Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's Halloween time!

1. Carvin pumpkins last night with the boys. Always fun!

2. Glad I'm wrong sometimes. Along with the pumpkins carving... I wasn't too sure about Josh having his OWN pumpking to draw on and carve- but Jake said, "Aw- let him have at it. At least let him draw on it and I'll help him carve it!" So we did- and Josh's pumpkin is my favorite! When I realized I hadn't bought candles to light the pumpkins Josh said, "It's okay Mom. We can use these.." and ran to the kitchen drawer and pulled out some birthday candles. I, laughing said, "Thanks Josh- but I don't think those will work." Jake, again the hero said he could make them work- and found a way to secure them in the pumpkins and make them last long enough to do our test lighting ceremony and pictures! I guess its a good thing I'm not always right!

3. Cornbelly's with the Barrands. We had lots of fun. We ate all the fried foods we could (corn dogs, PB&Js, pickles, fries- and yes the PB&Js were the best!) and ran from activity to activity until it got too cold and dark for more.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Busy is good

It's not because I don't have much to be thanful for that I haven't written as much lately. In fact, it's quite the opposite. We have so many things that we are thankful for keeping us so busy that I just haven't sat down to write as much. Still, not a great excuse perhaps, but it is an excuse.

1. Rick's medical school interview. Rick's interview at UofU brought him, his wife, and McKyla for a two-night visit this week! He felt that it went really well- which is a huge blessing since its one of his top picks (his other being University of Washington).

2. Saturday. Jake made the huge sacrifice of staying home where he could only listen to the game so that he could use the beautiful fall day to get some needed fall chores done. He greased up our garage door (which always gives us problems when the weather turns cold) and cleaned out the gutter (we haven't done that since we moved in more than 3 years ago!). Later that evening we went to the mall to get him some needed new church clothes to go along with his new calling.

3. Bitter sweet goodbyes. Sunday I taught my last laurels lesson. I was released, and the new advisor called. The girls were all so sweet, saying how much they'd miss me. I will also miss them very much! It was neat though, because this last week I was thinking about who I would pick to replace me if I could; who would I feel good about leaving "my girls" with? Vikki Gonzalez, the mother of one of my Laurels who graduated this last Spring just kept coming into my mind and I was thinking she would do such a great job. Guess who was called on Sunday?! I met with her this morning to pass on the manuals, binder, and go over some of the basics and she is such a sweetheart! The girls are going to love her.

A few of my favorite new things:

My mom very nicely reminded me that I haven't posted a lot of pictures lately on either blog. So today I took pictures of the new fence as well as a few other things that are new and on my favorites list these days:
My KSL leather loveseat find that I mentioned a while back, my new Autumn wreath, and my new boots!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Full of love

That's how I've been feeling lately! Especially towards my sweet household of boys. I don't care what the world says- I AM TRULY RICH!

1. "Way, way more than you know!". For a very long time Jake and I have been telling Josh that we love him SOOOOO much. It was all we could think of to try and express that overwhelming love a parent feels for their child. Well, I little while back one of Josh's favorite books became "I love you so" (by Marianne Richmond) and it starts out; "I love you." "How much?" "SO much." "How much is 'so'?" " WAY,WAY, MORE than you know..." Now one of the things I love about our home is that the words "I love you" are heard OFTEN, but I love it that the "Way, way more than you know" is usually added on to every exchange lately as well. Josh is just a big sweetheart.

2. My body as a train track. I must have spent at least 20 minutes lying on the living room floor last night while Dekker conducted a train car up my arms, down my legs, across my back and then up and down the other side. He can drive cars and trains around like that for a long time and be self entertained- but it was fun to be LITERALLY part of his game- and it was kind of a nice massage at the same time!

3. A wise husband. Well, as we all know- our nation and world is going through a bit of a financial crisis as of late. I think most of us on a day to day basis don't feel the full impact of it. Several people have asked me if Jake (and referring to his work) have seen the crisis impacting them. I always respond that fortunatly though they have seen several of their clients have to downsize (and that therefore cuts back on the payroll/health insurance Magellan processes per client) they've also had enough new clients and growth in other sectors to offset it. However, yesterday Jake came home a little discouraged as they lost two major clients completly. He was telling me about the frustrating details, but then later very wisely said, "I don't want to sound negative. It's not as if even these losses will have a major effect on us- but it is very comforting to know that we live so frugally, that were it necessary, we could take a pay cut and be okay." We then talked about our responsibility to continue to "prepare every needful thing", and how blessed we are to be in circumstances where we could help our "neighbors" were the need there. I'm so thankful to be a member of the LDS faith, where we have inspired leaders who have forwarned us of times such as these, and who continue to give us guidence that brings our home peace and order dispite worldly turmoil- and so thankful for a husband who follows such council.

Monday, October 20, 2008

It's been a bit.

1. Cousin night at the Dixon home. We haven't had "cousin nights" as often as we used to- guess that's what happens as everyone has more kids and busier schedules. It was fun though as we all brought a different course for the fondue night- and the kids wore their costumes while running around playing together.

2. Jake's new calling. Jake was called as the Young Men's President yesterday! He's nervous and excited. I'm excited for him- but sad that this means I'll be released from my calling with the young women (with 2 little ones we can't BOTH be at Wednesday night activities very easily) but that was probably coming anyway since I've been in there over 3 years now. It is kinda funny though because Jake has been wanting to work with the youth. When he was in meetings and they started talking about upcoming changes in the young men's he was secretly hoping he might get moved there. He even felt a little guilty when his name was mentioned by one of the counciler's and the Bishop said, "But Brother Runyan is a bit too much of need here as the executive secretary" and Jake responded jokingly; "Aw, I could do both." He felt guilty because he didn't want to "vie" for a position. He mostly just wanted the Bishop to know he wouldn't feel hurt if he was released as exec. secretary and he really just wanted to be one of the councilors in the YM presidency, or one of the advisors- but I guess you'd better be careful what you wish for! Though he's a little shocked and nervous- he's excited and a little grateful to have a change (he's had all administrative callings since his mission).

3. Beautiful weather. We've had gorgeous fall weather lately. Cool evenings and mornings with sunny warm afternoons. It's supposed to get cooler again this week (we did have snow one morning already) and so I figure I'd better be thankful for the warm fall days we have had.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's been a good day

Nothing spectacular- but its just been nice.

1. Getting errands done. I have an hour and a half twice a week while Josh in preschool to go and run little errands and only have to worry about unloading, hauling around, and reloding ONE kid instead of two. Plus it gives me a little one on one time with Dekker.

2. New fence going in. Saturday we tore down our old cedar fence along the back (which bumps up agains a pretty busy road) and this week we're having a cement fence put in. We're starting to get an idea of what its going to look like and it'll be such a huge improvement! Not only will it look nicer, but it will be safer (protect agains any cars that might go off the road), and should help absorb some of the traffic noise.

3. My FHE lesson. We did FHE tonight instead of last night because last night we had people over for "family dinner" since Sunday we went over to the Barrand's for dinner. I was proud of myself because I actually prepared a pretty good lesson. We've been really trying to make it more meaningful, yet still fun for Josh lately. Tonight we talked about working as a family to keep a house of order. I cut out pictures of each of us and put them in columns on a white board. Than I cut out pictures to represent some of our different jobs (Jaime- dinners, laundry, grocery shopping etc. Jake- working/earning money, fixing things with tools, taking out the trash etc. Josh- Letting Roxy out each morning, making his bed, putting toys away. Dekker- learning to take care of toys, saying prayers, learning to share.) Josh would help decide who the task primarily belonged to and then stick it in their column. Then we talked about fulfilling our tasks and helping others with theirs and how this is how we help keep a house of order. Josh liked and seemed to get something out of it.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Last night

1. WEEZER CONCERT!!! I haven't been to a concert for a long time- but Jake bought tickets to last nights Weezer concert at the E-center and it was SO MUCH FUN! They were very entertaining, and played a good mix of old favorites and stuff from their new Red Album.

2. Pizzaria 712. I heard about this new restaurant in Orem and wanted to check it out. they have a very simple menu- but all the ingredients and flavors are wonderful for making delicious traditional style pizzas and such. It was very tasty and had a very cool atmosphere.

3. Charity. What else can you say when Tio comes and watches the boys for the evening? Feeds them dinner, plays with them, puts them to bed, and does it all for free just because he likes spending time with his "nephews". How very kind!

Friday, October 3, 2008

1. Berry picking. Thursday afternoon I took the boys to a farm in Payson to pick berries. If you pick your own fruit, they let you buy it at a discount. We picked lots of raspberries and some blackberries. I had to pay a little extra though since Dekker just ran around picking and then eating the berries. It was fun.

2. Mission reunion. Tonight Jake and I went to our mission reunion (yes we served in the same mission, NO WE DID NOT MEET IN THE MISSION). It was with the president that I only served under for 6 months- so I didn't know a ton of people there- but it was still fun to see President Christensen and his family and a few familiar faces.

3. Temple mornings. I've set a goal to attend the temple weekly again- and with our busy schedule that means that most weeks it's an EARLY morning session while Jake and the boys are still in bed. It's been really nice to start off my day once a week within those quiet, sacred walls!

As a side note- when I got home from the temple this morning Josh was up, and seeing me come in with a skirt on said, "Mom, where did you go?" When I answered, "To the temple." He asked, "Did you get married?" I had to laugh. I mean, I guess its good that he knows that people get married in temples- but it makes me wonder if he's thought that Jake and I are getting married every time we go to the temple.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

1. Family photos?! It had been a busy day and both kids had crashed out in the car on the way home from running errands, and so I had to wake them BOTH up to get ready and go take pictures- so needless to say they weren't feeling too cooperative. It WAS beautiful up the canyon though- and Brea was such the good photographer and actually got some usable shots. You can check out some of the funny but cute mishaps on our photo page.

2. The gym daycare. Okay so I have a hard time getting my bum out of bed for the early morning classes at the gym- but I don't have a VIP pass so I didn't really want to pay extra money to take the kids to the dacare there- but Jake's been bugging me to find out if I can just use his VIP pass for the daycare- and guess what?! They do. We don't both have to have one- they just need one VIP ID number to register the kids under and I can be the secondary person on the daycare account! So I've already gone twice this week. The kids love it, and I feel great! Its so nice because before I was trying to make the evening classes- but our evenings always get busy too- so I was only making it to the gym once a week.

3. A small Runyan gathering. Rick (aka "Ditch"- jake's brother) is applying to medical schools. They're living in Idaho right now, and last night drove down to stay the night with us before flying out of the Salt Lake airport this morning to go to one of his interviews. Brea's birthday is tomorrow so we all got together last night and went to Wingers for dinner.