2. Mom time. Dekker can't fall sleep just anywhere anymore- which means he dosn't get any sleep while we're at church, even thought its during his morning nap time. So When we got home yesterday he was dead tired- and though I tried to keep him up while we all got lunch- I finally had to take him up and put him to bed. Of course that means that he woke up about 5 minutes after I had snuggled in for my nap after putting Josh down. Fortunate for me, Jake said he wasn't too tired, so I was able to convince him to take Dekker downstairs so that I could enjoy my Sunday nap. Thank you!!!

3. My three boys. I love me little family!

Sunday, November 11, 2007


1. Temple workers. We went and participated in initiatories Saturday- and I am always impressed at the many temple workers. I also talked to my grandma this week who works at the Seattle temple often, but this week worked every day!

2. Parking in the garage. We finally have enough room to park the Tahoe in the garage again. Hooray!

3. Becca (a.k.a "Trish). My good friend Becca came down from Salt Lake on Saturday. She periodically comes down to hang out with us. Josh and Dekker are so lucky to have her as their "Aunt Trish". She watched the boys while Jake and I went to the temple and just hung out with us. Family errands and movie night with kids (we watched Ratatouille- and even thought its a kids show- the kids didn't sit through it very well) could be not so fun for some- but she seems to honestly enjoy hanging out with us in all our craziness. She is such a sweet friend.

Friday, November 9, 2007


1. Water. So one of the things I'm working on lately is food storage and emergency preparedness. The other day I finally bought a huge 55 gallon water barrel, and yesterday I set it on wood in the corner of our garage and filled it. It feels really good to know I have this essential part of food storage.

2. Phones. When you think about it, it's pretty incredible that we can talk to people miles and miles away with these little devices. Yesterday I got to talk to my RM brother for quite a while. It's nice to still talk even though I can't be there.

3. Smiles from my little ones. Nothing like a sweet smile from one of my two boys to lighten my heart!

MA Bdrm project





As promised, here's some pics of what I've been working on lately.
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Thursday, November 8, 2007


1. Mountains. I'm sitting looking out my window Mt. Timpanogos right now. Till live amongst these beautiful mountains really is a blessing.

2. Camille Sharp. Camille is an old friend from high school. She lives in Texas now, so I don't get to see her really- but we did just go to our 10 yr reunion together and it was so fun. Yesterday I called to catch up and chit chat with her. One of the things I love most about Camille is her honesty. There are no facades to her. It's nice to know that some people are not afraid to be real.

3. My brother is home from his mission!!!!!! Yesterday my brother Garrett got home from his mission to Peru. I didn't get to be there in Seattle for his arrival- but I did get to talk to him briefly on the phone. I'll get to see him in just a couple weeks over Thanksgiving. He is such an amazing guy- and I can't wait to here his stories in person and hablar el espanol.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


1. A budget. Even though it can be frustrating sometimes, I'm very grateful that from day one Jake and I decided to live below our means, and that in order to do that we began a habit of establishing and reviewing a budget on a regular bases. Sitting down together, seeing where our money has gone, setting goals for the future, and seeing where our spending habits need to improve has blessed our marriage in so many ways. We are not perfect, but we really do try to be wise stewards over that which we've been given.

2. Tithing and offerings. This goes along with number one, but I really am grateful that the gospel allows us a way to always remember the Lord is the one who has given us what we have, that we can turn around and give back to help HIS work along- and that with so much need and pain in the world, I can confidently contribute to the church's offerings funds and know that it will be wisely put to use.

3. Jake's ability to provide. I'm very thankful that Jake works so hard to provide for our family. I'm particularly grateful that he is able to enjoy (generally speaking) what he does- that his time away from the home really blesses him and our family.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


1. My sewing machine. Now, I would not consider myself a seamstress in even the loosest of terms- even crafty for that matter, but my patriarchal blessing actually advises me to develop this talent. And so I try now and then. Luckily, I inherited a sewing machine from my grandma. I'm working on decorating our master bedroom right now (I realized that for all the effort I put into Josh's and the nursery our room had received almost no attention) and so picked up some beautiful silk drapes to match my new duvet at a discount store that I'm making alterations to. So far so good. I'll post some pics later.

2. An artistic eye. While I don't consider myself "crafty" I do have an eye for color and design (at least I tell myself that). While picking up a curtain rod at Target, I spoted some cool frames on sale, that are perfect for the MA Bdrm project. I bought three to put some wedding pics (we have tons of beautiful wedding pics) in and group above the bed. They look pretty fabulous, even if I do say so myself.

3. A handy husband. After our first house (an old duplex that we were ALWAYS making repairs/renovations to) Jake usually moans when I start listing my "honey dos" at him- but yesterday he didn't complain one bit when he got home and I showed him what I'd been working on and asked him to help me hang frames and a curtain rod. And I really am glad he knows how to do all the finish work and has accumulated tools over time that help us move our projects along.

Monday, November 5, 2007


1. Sunday afternoon naps. We try to all take a nap after church every Sunday. Yesterday because of the time change, Dekker and Josh both woke up earlier than usual, but then settled back down to sleep after crawling into bed with us. We were all there sleeping together- and while I'm glad we're not normally "co-sleepers" it was a sweet moment.

2. Nursery teachers. These guys do such a good job. Every time we go to pick Josh up they've got the whole class sitting quietly against the back wall with their arms folded. Josh always loves going to class, and showing me his picture and telling me what he learned about. How they do it- I don't know.

3. The Bush family. Even though my cousin Natalie is less than two weeks away from her scheduled cesarean, they invited us to join them for dinner yesterday. Natalie is a great cook. She made yummy chimichangas, and crepes with nutella for dessert. The food was awesome, but just hanging out with them and chatting is always so fun. Thanks guys!!!

Sunday, November 4, 2007


1. My sense of smell. While this isn't so great when changing diapers, I DO appreciate very much the smell of a crisp day, a favorite food, a campfire, all those things that create and bring back memories.

2. Two hands. I'm so grateful for these, that if given the choice, I think I'd even take another one.

3. Disposable diapers. YES!!!

Saturday, November 3, 2007


1. The Book of Mormon. I'm working on a goal to read the Book of Mormon before the end of the year... because of some slacking I've been reading a little more lately. I just love this book. In the mission I learned that there is a power in the book- just in opening it. Lately I've been reminded of that. Inspiration can come in the most unexpected ways as I make a point to read the Book of Mormon.

2. Impromptu service projects. We have a large tree in our front yard that has just recently dumped TONS of leaves in our yard (and a few in our neighbor's yard). Yesterday the neighborhood kids were out playing. We went out to join them. The kids soon pulled out rakes and were having fun "raking" and jumping in the leaves. The senior sister in our cul-de-sac (yes, we live in a neighborhood of all Mormons- it's Orem okay?!) came out with her rake and some bags and soon everyone was REALLY raking and cleaning up the leaves. The kids were loving it- and we were too. It felt good to receive such service. I guess this is a double thank you for kind neighbors.

3. A clean kitchen floor. It never stays that way for long. All the more reason to appreciate it when it is that way.

Friday, November 2, 2007


1. Snuggles and hugs. My two sweet boys are snugglers and I LOVE it!

2. Good books. There are lots of them out there. I've just recently gotten back into reading. Something I've always enjoyed but didn't make enough time for for a while.

3. Sunshine.

Thursday, November 1, 2007


1. "Blood and Guts". A tradition from my mom I have to continue... cream cheese smothered in salad shrimp and cocktail sauce makes for a great cracker spread that's tasty anytime, but can have fun name on halloween as well.

2. Tricks. We made a scarecrow for our front porch. Jake attatched a string to one of the arms and managed to scare a couple of the older trick or treaters.

3. Treats. Us pirates, cowboys, and dragons love all those treats. Oh and cereal killers too (Jake was this at his office yesterday- a cereal box tied around his neck with knives poked through it.