Saturday, August 30, 2008

1. Yoga on Thursday. With vacations, guests, and the rest I haven't been to yoga for way too long. Thursday was a GREAT class!!! It just makes me feel so much better.

2. First official day of preschool. Josh loved it.

3. Golfing with a pro. So Jake is pretty much a pro golfer these days- and me? Well, I've never even completed 9 holes. Last night we took the last tee time at Cascade Golf course (where Jake has a corporate pass) and had a fun time. I still didn't complete 9 holes (we were too slow to beat the sunset), but Jake was so patient with me and very complimentary of my efforts. He's a pretty good teacher too. I actually think golf is a lot of fun- I just need a lot more practice!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I have been not too great at keeping up with my blog lately!

1. Zucchini. It's kinda gone nuts in my garden- but that's okay- I've been finding all kinds of new recipes and ways to use it. It really is versatile- it goes in pastas, casseroles, muffins and breads- even brownies! And it tastes good in all of them!

2. Preschool! I CAN NOT believe "my Joshers" is starting preschool! Yesterday was the open house and tomorrow is his first official day. His teacher is a woman from our stake just a few blocks away who has been doing this for 18 years. She is SO SWEET with the kids and Josh is ubber excited. It's only 1 1/2 hours Tuesdays and Thursdays- but it still makes me sigh and think "my little boy is growing up". I am looking forward to time for running errands with only one little one to tote around.

3. A jewelry party?! My cousin Kate sells LiaSofia jewelry. I've dodged all her invitations to host a party for a while- but finally caved in. I'll confess I did it only as a favor- and they're really not my thing- BUT it WAS fun to have a "girls night". Very cool that my friend Sonnet who lives in South Jordan came down with a friend for it- she's lived here in Utah for 5 months and this is the first time I was able to see her- it was good to catch up and decide we need to get together more often. My friend Heather who I haven't seen much this summer (life just gets crazy) came too- and she is such a crack up. So it was actually pretty fun- and I got a cute free bracelet out of it.

4. A great day on the lake. Saturday we went boating with a coupla friends (we try to rotate through a list of people who we know like to go). I always worry about going on Saturdays because it seems like the lake can get really busy and choppy- but it was beautiful! I don't know if its just because all the snow is melted- or if they actually slowed/closed a dam that runs into the lake but it was much more flat. There were a lot of boats- but besides a few rollers it was really nice. The weather was not too hot and the water was the perfect temperature. I actually skied - (most of the time I just wakeboard cause the water isn't nice enough for skiing).

5. Garrett! He's back in Utah- and while we miss Karina terribly (she left for her internship at Disneyworld) its good to have Garrett back. He's such a cool "kid". I love that he can chat it up about all that's going on with him!

6. Land of a Hundred Wonders. I finished this book last week. It was a fun and entertaining read. Not too addicting- but not boring either.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

1. Catching up with laundry- yep one more load and I'll be caught up!

2. Boating with my Laurels. We took six of my eight laurels (the 16-18 year old girls that I teach at church) out on the boat last night. It was such a blast. These girls were all pretty gutsy out on the tube and the wakeboard. They were seriously so much fun. I love those girls to death. Jake even said how impressed he was with them- not just for all being "gutsy" but because they were all so kind and fun- not pettiness or cattiness. I'm so lucky to get to know these girls.

3. Education week and BYY mint brownies. Jake's Dad and stepmom are staying with us this week while they go to education week. Its fun to get a report every night on the highlights of the classes they attended- oh and the brownies they brought us home last night were pretty divine as well.

4. My sister Karina's adventures. My sister Karina just got to Florida yesterday to start her internship at Disneyworld. She seems to be loving it so far. It's exciting to watch her go through such a fun adventure!

5. Blessings for friends. My friend Becca, who's been staying with us this summer is staying at another friend's house this week while Jake's dad is here. She called last night though to tell us that she's found a room to rent starting in September. Becca's been such fun to have around that we really will miss her! She's always so helpful with the boys, and she's a great one to have around when I need "girl time"- yet we knew this was temporary. Luckily she won't be too far away- just a few minutes away in Lehi. I'm excited for her because I could tell she really felt good about the house, roommate, and location that she found!

6. Josh's curls. I just LOVE Josh's "surfer" curls. Now that his hair is longer and it shows off his curls more he gets compliments all the time. Of course, with longer hair it can get pretty crazy looking too- but I think its adorable. I've wanted to grow out his hair for a long time- but when he was younger his finer hair would just get too frowy and tangled- but now that its thicker it grows out better.

Monday, August 18, 2008

1. A great trip to Colorado for the anual "Run-hardt" reunion. See photo blog for a quick overview.

2. To be home. It was a fun trip- but we all sleep much better in our own beds, rooms, and when following a regular routine.

3. Car rides that go relatively well. We had the Tahoe packed to capacity, all three kids in the backseat. The kids had fun and were mostly good to each other and to their parents. I think back to our family trips when I was young in an old station wagon that would over heat, or in a big suburban with no AC- an somehow those are great memories for me. I guess its true that family time simply is good times. I don't know how my parents did it though!

4. Lots of love for my little ones. Its so fun to be around so many people who love your kids- honestly- is there anything better than having everyone tell you how cute your kids are?! And not just tell you, but scoop them up to go and play with them in the toy loft, on the trampoline, or push them on the swings?! Only problem is, now my kids are used to having someone to play with them and give them one on one attention all the time!

5. My kids still love me. Okay, so its kinda silly, but I was secretly SO THRILLED that despite there being tons of people around to love them and kiss them- when my boys got bumps, owies, or were just a little extra sleepy or sad they still came running to ME! That's the best thing about being Mom- they really do love you most, and I KNOW its because they know that I too love them even more than all the rest.

6. White water rafting. People come from all over to go to Jake's home town for white water rafting- but even though we've been to Buena Vista tons of times it was not till this trip that I was finally able to take the wild trip. The river was actually much lower and therefore slower- but though not incredibly fast it required more guiding technique and still held some big surprises/splashes. It was lots of fun.

7. Skydiving crazies. Becca and I stayed home with the kids while everyone else went skydiving. They came back with crazy stories and videos. They tried to tell me that I would love it and should try it sometime- but while I'm so glad they all had fun- it just isn't appealing to me at all for some reason.

8. The Monkey Head. So at these reunions we have all kinds of competitions that you get different points for- whichever team wins takes home a wood monkey head that they have to put on display in their home for the next year. This was our first year winning the first place title!

9. Bunko, Sequence, mafia, Cards. Just some of the games we played to keep us entertained when it was raining or between activities.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

1. The Olympics. Jake and I watched part of the opening ceremonies last night. With all the bad stuff you hear in the news all the time, and with all the troubles that go on in the world- its pretty cool to see the world come together and celebrate greatness! And WOW- you forget just HOW MANY countries and people there are in this world.... it gets my travel bug revving. *sigh* It is cool to think that Jake and I MIGHT get to go to see Beijing at the beginning of next year though (if Magellan signs on enough new business for certain health car provider they pay for the airfare and accommodation!

2. Disney Movie Club. I decided to sign up for this and finally start building our kid movie collection a little more (I was planning for our upcoming road trip to Colorado- and figured I might as well get a few movies for less at an attempt to keep the boys entertained). Today we got all of our "free" ones plus a discounted one. I broke my own rule and pulled out Tarzan tonight for us to watch. The music in that is SO great- which is probably what led to....

3. Our family jam session. After the movie we had about an hour to kill to bedtime. Josh recently got a new toy guitar that is pretty dang cool. So when I suggested Josh go find it so we could play with it, he came up with a better idea! He found not only his guitar, but his toy drum, microphone, and keyboard too. We each took turns with our instruments and rocked out together. Dekker was even bobbing his head! It sounded horrible of course- but WE had fun!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Breaking Dawn

I started this book on Monday and finished it today. I'll be glad to have my life back! Not that I totally got absorbed into the book like I would have liked to have. I mean, I would have read it in less time, except Jake HATES me reading these in front of him (or any book really, when he's around he likes my attention) and I have two little boys with me all day that are basically the same- so I read whenever I could- and only did the basics around the house (I have some cleaning to catch up on).

I really liked the book- in fact it was my favorite of the four. Now if you haven't read it beware- because some spoilers follow.


I liked it because I was worried I'd be reading 750+ pages of is Bella going to REALLY marry Edward, and will she REALLY become and immortal vampire- and frankly, while I've enjoyed the series I didn't know if I could handle so much more of the same... so I was pleasantly surprised that she started off the book with a wedding right at first. I thought the plot was great. I unlike most readers who's reviews I've read DIDN'T see the pregnancy coming, but DID see Jacob's imprinting (once we found out about the pregnancy).

There were things that bugged me of course... but mostly I was able to overlook them.

I didn't think Jacob's voice came through quite as I'd imagined- but I loved his "book".

I REALLY liked the new Bella. Much stronger, and less annoying.

I even liked the ending- it was perhaps too much of a "happy ending" and so might not make as good of a movie- but it was what I WANTED to happen.

I won't go on and on.... but I just had to briefly write about it since it DID take up many of my hours this week!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


That's right- yesterday was our 5 year anniversary! How lucky I am to have my sweet husband of mine.

1. Babysitters- Karina came to watch the boys for us. Becca helped out when she got home, and sent Kari home when it got late and the boys were in bed. How thankful I am for these two girls who continue to watch the kids for us!

2. The Melting Pot. We'd never been there before last night- but it's one of the splurge kind of places that everyone says is fabulous. Jake got the reservations for us and it was not only delicious, but FUN! We did the whole 4 course meal- cheese fondue appetizer, salad, broth cooking entree, and the yin yang chocolate dessert. A fun experience for sure.

3. We couldn't find much going on in Salt Lake on a Tuesday, and so had planned on going to see either The Mummy or The XFiles at the movies- but both were NOT getting good reviews. We settled on seeing Journey to the Center of the Earth in 3-D at the Jordan Commons. I cute, simple show- but it was very entertaining and so cool to see and entire film done in 3D.

4. Yesterday early AM I also had a chance to go with the Laurels that I teach to do baptisms at the temple. It was a great way to begin the day.

5. When I got back I was hungry for some breakfast, and figured it'd be nice to do something fun for our anniversary- so I tried a new "crispy french toast" recipe from the breakfast recipe book my mom got me for my birthday. It simple but very yummy- just crush up some Corn Flake and mix with cinnamon and sugar. Dip your favorite bread in the classic egg/milk mixture and then in the cruncy mixture before frying in a little vegetable oil. It was a fun twist on an old favorite.

Monday, August 4, 2008

1. Saturday morning we decided to go to breakfast at Mimi's Cafe... it was FABULOUS!

2. Cousin night! We pulled together a last minute cousin night on Saturday evening. We pulled out the blow up toy for the kids and us Runyans, Dixons, Bushes, and Knights had a great BBQ and hang out time. Oh- the guys played a round of 9 holes at Cascade golf course beforehand.

3. Dad and sons play time. Jake and the boys were wrestling and playing last night and it was so cute. I was on the couch watching them roll around on the floor- but after a bit Josh came up to me and said, "I'm protecting you Mom!" and then Jake would pretend to be a monster coming after me and Josh would shoot him with arrows or attack him to keep him from "getting me". Each time that Jake would collapse to the floor "dead" Josh would cross his arms proudly across his chest and say, "I'm so brave, huh Mom?" It was pretty dang cute. Dekker was running around playing with them too.

Friday, August 1, 2008

1. Local fruit/vegetable stands. We are lucky enough to have a few of these here in Orem and they've been filling up with more of the local produce. Yesterday we had some local grown corn and it was so YUMMY!

2. Storms. We had a couple rain and/or thunder storms this last week- and I just love 'em.

3. Done with government paperwork. I finally got all the paperwork together and taken care of for Jake and my passports!