Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Yesterday was a great day:

1. Lunch with my boys. I got to have lunch with all three of my boys yesterday and it was so nice.

2. A walk to the park. The weather was nice enough that we took a walk to the park. there were several favorite things within this outing itself:
a- Watching Josh peddle is tricycle all the way there and back
b- Pushing Josh on the swing and knowing the tickle he was feeling in his stomach when I pushed him to just the right height- I could tell I'd hit it when he'd give out a churteling laugh from his gut.
c- Dekker's smile as I had his on my lap while swinging or going down the slide
d- being outside in the sunshine

3. Wifey/Hubby cometitions. I wouldn't say that Jake or I am extremely overweight- but the last couple years (and after a couple kids) we've both got the soft bellies- So last night while getting ready for bed we started comparing "truffle shuffles" in the mirror. We were laughing so hard! That lead us to competition number TWO: who could do the most sit ups. Jake went first and so I tied him- but we're both so embarrassed that I won't list the number here- but we decided to make it a nightly event- to see who can strengthen those core muscles first. It's true what people say- kids and age 30 come up and all of a sudden you no longer recognize your body. Jake and I started talking about things that we can do (and do together) to take back control. We've decided to try spinning/street biking first (Bri I'm sure you're jumping for joy- and yes we'll probably be asking for your advice on beginner bikes/races soon). Yikes- writing it here really commits us... which brings me to the last leg of my conversation with Jake last night: What makes you persistent at something? Or what drives/excites you?

Jake thinks for him its competition and feeling like he has an advantage/talent. That's why Jake did so many sports in high school- Jake was good at basically every high school sport- and if it hadn't been for a rollover car accident that broke his back and permanently damaged his right angle- he would have played at a college level as well. Now he's found that the athleticism he developed then helps him continue to enjoy competition- even if its with himself- in other less organized sports such as golf, wakeboarding, and rock climbing. And certainly he loves the competition he faces daily in business- trying to compete with so many other entrepreneurs out there. I think a big reason why he went into business was because he found out the BYU business school was ranked so high and knew he'd have to work hard to get accepted.

I think for me its being unique/original. All the things I really consistently worked hard at were things that I felt made me unique or different. Doing well in school so I could go to BUY Hawaii- becoming SCUBA Dive Club president, learning to Surf, solemn skiing,rock climbing, my semester in Guatemala. Even on my mission- I don't think I went to be unique (although not as many girls serve as guys) but I think I did work really hard to really learn the Spanish language (even while in that states) and to work really hard as a sister (so I wasn't lumped into the "sister's don't work as hard" complaint I heard from so many elders).

It's a good question I think... we all have had times when we back out or give up on things- so what is it that helps us stick things out even when they're not easy or super fun at first... so I pose the question to YOU my readers- and would love to hear your responses as well.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

1. A new T.V. Jake and I are not TV addicts- we really only watch LOST and The Office (which I'm excited to hear should be coming back soon)... ok and the occasional American Idol. Yikes- maybe now that I think about it we are TV nuts- because during football season BYU game parties are always at our house- but hey it could be worse. Anyway- Jake and I have been married coming on 5 years and have never bought a new TV. Jake had a decent TV when we married, and when we bought this house it came with a MONSTER TV. We thought it was cool at the time, but it was seriously HUGE (that's why it came with the house- they didn't want to figure out how to move it), and the picture wasn't super clear. So I finally let Jake talk me into getting a nice 47" Vizio from Costco. Then he let me pick out an entertainment unit at Ikea to put it on. Our living room looks so much more streamlined. Jake even connected our computer to it and got blue tooth mouse and keyboard so that we no longer have to bring everyone up to our bedroom to show them our latest favorite You Tube videos or blogs... Yeah he thinks he pretty cool- and well he is.

2. "You can't put this kid to bed!" Josh says this at nights when we're done reading scriptures. I think its pretty cute, since I now realize we must always say, "Well, should we put this kid to bed?"

3. The Friend Magazine. I just recently started receiving this- and Josh loves it!

Monday, February 25, 2008

1. Perspective- specifically that of a 3 year old's. Ever notice that when a three year old wants something everything is of the moment? They want it RIGHT THEN. Everything is of the moment. but you want a three year old to do something- all of the sudden time stands still, and they can't seem to do anything but at a snail's pace. They no longer have any concept of the words "hurry", "now", or "we need to go".... It can be frustrating- but at the same time its humorous.

2. Home made jam. I refuse to eat store bought jam or jelly. I grew up on homemade jam- and there's just no comparison.

3. Little walker. Dekker is officially a preferred walker. He loves to walk now. Its so cute though, cause he's still not smooth at it, so he's always being cautious and catching his balance. Its just so cute.

Friday, February 22, 2008

1. Pediatricians. We all got hit with colds after Dekker had his, but when Josh started saying his ear hurt, and I could tell he was in pain I knew it was time to call the doctor. After an hour of sitting in a very busy waiting room with both boys (Josh VERY inconsolable at that point) the diagnosis made- Yep- its an ear infection. Wow- thank goodness for Tylenol and antibiotics which now have Josh back to himself. I felt so helpless when he was just crying in pain (I'd given him IBprofren- but found out from the doctor too small a dosage).

2. Girl cousins. Yesterday Nat and I were invited over to Kate's house to let the kiddies play while we watched recording of American Idol. I love playing "critics" with these girls. And BTW I was right except for one of the guys, as far as who would be cut!

3. LOST nights. I love this show!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

1. Good timing. Yesterday I decided to make some cookies to use up the bag of valentine colored m&ms I had- and ended up making a TON of yummy cookies. Then I was trying a recipe from Sandra's foodshare blog (chicken bake- thank you Sandra) and realized it would make way more than I needed, and that I had a whole bag of salad in the fridge I needed to use- so I called Marcia (who just had a baby 3 weeks ago) to see if they wanted us to bring and eat dinner with them. Well, turns out it was perfect timing. That she'd had a bad day and was just thinking she should worry about dinner- but didn't want to.

2. Men and boys. Then the guys offered to take care of the boys so we could get Marcia out of the house and go see a "chick flick". I guess the boys were terrors, but hey- its good for the guys to have to stick out those moments once in a while.

3. 27 Dresses. This is the movie we saw. Pretty cute, cheesy chick stuff if you ask me!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

1. President's Day. Jake went to work in the morning- but came home around lunch time. It was nice to have him around so I could run to the store by myself to restock our refrigerator/kitchen. Plus I was feeling a little sick- so when I got back I lied down for a bit while Dekker slept and Jake took Josh and Roxy for a walk to the park. Josh road his tricycle all the way there and back!

2. Tuckered out kid. Josh sometimes has a nap and sometimes doesn't. After no nap and the long trip to the park and back I could tell he was getting sleepy. I had dinner ready shortly after they got back- and Josh gobbled up his food and then proceeded to curl up on the kitchen floor and fall asleep! Jake carried him up to his bed. We both thought it was so cute.

3. Our FHE was less formal than usual. Since Josh was sleeping Jake and I decided to go over our budget and reassess our financial goals. Since we took our house off the market and decided to stay where we're at for a while it was good to set out some new one year and 3-5 year goals. Then Josh woke up, and so we found a "family show" on TV. Which was "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids". It's been years since I've seen this- and though cheesy its actually still pretty cute.

4. My sensitive Josh. Josh had quite the emotional ride yesterday. First, he found out Roxy chewed up one of his two favorite bears. These bears were his REQUIRED sleeping friends for a very long time- and he's not so attached to them anymore- but when he had to help clean up and throw away his bear he got all teary and said "Bye Bear. I love you!" That about threw Jake and I into tears as well. Then in the show there's a scene with an ant that becomes the kids' friend as they journey through the back yard- and the ant dies protecting them from a scorpion. Josh again was moved to tears- and kept asking about the "caterpillar" he refused to believe the movie was over without showing the "caterpillar" return safely to his family (which is what we'd tried to sooth him by saying). SUCH sensitivity for a three year old boy!

Monday, February 18, 2008

1. A fantastic, and much needed getaway with my hubby.

2. Becca who stayed with and took care of my two boys.

3. Rachael and Jesus who helped her.

4. My boys who were good while I was gone.

5. A 1/2 day at the spa in Vegas.

6. Jake loving his 1/2 day of golf.

7. KA Circus de Solei

8. RM Seafood restaurant.

9. Chocolate truffle Sundae.

10. Deep Sea Imax

11. A safe trip.

12. Rejuvination.

13. Vegas Temple.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Jake and I are leaving to Vegas tomorrow morning. Rachael (a friend who used to be one of my Laurel's), and Becca are helping to take care of the boys while we're gone. I typed up basic schedule as a help/guide to these SWEET FRIENDS. After reading it I thought I'd post it here since its a simplified rundown of how my days are often spent:

6:00 am Dekker MIGHT wake up crying. He’s only woken up at this time twice in the last week (and those have been the two times I’ve nursed him this last week- so he IS weaned) so hopefully he won’t for you- but if he does let him cry 15-20 minutes. If he doesn’t fall back asleep get him up, change his diaper, and feed him breakfast. He’ll probably go back to sleep soon after.

7:15-7:45 Josh and Dekker both wake up. Josh usually comes in and snuggles in bed for a little bit and then says he’s hungry. He usually likes a Nutri-Grain bar. Sometimes he’ll ask for yogurt, cereal or milk in addition to or instead of. Dekker also likes a Nutri-Grain bar for breakfast- but I usually break it up for him and give him milk or water in a sippy cup. You can also mix rice cereal with milk and feed that to him.

You can take the boys to the play room to play. Josh may ask to watch a show or play a game on the computer. My advice is to try and hold off until Dekker goes down for his morning nap, then Josh will be entertained for a while and you’ll have a break to shower/get ready- but you can do what you like.

9:30-11:00 Dekker will get a little fussy and maybe even make the “sleepy” sign. I usually change him into clothes and sing “twinkle twinkle” while he holds his bear and then lay him in his crib. When you leave he may cry for a little bit- but if he cries for more than 5-10 minutes he’s probably not quite ready for a nap.

Once Dekker’s asleep you can tell Josh you need privacy and leave him entertained with something while you get ready. He may come up after 30 minutes and start asking if you’re done yet … Once you’re ready he’ll want a snack, want to play, or want to go outside. If he gets his boots, jacket and gloves on he can play outside. You can go with him, or let him go by himself if you remind him to stay in front of our house and check on him from the window/door pretty regularly.

11:30-12:30 Josh will want lunch. Options include, quesadillas, PB&J, Ham & Cheese (aka. “cool sandwich”), microwave burritos, mac n cheese, or hot dogs. He gets distracted VERY easily- so you may have to continue to remind him and help him eat his food. You can offer a pudding as a reward for eating all his lunch and that may help.

1:00 pm (or there abouts) Dekker will wake up from his nap. Feed him baby food, yogurt, applesauce or pieces of lunch meat and cheese. He likes to feed himself- so if you give him a spoon to “feed himself with” then you’ll have an easier time feeding him with a spoon of your own. If it’s something he can eat in bites himself- he does a little better. Oh- and Josh will probably be hungry for a snack again when he sees Dekker eating.

Play time. Errand time. Whatever.

2:30-3:30 they should both be ready for a nap. Josh will fight it. Have him go potty first- then tell him he can either pick a book to read or go straight to bed. Then read him/them a book. Then close his door and but Dekker down (twinkle, twinkle and bear- then lay down in bed). If Josh is bouncing around a lot I’ll got back in to snuggle with him. I usually sing one song with him and then tell him “no talking, just snuggles” or he’ll try and get you to sing/play/etc with him for forever. Usually if you lay quiet with him he’ll fall asleep after a few minutes. If he continues to fight it, and you’re okay with it, he doesn’t HAVE to take a nap- but that may mean he’ll be tired/grumpy around 6pm

Enjoy the quiet time for a bit.

If they’re still asleep at 5pm I start making dinner without them around (much easier). And then wake them up no later than 5:30pm.

Dinner options- There are pizzas, microwave burritos, chicken nuggets and tater tots in the freezer. You can also make mac n cheese, quesadillas or anything else that sounds good. Please help yourself to anything.

Play time/ T.V. or movie time.

8:30-9:00 Dekker will get fussy and maybe start making sleepy signs. Give him a last snack if he’ll take it, change him into pjs, brush his teeth (sponge bob and infant paste) and put him to bed.

Then “read scriptures” (just a few pictures with story line), and say prayers with Josh. He will fight going to bed. But be firm on getting him into pjs, brushing teeth and going to bed. You can read another book/snuggle/sing with him if you want- or just be firm and continue to tell him its bedtime. He gets one free “I need to go potty” out- and that’s it.
Please let Roxy in at nights (you can put her in her cage if shes too wild) and let her out in the mornings. At the top of the steps outside is a container with her food- please fill her bowl each morning and make sure her water isn’t completely frozen.
Sunday church is from 1-4pm. I’m sure Rachael or some young women will volunteer to help with the boys in sacrament meeting. Josh goes to singing time first, and then his you pick him up from his classroom (the very south-west classroom of the North most hall) after the third hour. You’ll probably end up walking Dekker in the hall during most of the second and third hours. If you decide to leave church early I wouldn’t blame you.

You can also give the boys a bath during “play time” during the day. Just stay right there as Josh isn’t always very careful with Dekker, and Dekker LOVES to splash. Take Dekker out first- Josh can be in by himself for a while.

Watch for needing to go to the bathroom signs and remind/ask him once in a while. He’s pretty good- but sometimes waits too long if he’s busy/playing.

If Dekker is still congested you can give him 1ml (1/4 tsp) of Pedia Care medicine every four hours.

Josh will eat nothing but “granola bars” if you let him- try and give him other options (applesauce, yogurt, crackers, etc).

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

1. Jacob Daniel Runyan 2/13/1979. "Today is his Birthday, da na na na na na na na...!"

2. An excuse to see my hubby during his work day on his birthday. They had an office baby shower for one of their employees today and I was invited. It was nice- but I was just happy to see my man!

3. Chocolate lava cakes. This was Jake's special request. Its been a while since I've made them- so they were just a little less liquidy in the middle than I'd like- but still super yummy!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

1. Vegas plans!!! Jake and I are in serious need of a getaway. So we're doing a last minute trip to LasVegas. If we'd plan more in advance we could have maybe gone somewhere further and more exciting- but we'll save that for our Father's Day/Mother's Day trip (we do one of these every year). We are really excited though! We bought tickets to KÀ CIRQUE DU SOLEIL, got a tee time for Jake, and a spa treatment for me. We're also planning on visiting the temple grounds and shopping and dinning. Hooray!!!!

2. Infant tylenol.

3. Activa Yogurt.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

1. Brian Reagan. This comedian is not only hilarious- but clean to boot!

2. Worldwide Leadership training meeting.

3. Priesthood blessings. Dekker's been sick the last couple days, but thanks to a blessing yesterday, he seems to be on the upside today.

4. Beautiful weather- what a relief!

Friday, February 8, 2008

1. Sunshine!!! So there's still tons of snow outside- but its a beautiful sunny day and some of the dirty snow piles are melting a little. The sun reflecting off the white mountains is beautiful and its a much needed break from all the storms!

2. Dancing. Both my boys like to dance (although Dekker seems especially tuned into rhythms and music). Today Josh and I had a little dance session. He loves to turn on music and bounce around. His "signature move" as Jake likes to call it is a summer-sault. Its so fun.

3. Josh quotes. I haven't written down all the funny ones lately like I should. One that comes to mind though is that one morning while my dad was here Josh was trying to play Jake and I by asking me a questions Jake told him to ask me (could he watch James and the Giant Peach) and then going back to Jake and telling him I said "yes" when I really said "no". Observing all of this my dad said, "Josh, are you being a politician?" to which Josh replied, "I'm not being poltician. I'm being Josh!!!"

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

1. Voters. Romney hasn't does as well as we'd like- but its still good to see and be part of the political process.

2. Ornery days. So I haven't felt like blogging much lately- and I'm not quite sure why- but when I saw that Bri had posted even though she was feeling "ornery"- I figured I could do it too!

3. My companion. We always seem to balance each other out. I'm so thankful for him.

Monday, February 4, 2008

1. Baby steps. I love watching Dekker walk. His little wobbly steps are so cute!

2. Temple dates with my hubby.

3. President Hinkley's funeral service. It was very touching.

4. Sunday dinner with family.

5. Barrand's new healthy baby boy!

Friday, February 1, 2008

1. Playing in the snow. Yesterday while Dekker was taking his nap Josh and I went and played in the snow for about an hour. It was lots of fun.

2. LOST!!! Last night the new season started. Hooray for something fun on TV to watch!

3. Understanding visiting teachees. I've been a slacker- so yesterday I took treats to my visiting teachees. I'm thankful they seem to be so forgiving and understanding.