Friday, June 27, 2008

Things you LEARN to love about boys...

1. Just how dirty their high chair/booster seat can get. Today I was cleaning off Dekker's chair and I was once again at just how filthy this thing gets! I'm always shocked at how much hides under that thing until I lift it up to clean it out.

2. Sippies, sippies everywhere. These things get lost and then found and then lost and then found again. I made a rule that only water goes into these things for Josh. If he wants milk or juice I give it to him in a cup at the kitchen table, and if Dekker wants milk or juice I have one dedicated sippie for those drinks that is kept in the kitchen at all times. Finding sippies all over the house is fun enough, why add opening it up to find rotten milk or fermented juice?!

3. A "preferred stander". I remember the days when I thought having a potty trained boy would mean less mess for me to clean up! HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

4. Cars, trucks, trains, motorcycles and anything else that goes "VROOM!". There's no limit to the crazy places I find these favorite toys stashed away! Mostly trapped between the side of Josh's bed and the wall, or under his pillow- but lets see...? In my shoes, in Jake's socks he leaves by his bed at night, cups, and always at the bottom of the stairs (why is it so fun to launch them off the stairs?).

5. Sense of style. Everything has to have numbers, racing stripes, elastic wastes, or some sort of sports or vehicle on it in order to be cool.

6. Climbing, jumping, running. Its just the way they move. Forget sitting still.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

1. BYU-Hawaii alumni. I was at Home Depot the other day, and I was talking to one of the workers trying to make sure I was getting what I wanted when all of a sudden he asked me, "Did you go to BYU-Hawaii?" "Yeah." "I knew I knew you from somewhere..." He then went on to show me a photo of his wife who I also recognized from BYUH and pics of his two kids. I love that BYUH is such a small school- because if you were there for more than a semester you really start to know pretty much all the faces around you- and I love that even years later they're friendly enough to remember and reminisce with you.

2. My sister Karina. She came and watched the boys today so I could run some errands. She's always so willing to help out, and the boys just love her! The more I get to know her, the more I love her. I finally got connected to the blog she recently started, and her honesty of thoughts are great, but not only that, she has an incredible voice in her writing, and her desire to learn and grow are inspiring. Thanks for being such a good lil' sis and sweet Auntie Kari!

3. "Chastipk". Josh tries so hard to say chapstick right, which just makes it all the cuter when he doesn't!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Brownies Anyone?

On Sunday I taught in young womens at church. The lesson was on sharing the gospel. As I went over the lesson I couldn't help but think of one of my favorite talks given in General Conference back in Oct 2000 by Elder Oaks (of the 70). In his talk he compares the gospel to a fresh squeezed glass of Orange juice... and basically asks "Why should we be afraid that someone would be offended if we offered it to them, and even more- won't many be offended that we didn't offer it?"

So in my lesson we were talking about reasons we sometimes don't feel comfortable talking about the gospel with others. One that came up of course was the fear of offending. At this point in the lesson I casually reached into my diaper bag under the table and pulled out a brownie and started eating it in front of the girls. At first they just looked at me weird... then they were kinda laughing- but awkwardly. That's when I read them a quote from the talk They were all very grateful when I then pulled out a huge plate of brownies. We then went around the room and they each shared a part of the gospel that is "delicious" to them.

The message is a simple one- but so very true. If we really know the gospel, and love it, it is delicious to us. Why then would we NOT offer it to others. Maybe others will not be hungering or thirsting for the gospel when we offer- but surely they will not be offended that we would offer something that we know to be so delicious!

Such a FUN weekend!

1. The Hulk. While not quite as good as Iron Man (in comparing the latest Marvel films) this was still an enjoyable show.

2. Getting some chores done Saturday AM.

3. Boating in the afternoon. The ramp/docks were a mess- so we got a later start than we wanted, which meant RUSHING to the rodeo after- but we had a great time!

4. The Rodeo!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

1. Boating with the college "kids". It's the end of spring term and my brother is heading home for the summer, so we invited all the college kids (Garrett, his girlfriend Kristin, Karina, Brea, and her boyfriend Tom) to celebrate being done with finals by going boating with us. It was lots of fun to get everyone out there. Jake was sad because I didn't get out (sunset came too quick), but I really love just being out there with everyone and having fun.

2. Tuckered kids. I'll post a pic on our photoshare site soon- but it was cute because after swim lessons today we came home, played with the neighbors for a bit, then came in, had lunch, and I put on a cartoon for the boys while I got a couple of things done. When I went to check on Josh and Dekker they were both crashed out on the couch together. It was pretty cute.

3. Sunshine in the garden equation. My garden has been really sluggish with all the crazy weather we've had this spring, but now that we're finally getting some consistent sun and warmth my little plants are doing much better!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

1. Swim lessons. The boys and I are doing swim lessons this week and next. We go to the Orem Scera Pool. It's nice because Dekker and I are in a Mom and Me class, while Josh is in his and we're all in the same pool so I can keep an eye on Josh while dekker and I are doing our thing.

2. Little ones. I went to the hospital yesterday to see my cousin Kate's new baby girl ella. She's so tiny (6.5 lbs). I can honestly say though that even though she was VERY cute, it didn't give me the "I need to get pregnant" feeling. Whew! We can continue to hold off on that for a while.

3. Air conditioning. With this heat- I don't know what I'd do without it. I think we'd all be camping out in the basement.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

1. Softball tournaments and sun. Saturday we spent most of the day at Jake's tournament. It was actually pretty fun, although I was glad when it was done. Josh had fun running around (and holding hands) with his little girlfriend Alexis.

2. Orem Summerfest. Saturday night after a little Costa Vida (so good) we headed to the fair. Josh and Dekker had a blast on the boat, cars, and motorcycle rides. Josh took them so seriously- always steering in the right direction and making racing noises as he went! the fireworks were beautiful! Josh has always been sensitive to noise- and so he burried his head into Jake's side through most of it- but Dekker was smiling and pointing, saying "Was dis?" the whole time!

3. Father's Day. It was fun (although busy) paying tribute to Jake for all he does. I made crepes, hash browns, and bacon for breakfast. Then for dinner leg of lamb, mashed red potatoes, homemade gravy, and artichokes. Leg of lamb is Jake's favorite- but up until now he's only gotten it once a year (on easter). Why not twice a year I decided.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

1. My 3 sweet boys! Last night we made pizza on the grill for dinner. It was our first time- so we have some improving to do (it got a little burned) but Josh had fun helping me spread on the toppings and eating outside. It was a simple moment, but Josh and Dekker were both climbing all over me taking bites of pizza- and Jake was sitting there next to me and I was just overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude for my sweet family. I love them SO much.

2. A garage again. Jake borrowed a trailer from a friend so we could FINALLY clean out our garage from this last bathroom project- Hooray for no more old vanity, sink, carpet, etc hanging out in the garage!

3. Neighbors. We LOVE our cul-de-sac and all the kids and parents that make just hanging out so fun. This spring we've gotten to know the Adams family across the street a lot more. Their daughter Alexis is Josh's best buddy on the block, and their daughter Paige is not much older than Dekker. Jeremiah and Jake compare softball notes all the time, and Amy is the one who got me reading The Host. Combine that with the occasional boating outing and it makes for good family friends.

Friday, June 13, 2008

1. Unexpected alone time. One of the sisters from my ward called and asked if Josh could come to their house to play for a while with her son. She came and picked him up just after I'd put Dekker down for a nap. I wasn't quite sure what to do with myself for a moment- with unplanned time to myself for a moment. I resisted the urge to take a nap and instead FINALLY finished the last of the grouting on the boys' bathroom and the grouting on our tiled ledge in our bathroom.

2. The gym. I finally broke down and bought a Gold's gym pass. I'm not a fan of this monopolizing gym company- but they are close and have good hours etc. So I found a good deal on a pass from a guy on KSL Classifieds who was selling his contract (so much better than going in and getting "sold to" by one of their sales people. It's been nice to go with Becca or just by myself when I need a break. Besides, now that I'm approaching the big 3-0 I figure I gotta start doing more to keep myself in shape. It seems like I'm suddenly getting very soft around the edges.

3. Speaking of the big 30th bday coming up... is it sad that I'm actually looking forward to a big birthday party?! Most people avoid them at this age. I guess its because since my Birthday is so close to the 4th of July, I never end up doing anything for my birthday. I told Jake that for my 30th I wanted a big party. It's nice too, because this year the way the dates fall my birthday and 4th of July are actually separated into different weekends. So those of you who live in the area... be expecting and invitation for the 28th of this month!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Every year Jake and I do a getaway just the two of us between Mother's Day and Father's day as a gift to each other. Since we went to Vegas in Feruary though, and we're planning our Costa Rica trip for September we didn't want to overdue our vacation budget. Tradition is tradition though, so we wanted to at least do something. We were thinking about a camping trip- but when Jake got invited to the Select Med golf tournament at The Homestead we figured we'd get a room and make that our one-night getaway. It was nice. We went up and had a nice dinner, each got a massage, and then hung out with friends last night. This morning we went to breakfast and then Jake went golfing and I headed home to get Josh to gymnastics.

Monday, June 9, 2008


This is the closest I could get to a picture or Dekker's tongue. You can barely see part of the cut. I'm VERY thankful that it seems to be healing well. On Saturday the cut was gapping, but yesterday it was alaready closing up so that you could only see the line of the size of the cut.
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Saturday, June 7, 2008

1. I'm so thankful for my little "Dekkerman".

This morning he was climbing on the stool in Josh's bathroom (he climbs on EVERYTHING these days). I was in the kitchen, but heard him in the bathroom and so went up to grab him and shut the bathroom door (otherwise he ends up playing in the toilet). Just as I was heading up the stairs I heard a huge crash and then gargled screaming. I ran up to find him laying on the floor with blood all over!!! Quickly assessing the situation I could tell it was coming from his mouth. I leaned him over the sink and tried to rinse out his mouth so I could tell if he'd broken a tooth or what- but he just kept spitting out blood. I was so scared because it was a lot of blood- and he of course was freaking out and not letting me look in his mouth. After a few minutes the bleeding slowed and I was able to get a quick glimpse in his mouth- I saw that his lower lip had been bit and was bleeding. Relieved that he still has his teeth and it looked pretty minor I got started getting him cleaned up and calmed down. This took about an hour- he was really in pain. Finally though he settled down and fell asleep. about an hour and a half later though when he woke up and I went to get him there was blood on the sheets! Not a lot- but still I couldn't figure it out because his lip looked okay. I took him downstairs because he was signing that he was hungry and thirsty. When he tried to eat a little bread though he started crying really hard and spit it out and there was blood all over it! I quickly took him to a light and got a better look only to see that he was definitely bleeding somewhere else in his mouth. I immediately called the after hours pediatrician line. I ended up driving him to the after hours clinic, but by the time we got there he was doing much better. The nurse had told me over the phone that they don't do stitches in the mouth but that I could bring him in to assess the situation. I was thinking that maybe I should just head home. I got Dekker to finally say "AAAHH" ther e in the parking lot only to review about a 1/2 inch cut in his tongue- which freaked me out and so I took him in. There was quite a wait though and so I started talking to the nurse who I'd spoke with on the phone. She didn't see the cut- but I told her it was really big. She said I could still see the doctor if I wanted, but only the ER did stitches on tongues. She said that the tongue heals really quickly and that he'd probably be ok. I ended up just bringing him home... It's just so nerve racking. Its so sad because he'd be hungry but couldn't eat a lot of things he wanted. Just yogurt, applesauce and the like. Overall he seems okay. Not in a lot of pain- but Jake and I have been able to get better looks at it and its a pretty nasty gash. Everything I've read though seems to say that stitches don't usually help much since the tongue is a muscle- but I have read that major tongue wounds can cause permanent speech problems.... but he seems to be doing his regular talking/noises. I guess we'll just watch it tomorrow and take him in to our regular pediatrician on Monday. My poor little guy. Its been quite the stressful day for me!!!!!!

2. Jake took 3rd in his softball tournament.

3. I feel like even though it was scary, I did a pretty good job at keeping my cool through the whole thing.

Friday, June 6, 2008

1. Play dates. With less favorable weather the last few days its been nice to arrange a couple of indoor play dates.

2. CLUE. Jake had never seen this movie- and its one of my old time favorites, so we watched it last night and were thoroughly entertained.

3. A talking Dekker. Dekker is finally attempting to talk more. For the longest time he refused to even try. He's said a few things amazingly clear; "See ya later" and "outside" and "Where is it?" mostly its hard to understand unless you are really listening and have a "mother's ear" but its great to see him trying.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

1. Computer savvy son. OK, maybe a little too computer savvy for a 3 year old. Josh knows how to get on the computer, get to the Nick Jr website and navigate through all the games and videos. He was becoming a little addicted so he's no longer allowed, and we've put a password on the computer to be sure he doesn't sneak on. At least we know he's fast a figuring out all things electronical (he's also amazing with cell phones, TVs, DVD players, etc.

2. The Host. Another Stephenie Meyer book! Hey its fun to read science fiction once in a while. I'll admit- when I heard it was about "aliens" I was skeptical- but I'd thought the same thing about a vampire love story. I'm hooked already and I just bought it yesterday. I'm on page 150 or around there... yeah. She's a great writer.

3. Rainy days. Not always fun, but when you have a good book to curl up to, and the boys are down for a nap- its nice!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

1. Funny Jake moment. I'm always posting funny things Josh and Dekker say/do, but Jake never ceases to crack me up either. This actually happened last Monday (Memorial Day). We were at the cometary visiting my grandmother's grave. We'd taken an umbrella with us since it'd been raining on and off all morning- when it began to downpour we all crowded under our giant umbrella and Jake said, "Wow. These things actually work. I don't think I've every really used an umbrella before!" It was said with such awe I couldn't help but laugh. Obviously HE'S the one who grew up in Colorado and not Seattle!!!

2. Safe neighborhood. I love our little cul-de-sac. It's so nice that there are so many young kids that can play together and adults that are always watching out not just for their own kids, but for everyone else's. The day after day automatic play groups are nice as well!

3. Health. Some of our neighbors got struck with the stomach flue- we somehow managed to escape it- Whew!

Monday, June 2, 2008

1. Helping out a friend. My friend Becca works in Salt Lake, but has decided to go back to school part time at UVSC. She was looking for roommates and places to live down this way since her Salt Lake housing contract was up at the end of May- but was having a hard time finding a place/roommates she felt good about and wasn't sure how far south she really wanted to move since she's still working in Salt Lake. So she's staying with us till she can get her footings. Its fun because Becca (aka Trish) is so sweet with my boys- and now I have a close girl friend to chat it up with!!!

2. Saturday's activities. Saturday Jake had a softball tournament, and then in the evening we went boating with our neighbors across the street. Despite the fact that we dunked three little kids with only one adult off the tube it was fun.

3. Traditions. I'm really enjoying Sunday dinners at our house. Its so nice to get everyone together.