Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Naomi Christine

1. Not only that she is here- but that she is healthy and whole. We'd had concerns early on due to soft markers for Down Syndrome and a large-measuring abdomen. Though blood work came back "normal" for DS risks, and further ultra sounds showed no signs for problems that would cause a larger abdomen- there still sat that little worry in the back of our minds. We were more aware that one can NEVER know for CERTAIN that their little one will be okay until delivery day. Naomi's birth and health are extra special because of the trials we went through.

2. My rocking chair/recliner. We're still going through adjustments. I always seem to have breastfeeding issues at first. Naomi sleeps wonderfually in the days- but struggles from about 10pm to 2am. Luckily- I love my rocker and boppy and can be comfy as we work through these minor issues.

3. A father's love. I love seeing Jake's adoration for his little girl. He says that the biggest difference is that he just wants to hold and protect her, while with the boys he just couldn't wait to throw a ball at them! He can't wait till he gets home each day to see her and "oohs" ad "ahhs" over her all the time. It's so dang cute!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Too much.

It's midway into November- a month that should easily lend itself to giving thanks- and I haven't posted here in quite some time! If anything, its really just that I feel so overwhelmed with gratitude lately I don't even know where to start. But whenever I go back and read from this blog the little random things are the ones that are the most fun- so today I'll start with a few of those.

1. A little brother sticking up for big brother. Today the boys were doing pretty dang good through all of sacrament meeting, but right at the end they got a little antsy. Josh leaned over and wiped his nose on Jake's suitcoat, which made Jake pretty upset, and then Josh was upset because he knew he'd made his dad mad- but for some reason he responded by throwing a fit- Well, Dekker saw that Josh was "sad" and so smacked Jake! It kinda came out of no where though, and so at first we weren't sure why he'd done it. Jake asked, "Dekker- why did you just HIT me?" to which he responded, "You made Josh sad!" I had to hide my laughs- because in our home hitting is NEVER okay- but I still thought it was cute that Dekker was coming to Josh's defence.

2. Dekker is learning his colors. We've been working on Dekker with all of his colors a lot more lately. He does really well. He's always pointing out different colors to me- today he was using the black crayon and was very careful to make sure and pronounce the "L". And then, after the sacrament I gave each of the boys a halloween size bag of skittles for being reverent. I couldn't help but smile when I saw Dekker line his all up by colors and then start naming each color as he ate them.

3. My primary kids. Today is very likely to be my last time with my primary class. They've been so fun to teach! I've really grown to love each one of them. I have some funny moments from teaching them that I wish I'd have taken the time to document. Today our class was in charge of doing the scripture, talk, and prayer in the combined hour of primary. I usually call and remind the parents of the talk assignment during the week- but forgot until late last night. Taeya was assigned, and her family is usually really good about remembering- but just in case I looked at the topic for the week and then grabed this months' issue of the friend and found an article she could use as a back up. When we got to church I found Taeya all upset because she had indeed forgotten to tell her mom about the assignment, and could now not find her mom to help her pull one together. I told her that I'd thought that might be the case, and apologized for not giving her a reminder call during the week, but explained that I'd been thinking about her the night before and had found a Friend article she could use. I thought it was so sweet when, instead of acknowledging my fault in forgetting the reminder she looked up at me with the biggest grin and said, "YOU were thinking of ME?!" Kids really do just want to be loved.

Monday, October 12, 2009


1. Friday November 2nd. Jake took me to the BYU football game. We were really only there for the 2nd half- which was perfect for this pregnant belly in the stands. I love going to the games- just the smell of the stadium and it was a crisp night- but not too cold- and we got yummy hot cocoa. It was a fun date.

2. This last Friday (the 9th). Kari came and watched the boys. Jake was supposed to have a study group- but it only a few from his group were planning to meet- so he went to help Jesus install some flooring in his house and I went to go get a MUCH needed pedicure!!! It felt awesome! Then Jesus, Trish, Jake and I all went to catch a late night showing of 9. It was good- but not fantastic- but fun regardless.

3. This next weekend! This Saturday Natalie is throwing me a baby shower and I'm so excited to gather a bunch of girls around me and celebrate a girl coming to join our family!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Freaking Awesome

1. Killers concert. I was excited for a date night- but not uber excited for the concert- I didn't think I knew the Killers well enough. However, I was surprised at how many hits they've had and how fun and great their performance. The group that opened for them was pretty lame- Mariache band??!?! But besides that it was a lot of fun and I've been loving the Killers tons these days- kinda cool that the lead singer grew up in Nephi and has a kid named Ammon too...

2. Cheesecake factory. This is the first time we've been. We did the classic "share, share, share" where we order one appetizer, one entree, and one dessert and share all three. The "appetizer" was huge though- come to think of it- so was the entree and dessert- so though it was all SUPER YUMMY, we ended up bringing some of th eappetizer and dessert home with us. We got the red velvet, white chocolate cheesecake- Can you say TO DIE FOR?!?!

3. Home improvement and painting is coming along. So Jake has been a saint about getting the basement done in the little free time he has, and I've been doing TONS of painting and helping where I can. Josh's room was way more work than I had expected- but turned out pretty cool. This last week I finally got the boys into their new rooms- and they both really like them (I was a little worried about Dekker, but the new CARS sheets really helped). I still need to put one more shelf, hanger rod, and red curtains in Josh's room- but it came together well. The toy room and laundry/sewing room are looking great too. I still need to go back and calk and touch up the baseboards, but we got the desks and "file baskets" in. Friday I went and got the rest of the wall cabinets and shelves that we need to set up and then I can post picture of it all. The space is already getting tons of use though- the kids play TONS more with their blocks and train tracks because now they have a hard-surface floor that works well with them.

4. New hairdo. Thursday I went and got my haircut and colored so that'd it'd be looking nice for maternity pics (which Brea shot Thursday afternoon) and though it ended up taking almost 3 hours- it finally turned out pretty much perfect. You'll have to wait for the maternity pics which Brea says she should have done and edited by the end of this next week.

5. Brea's photography. Because my hair took so long, and Brea had plans to leave her work/studio a little early and head out of town- we only had about a 1/2 hour to shoot. From what I could tell though she got some good shots though- and even managed to take a few portraits of the boys. She's so sweet to do it for me- and I've never done "maternity" pics before - because I'm never excited about how I look while I'm big and prego- but I always regret it later- because it really is an amazing thing that should be documented.

6. Aunt Trish. I love Becca to peices! She watched the boys last weekend so Jake and I could go to the concert- and last night so we could go to the BYU game. And my boys adore their Aunt Trish. Who wouldn't though when she takes them up to "Cornbelly's" up at Thanksgiving Point and pops popcorn and watches movies, and all that other fun stuff?!?! She is such a good friend and really does deserve the title "Aunt".

7. Spiritual leaders. Last night we ended up parking at President Christensen's house for the game- and so of course said Hi to him and the family. They're such great people- and I love them lots. And the first half of General Conference was today- and its been just what I needed so far. I need a spiritual recharge- I love primary- but its good to get fed at an adult level again too!

Few! And that's just covering the highlights... a clear sign that I have not been keeping up with this blog like I should be!

Friday, September 25, 2009


1. Potty trained. I'm dedicating this post to Dekker in large part because I'm so proud of him being potty trained! After just one week of prep talk and one week of training the kid is staying "clean and dry" day and nights- that's right- he even wears "big boy pants" to bed at nights and nap time. He even tells me when we're in public places if he needs to go. He hates public toilets and usually has to be taken 2-3 times before he can actually feel comfortable enough to actually go. I still have to help him pull down and up his pants most of the time, and he's not the best at getting his stuff from the little potty to the big potty without spilling, but really- those are all little things. The kid hasn't had an accident for three whole days! Even the few days before that they were just little ones right in front of the potty. So yeah, I'm very proud of him- even if it does also kinda make me sad to realize how grown up he is! I think the big motivator was just that he thinks his CARS underware are SO COOL. He loves picking out which ones he wants to wear and then turns around in front of the mirror in his room so he can see the character on his little bum- its so cute.

2. My clean, messy one. Dekker is funny in that he is always such a mess. He is always spilling stuff and coloring on himself, or has a runny nose or anything else you can think of that would cause a mess on, near, or around him- but he hates being messy, and always exclaims, "Oh no! A mess, a mess!" until I help him clean it up. And you know how most kids HATE having their noses/faces wiped- not Dekker. If I go to wipe his face he jutts out his chin and holds real still- and when I'm done he'll ask, "Messy face?", and when I say, "Yes." he responds, "Oh, thanks Mom!"

3. Josh's fan. He and Josh are the best and worst of friends. They can play so well together one moment, and be screaming at each other the next. But when it comes down to it I think most of the screaming is just to get my attention anyway. The sweetest is though, that now that Josh is back in preschool, Dekker misses him SO MUCH while he's gone. He always begs to go to preschool too- and as soon as we drop Josh off he's asking, "Go get Josh, Mom?". It's pretty sweet.

4. Knows his cars. I remember I was shocked when at six months old Dekker would find one of Josh's toy cars and start making the "vroom, vroom" noise. The car obsession has only gotten worse. CARS is his favorite Disney movie by far- but he always loves to point out "cool cars" (usually ones with an interesting paint job, or with loud mufflers) to me- and trucks too. But he also associates cars with their drivers- for instance he is constantly pointing out black Audis to me and telling me they're "Dad's car", he also points out big red SUVs and says they're "Paig's car" (our neighbors have a red Tahoe), he points out VW Passats and and Jettas for "Trish" (she has a green Passat), etc etc etc. We'll have to find a good occupation that encorporates this passion (No- I'm not to fond of him becoming a mechanic, and a race car driver is far too dangerous for this mom.... maybe he'll engineer more efficient, yet "cool" cars for the future).

5. SUPER strong. He also loves super-heros, and his capes and is always showing me how "super strong" he is by lifting things up, or running really fast with his elbows pulled up and out. And while Josh likes playing "Piece of this" because its with Dad and its kinda SCARY-fun- for Dekker its ALL FUN. Even Josh will sometimes send Dekker to "get Dad" or call out "Dekker, come save me".

6. Sweet guy. Yet despite his "super strength" he also knows how to be sweet and kind. He HATES being in trouble and always needs sincere hugs and kisses to make things better. He'll say sorry without being asked and will gives hugs and kisses "just because" all the time. I always ask for "BIG HUGS/Kisses", but he even made up his own "little hugs/kisses" which he comes and gives me as softly and quickly as he can. Man I love my Dekkerman.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


1. Keisha's baby shower. Saturday was my cousin Darren's wife's baby shower. It was fun to see her, my Aunt Karen (flew down from WA), and my cousin Jenna (who flew in from California) and to be reminded of ALL the excitement that surrounds a first baby, and first grandson for a family!

2. Cousin night. My cousin Candy was is in town this week- and so Monday her sister Natalie invited everyone over to her house for dinner. She made a YUMMY dinner and we played DDR (okay- I just watched everyone else play). Dixons and Knights ended up not being able to come- but Garrett, Kari, and Evan went and it was good to see Candy.

3. Potty training. Okay- really not a great thing- it's exhausting really, messy, gross, ties me to the house and all the rest- but honestly for not having attempted it at all before now- Dekker is doing pretty dang well. Today he finally pooped on the potty and went pee by himself several times. Still a lot of accidents- but he's liking big boy pants and is getting better every day.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

1. Labor Day at Jordanelle. It was windy- but we still had lots of fun. We found a good beach area, had a picnic, and did lots of tubing. Garrett, Kari, Evan, Trish, and Tio all came. We met up with my Aunt Deb, Uncle Rog, and Kate and her gang (they also had a boat), and even saw the Bushes.

2. Jake's my hero. Josh's toilet stopped up this week. After a lot of snaking, and eventually unhooking and taking the toilet to the front lawn for revers flushing and inspection we found that a plastic toy red and blue boat was the culprit! Thanks to Jake his toilet is now fully functional again. Not a fun job- but somebody had to do it.

3. Laughing it off. Josh and a couple neighbor kids decided to "make sand" by turning on our hose and stirring it in to buckets of potting soil and gravel- the activity turned bad when they found a rag and decided to dip it in the sand and then wash Jake's Audi with it. Was it upsetting? Yes. Do we have to pay a deductible and file and insurance claim to cover the new paint job now required? Yes. But did we make it through without strangling any kids and actually laugh a little? Yes!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


This last month really has been a good one- just a lot of traveling and laziness has kept me from posting much.

1. My new rocker/recliner. I found an AWESOME dark brown rocker/recliner for the babie's room! I got it on sale at RCWilley Outlet for just over $200 and it is SO COFORTABLE. It's really big- bigger than I'd probably normally like- but last night I had both boys in it with me reading a book- so its great that way, and it doesn't look too manly like most "lazy-boy" type recliners. In fact, I think it will go really well with the new white, brown, and soft teal and pink plan I have for the room. Best of all its more than half the price of the one I'd been saving my money for!

2. Such a great trip to Washington. I didn't realize how badly I needed a WA fix. It was so good to be "home". Say what you want about the rain and gray skies of WA- there's no prettier place in the summers as far as I'm concerned. If I go home in the fall/winter I do miss the sun- but summers?! GORGEOUS! And to just chill at home, at the lake, the beach... HEAVEN!

3. Our peach tree! It's producing a lot less this year- but hopefully our young tree will quickly catch up before this one dies (the little one did produce a few this year, but they came early and were low, and Roxy snagged them all). Seriously- I love having fresh peaches for free!

4. My husband. We celebrated our 6 year anniversary August 5th. We're in a real sweet spot in our relationship right now. I adore him, and he seems pretty in love with me too! We just don't get bugged or frustrated with each other at all. He makes me laugh and I think he's super hot and am so happy he sees past all my imperfections! All marriages go through ebbs and flows- I think ours is more constant than some (thankfully) but ours is definetly at high right now beyond the normal good. You would think with things as busy and crazy as they are it wouldn't (what with business, a new eMBA program, expecting another baby, YM president, etc) but there's no one else I'd rather be doing it all with.

5. My sweet boys. I just LOVE these kids. Some times they make me nuts- sure- but really- they're just the coolest, cutest, smartest kids on earth as far as I'm concerned. I can't wait to see what our little girl will be like!

6. Our basement- we've been finishing this off and it's finally coming together. My laundry room/ craft room is actually looking pretty dang good, the cold storage is great, and the toy/game room will be wonderful as well. We just have to put the floor in the toy room and do the trim work- then we can set it up, and I can start painting Josh's new room, move the boys, and paint/decorate Naomi's room. A lot of work yes, but its the kind of stuff I love.

Friday, July 31, 2009

It only makes you stronger...

I'll be honest- we've run into a little bad luck as of late. Luckily we're all safe and sound, and surviving. I know this seems totally counter-productive, but I'd like to start with a list of my WORST things. Hey- I'm trying to just laugh it all off, and really it just goes to show that things aren't THAT bad- since many others are dealing with much difficult and long-term issues.

1. Roxy. Roxy ran away the other morning. Our fault for not having reinforced the fence that we knew was becoming weak, and for not having replaced her collar that she broke off a while back. Luckily we found her at the shelter after a $60 fee and a ticket for no tags. Then we took her to Bear Lake with us- where she was sprayed by a skunk- resulting in a need to take her the vet, the groomers, and our Tahoe for a major detailing and deodorizing. Total estimated Roxy expenses this month? Over $300.

2. A bad vacation. Bear Lake sounded like a quick, cheap getaway- we even had a free campsite to stay at (a family from our ward had a group site with lots of room). But when the biggest storm in 20 years came up minutes after putting our boat in the water, and flooding our boat we were lucky to keep it shallow enough that after the storm subsided we could finish bailing it out and anchor it down till the next morning when we could tow it off the lake (then engine was swamped and would not start). No one even had a chance to put sunscreen on- and so everyone (except for the boys thank heavens) got sunburned and didn't sleep too well. Roxy got sprayed by a skunk (see above), our boat cover shrunk and we had to stop twice on the way home to resnap it, and we almost ran out of gas between service stations while coming home. The boat is still at the shop- may possibly need the entire engine replaced.

3. More stuff breaking. Just as we try to tighten our budget to afford Jake's eMBA program it seems like everything is breaking. The motor on Jake's car window, the AC, Jake's bike, light fixtures, etc.... luckily so far we've been able to fix these things (or find temporary fixes at least) by ourselves.

4. The hardest of all. The hardest of all is one that I haven't yet told a lot of people about- it was a very personal trial, and one that I'm just now ready to start to document. I won't go into detail here- it'll get a post of its own on my baby3 blog- but basically our 20 week ultra sound revealed a few things of concern for our little girl. We were told that she had two "soft markers" for Down Syndrome. We had to do some blood tests and wait TWO DAYS for the results. The FABULOUS news is that the blood tests came back in our favor and immediate concerns are now gone. 1/5000 chance that she'll have DS- which is better than average. The "abnormalities" found are actually found in 1-2% of all babies and should resolve themselves without any affect on her- but the whole experience life-changing.


1. We've made it through all of those things. Thanks to prayers, help from others, hard work and sacrifice we've managed to keep smiles on our faces!

2. 2 Timothy Chapter 3. Read this last night- what an AWESOME chapter. The world is too much with us- and ME!

3. Good food. Jake wanted to attempt his first dutch oven cooking on our trip to Bear Lake- and it was the highlight! I made this recipe the other night- substituted orange zest (what I had on hand) for the lemon zest, used half oil half applesauce, half whole wheat flour and half regular flour, oatmeal and coconut instead of nuts, and only one heaping cup of sugar instead of 1 and 1/4 and it was really yummy!

4. New habits. We're on a new schedule in trying to allow Jake study time, as well as time for all of us to get everything else done too. Going to bed at 10pm and waking up at 6am (boys go to bed earlier and wake up later). Jake's also eating breakfast, packing healthier lunches, and trying to get to the gym during lunch- which has drastically improved his energy level. It's all going pretty good so far!

5. Project time, and lots of help/deals. We're finishing our very basement so that we can move the toy room down there, and move Josh into the "toy room" so Dekker can move into his room, and free up the nursery. The basement is divided into a new laundry room/craft room, cold storage, and play/game room. Jake's brother Rick finished his last week of work and still had some time before medical school and so came and worked for a week doing all of the framing, electrical, insulation, and drywall- WOW that gave us a jump start. I found a great deal on cork flooring for the game room area- and saved on shipping since the store is based in WA and we can bring it back with us next month- and I found doors and some other things discounted on KSL to help keep costs down.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Lately Josh has been talking about "magic" a lot. I think it stemms from a book was have called "My Mom is GREAT!" Which refers to a mom as magic because she can find things, and fix things, and other simple things. It's cute to see the things he describes as magic. There are so many- that I wish I were better about writing them all down- but a couple of my favorites:

1. Jesus is magic. And he's had a couple of reasons why. My favorite- because he put a baby in Mama's belly and knows when its time to help the baby come out.

2. The sun. He was telling me the other day that the sun follows him. "Really?" I asked. "Yes. See..." and he walked around glancing up at it as he moved "...its always there". Then said, "it's magic, huh?" I can't remember exactly how the conversation went from there- but I remember I was reminded of children's wisdom when he told me he thought Jesus was how the sun stayed so bright. "You're right Josh. Jesus is the light of the world. He is the one who gives the sun and all the world all its 'magic'."

3. Me! Whenever I find something,or make something, or at other random timse he'll exclaim, "Woa! You're just kinda magic, huh Mom!?" It may be a little self indulgent- but I'm glad he thinks so- and so I jus say, "I guess I kinda am."

4. Capes. Josh has yet to actually call them magic- but they're magic to me. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE seeing my two boys run and swoosh around in them. Dekker especially is so pleased with himself. He always has to have it centered on his shoulders and watches it swoosh behind him, or will turn around with his hands on his hips showing it off to others. It's super cute.

5. Babies. What miracles they are. I'm REALLY excited for a little girl!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Catching up

1. Lots of thoughtful Birthday wishes on my Bday.

2. A GREAt trip to Yellowstone with safe travels, fun, good company.

3. Jake got accepted to UofU Executive MBA program. We thought it was a long shot since he applied so late- but he got in! I kinda feel that a big reason I went through my MA program application process was to get him thinking seriously about it again. 21 months of hard work and sacrifice ahead of us- but I kknow it will be worth it.

4. Two adorable sons. I LOVE my two sons!!!!!!

5. The temple

6. The scriptures

Monday, June 22, 2009

What a FUN weekend!

1. Friday at Dairy Days. I took the boys up to Dairy Days at the Thanksgiving Point petting zoo. It was lots of fun with ice cream and chocolate milk samples. Ice cream and butter making and other fun activities.

2.Friday/Saturday girls getaway. My birthday gift from Jake was a night away with the girls. We rented a condo up in Park City. We relaxed at the hot tub, ate pizza and snacks, played games, watched chick flicks, did pedicures and stayed up late and slept in (me not so much- my body is just too used to waking up at 7:30)and went shopping at the outlets for hours before grabbing lunch and heading home. It was really nice.

3. Father's day. Yummy breakfast. A walk to the park. Delicious dinner. Even though it was all in Jake's honor it was enjoyed by all.

4. Men/Fathers. In a world where gender roles get confused and down-played, where a lot of time husbands are portrayed as lazy, unintelligent, and crewd- I'm so thankful that there are still great men out there who work hard every day to show just what strength and power comes when a man lives up to his potential. I'm especially grateful to the father of my two boys. They adore him- and I'm so glad they do. He is a great example for them to follow. He is kind, loving and hard-working. I am very blessed.

5. "Chocolate". This is my favorite word that Dekker says these days. He pronunciates it so well- and almost with a hint of British accent or something. I love it!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I've been a slacker

1. No training wheels. I think it is so incredibly cool that my little four year old has learned to ride a bike with no training wheels already! I posted a pic and video on our photo blog. That was from two days ago. Yesterday he rode and practiced a ton more, and he's doing awesome! He still needs a little help getting going- but now he and his friend Lexi can even help each other start out- so we don't have to start him out and chase him around anymore. It's so cute to see how happy he is to have learned it too.

2. Swim lessons. We're doing swim lessons this week and next through Orem City. I accidentally signed up for the indoor classes- but since the weather has been so abnormally cold for this time of year its been a good thing. Last year both boys were more hesitant- but this year they both LOVE IT! It also gives them something to look forward to every day.

3. My garden. Again because of the weather, it seems a little slow starting this year- but we are already enjoying fresh lettuce, green onions, cilantro, and green beans from the garden- and I'm finally starting to see little tomatoes forming on my tomato plants!

4. My husband. Jake is such a good father and husband. I've seen so much growth in him this year, and I know its in large part, do to an increase in faith based actions. He's so smart and hard working too. The majority of Magellan and iFusions revenue comes from the health insurance industry. Because of all the changes, and even more because of the many proposed changes, he is being very forward thinking. He's always saying he "hopes for the best, but wants to prepare for the worst". He's done such a good job providing for our family, and because we've always tried to be smart and consistant with our budget, and because the Lord has protected us from some possible bad choices we are in a very good situation to feel secure even during these difficult times.

BTW- I'm encouraging him to start a blog discussing health care. Because he has worked in the industry for these last 6 years, and because his job is basically trying to make it as affordable for people as possible- he has a good perspective and good ideas. He gets so frustrated that no one seems to be addressing the real issues. The more we read and talk about it, the more we see the lack of understanding for the way the industry really works and the flaws inherant in the system. The problem is not so much availability of health care, or even the PRICE- but instead the COST and lack of insentive for personaly responsibility for the cost. Price, and cost are very different. Jake really outlines it well- but just as a simple example: If car insurance worked the way health insurance did- we'd all be driving around the most expensive cars, with the best upgrades. We we would only go to the best and fanciest mechanics for maintenance, and would pretty much do any and all things the mechanics recommended to us- because we'd only have to pay a "$10 copay"- and we would never really investigate all our options and costs. Car insurance is much more affordable than health insurance- yet the amount of risk and cost per driver is a lot closer to that of a health insurance patient than you think (especially because car accidents often result in insurance companies paying for MEDICAL bills). The biggest difference is that individuals are aware of the COSTS (AND OPTIONS SURROUNDING THOSE COSTS) involved in regular maintanance of their cars, and what type/class of car they drive.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My biggest fear

One of my greatest fears is that something traumatic would happen to one of my kids. Yesterday I got a phone call from my mom telling me that one of my cousins three kids took a traumatic fall and was life flighted to Primary Children's Hospital (from Eagle Mountain) in Salt Lake. She was playing in the play loft above their garage swatting at flys at an open window. When the screen gave way she fell out the window hitting her head on the windshield of their car below and then landing on the concrete slab. The good news is that she was concsious when they found her and that the tests at the hospital reported that not only was there no apparent damage to her brain stem or spine, but that there were no broken bones beyond her fractured skull. Little Cassidy is able to move all her limbs and is somewhat responsive. The dangers are that she slips in and out of conciousness and there is obvious head trauma that still needs to be evaluated. Blood clots formed on the frontal lobes but they will have to monitor her until the swelling goes down to really asses the extent of the damage and what they can do to repair it. They are concerned of course about continued bleeding and swelling in her brain.

1. Family and prayers. This is not the first time I have witnessed the incredible charity of the Williams family as action and faith is put forth to asses a family member in need. There was a quick move to make everyone aware, prayers offered up, and names put in the temples within hours of the accident. As soon as I got off the phone I knealt and offered a prayer- when Jake got home a few minutes later we knelt as a family and offered a prayer as well. My other cousin Natalie and I spoke and shared what news we had heard and discussed what needs/way we might be able to help ou the family. Everyone is keeping them in their thoughts, prayers, and doing what they can to help during such a traumatic experience.

2. Health and safety of my family. It is the easiest thing to take for grantid when you have it. I constantly thank Heavenly Father for the protection we've been blessed with, and pray to be free of such trials. There are no guarentees of course, we don't always understand just why such trials may come, but I am ever thankful that as yet I have not had to pass through such a trial. As stated above- it really is one of my greatest fears.

3. "What did you just call me?" On a much lighter note- the other day I called Jake by "Jake" and he asked, "What did you just call me?" I had to laugh because it really is true that about the only time I call him that is when I'm referring to him with someone else. Both he and I are accostomed to calling each other by nick names; "Sweetie, Sweetest, Love, Lover, Lovest," or "James" or "Jacobito". I'm thankful our communication and tone allow for such terms of endearment all the time.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Time just flies these days....

1. 12 weeks. I made it to the "safe" 12 week mark and was able to hear the baby's heartbeat on Thursday. The midwife had a difficult time finding the little one- but it came in at 170 bpm when we finally found it.

2. Boating. I'm so happy boating season is finally here! Saturday we picked up the boat and took her out for a spin around the lake. It was cool and cloudy- so it was just a fun trip to see that she's running good- but it was still fun.

3. Memorial Day. We hadn't made any plans because Jake was planning on going in to work at least a half day- but he ended up not going in at all. After getting chores done in the morning (lawn-mowing, cleaning the garage, cleaning the boat) the weather was looking much better than predicted and so we called up some friends and went out boating. The water actually wasn't too bad (74 degrees) and not too crowded or choppy. Jake hoped on in for some kneeboarding and wakeboarding- and then Jeramiah followed after him. After him some clouds rolled in that made the air a little chilly, so we anchored up close to shore and let the kids try to catch fish with the poles and tackle we'd brought. Then we headed in and hurried home for a BBQ. Becca and Barrands joined us for that (they were also out with us on the boat) and it was yummy and fun. What a great day!

4. el templo juntos. Jake and I are doing pretty good at getting to the temple weekly and together monthly. Saturday morning Kari watched the boys so we could go and do sealings. I got a little woozy at one point- guess I didn't drink enough water that morning- but it was still really nice.

5. Family fun. Friday night we took the boys to see Monsters vs. Aliens (sounds scary- but it is an innocent kids show- I promise). It was fun, although we didn't know it'd be in 3D. Josh thought that part was cool ("Woa! That was right in my FACE!") but Dekker was too cool for the glasses and got a little restless 3/4 of the way through.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Such a fun day!

1. Pools and Popsicles. It was HOT today- crept well into the 80's. So we turned on our AC and sprinklers finally. And I pulled out the kiddie pool and popsicles for the boys. They had such a blast- and I had fun watching them.

2. Salad wraps. When the weather turns warm I swap soups for salads and salad wraps. Tonight everyone gobbled up my latest favorite: Chopped cooked chicken, torn leaves of favorite lettuce, chopped cashews, diced apple, dried cranberries and Brianna's Poppyseed dressing! We buy the uncooked tortillas from Costco and cook those up to wrap them in- SO YUMMY!

3. Josh planned FHE. I was telling Josh that it's FHE night and he quickly chirped up- "Can we pop popcorn and watch a movie after FHE?" So after the weekly planning, singing, and lesson he chose Pixar Shorts to watch while we munched on popcorn. It was lots of fun.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm not the only one who loves my kids!

I really think that as a mom, the biggest compliment is when you know other people loves your kids too! Afterall, you know they're great- but if someone else can adore all their quirky, lovable, uniqueness- its kinda like proof that your kids really are special and your not just biased.

1. Aunt Brea. Brea used to see our boys pretty regularly (and she lived with us the first semester she was at BYU) and so obviously she knows and loves my kids. Now that she's married and living up in Salt Lake we don't see her too often though. She still works here in Utah County though- and so I thought it was so sweet when she called me the other day and said, "I'd like to spend some one on one time with Josh and Dekker. Would it be okay for me to occasionally come by at lunch and take turns taking them out for ice cream?". How sweet is that?! Josh was thrilled when she came the next day and took him out.

2. Jake. Okay- so maybe this one's a little biased because he's their dad- but that's another thing that's pretty sweet as a mom to see your husband adore you kids, and you kids adore their dad. Last night was Josh and Jake's first "Father Son Campout" together (Dekker isn't allowed till he's potty trained). Josh was SO EXCITED all week and was bouncing up and down as they packed up and headed out. Jake said they had a blast. They went on a hike just the two of them and brought back all kinds of "treasures" (shot gun shells, animal bones, animal fur, etc), and then after dark Josh had fun playing flashlight tag with all the other boys. Oh- and the first thing Josh told me about when I asked him about how it went was the "mooshmellows". Jake is kinda notorious for not remembering things and details- he said that last night he said a prayer that Heavenly Father would help him remember all the fun and feelings he had during his one on one time with Josh.

(Jake loves Dekker a ton too BTW)

3. Tio and Trish. Jesus knew that Jake and Josh were gone on their campout this weekend. He contacted me this morning and said he didn't want to get me worried or anything, but he was wondering if I'd heard from the boys or new when they would be back because he's had a dream that Josh got hurt... (they were fine of course) but I thought it was so sweet that Jesus was dreaming about MY SON. I was telling Trish (Becca) this because she was here keeping me company and she told me that she also had a dream about Josh last week where she had to save him by performing child CPR. Wow- how sweet is that!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

1. Morning. Jake made me a yummy breakfast of eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns.

2. Afternoon. We packed a pic-nic and drove up the canyon to Nunn's Park and hiked around so the boys could find wildflowers to make me a boquet. When we got home I took a nap.

3. Evening. Jake made his signature shrimp scampi and twice baked potatoes. Becca brought over a yummy salad and drinks, and Garrett and Kari brought over dessert. I didn't have to do a thing!

4. Josh taking part. Josh gave me a cute handprints and poem he made at preschool and lots of hugs and kisses throughout the day.

5. Dekker following suit. Dekker loved hiking and picking "flowers" (he mostly grabbed bits of leaves and weeds and excitedly handed them to me).

6. Other Moms/Women. I was very appreciative of all the love my family showed me- but on Mother's Day what I'm most thankful for are all the women that have positively influenced my life. My mom is such a good example, and has become a dear friend. She is also an incredible Grandma.

Okay... this is just TOO hard... I'm sitting here and thinking of all these women and just don't even want to start because it would be too hard to try and write all the women and all they've done!!!! My Grandma Blanche, my Grandma Bybee, Jake's Mom, my mission "moms", aunts, friends, cousins, etc....

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The ups outnumber the downs

1. Listening ears. Yesterday was a bad day. I won't go into all of the reasons it was a bad day- because this is my thank you blog- but it was a bad day. I was about at breaking point when Jake called and told me he would be staying late at work and would be going straigt from work to Young Men's. Great. Luckily, not long after I hung up with him Garrett and Kari came over to hang out, do some laundry, and watch LOST. I know they weren't expecting it, but when they came in and asked, "So how are you?" I broke down and bawled as I told them my sob story. It really didn't sound THAT bad as I told it, and it felt SO GOOD to have adults who could just listen and say, "Wow. That stinks! I'm sorry you had a bad day!". Yes- I was very glad they were hear for me to unload on.

2. BandAids. One of the things that went wrong yesterday was that while I was making dinner, I slipped with a sharp knife and sliced/stabbed my pinky finger. Josh quickly ran and found his new ScoobyDoo bandaids and brought me one. It was a WHILE before I could get the bleeding under control for the BandAid to really help- but I thought it was so sweet that he wanted to help and was willing to share his "fix all" BandAides.

3. Lavender Pillow Mist. This stuff seems to actually help me on my restless nights.

Monday, May 4, 2009

So much this last week!

let's see....

1. Visiting teachers. I really love my visiting teachers. I look forward to their visits and the fun chats. This month they were very sweet to offer to watch my boys so I could go to Women's Conference with my mom on Friday!!!

2. Friday's Women's Conference. Sister Beck's address was awesome- and L. Tom Perry's was really good as well. Most of all though I just love being among so many women who really are doing their best to get it right- not too caught up in all the worldly stuff- but looking beyond themselves to be the best daughters of God they can!

3. Having Mom around. Always nice. Wednesday I was able to just take off, run errands, and have a little "me time".

4. Family. My cousin's parents were in town as well- so we invited all the Williams family in the area over for a BBQ Potluck on Saturday. It was so much fun- the weather made it so we stuck mostly inside- but cleared up enough for Jake to gril and the kids to play a bit outside as well. It was lots of fun.

5. Easy Sunday Dinner. We had so many leftovers from Saturday that it made my Sunday dinner planning very easy!

6. Temple with hubby. Mom watched the boys Saturday morning so Jake and I could go to the temple together!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cute Josh Moments

1. Tonight- while putting Josh to bed.

Josh: "Grandma Chris will be here when I wake up!"
Me: "Yes. Yes, she will."
Josh: "She's not very far away now, huh?!"
Me: "I think she's on the airplane right now."
Josh: "Why didn't she drive this time?"
Me: "Because sometimes driving takes too long."
Josh: (after a brief moment of thought, and sounding a bit incredulous) "Planes are faster than cars?!"
Me: "Yes. Planes are faster than cars."
Josh: (laughing) "You're silly Mom!"

Cars certainly feel faster than cars- and planes don't look all that fast when you see them flying through the air- so I guess hi disbelief in the fact is understandable.

2. This happened about a week and a half ago when Josh woke up in the middle of the night with a nightmare. Normally when this happens I ask him if he wants to talk about it- but he never does. This time I didn't ask.

Me: (While snuggling with him in his bed, trying to get him to calm down.)"It's okay Josh: It was just a dream."
Josh: (between strangled cries)"I wanna talk about it!"
Me: "Okay. What happened in your dream?"
Josh: (Struggling to get the words out between gasps and moans) "Dad....Dad turned me into a chicken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (howl)
Me: (trying to sound sympathetic while also holding back a laugh) "Josh, you know Dad would never turn you into a chicken" (and thinking- as IF HE COULD?!)
Josh: "I know, but it was still!!!!!"

3. I LOVE Josh's curly hair- but it is so hard to keep looking cute- especially the longer it gets. It really only looks good for about 2 hours after he's just washed it. The other day I decided it was getting way to unruly and so bribed him into letting me cut it. I was only going to trim it, but he was being so cooperative that I figured, "Hey- it's summer. I'll just go ahead and go really short." We did this while Jake wasn't home. Later when Jake came home:

Jake: "Woa!!! Who's this kid?"
Josh: "It's ME. JOSH."
Jake: (Very serious)"You sound like Josh, and you're wearing Josh's clothes- but YOU ARE NOT JOSH!"
Josh: (Getting a little worried, and very confused.)"It's me Dad! I'm Josh."
Jake: (Jake smiling now)"No. You can't be Josh...SOMETHINGS DIFFERENT ABOUT YOU"
Josh: (Getting the joke now, and rolling his eyes)"It's just different hair Dad!!!"

Thursday, April 23, 2009


1. Eight weeks pregnant. Getting closer to the safe zone! Went for my first Midwife appointment today. So far, so good.

2. "Poosh". This is what Dekker calls guns, or anything he's pretending is a gun. I guess that's because that's the sound he makes whent he "shoots" it. It's so cute because he'll say, "See. Push." (in a normal tone) and then say explosively "POOSH!" while aiming it at you. It's also cute that whenever you do something he doesn't like and he wants you to stop he'll just point his finger at you and say, "POOSH!" so you'll have to stop and play dead.

3. The Lehi pool. I took the boys yesterday and we had a blast for about an hour and a half. It's seriously the best kids pool ever- I just wish it was closer.

4. Beautiful weather and picnics. It's been so nice this week. Tuesday the boys and I packed a lunch and walked to the park for some play time and a picnic.

5. Morning sunshine. I've been waking up earlier in order to get the the gym and temple more regularly and it's so much easier when the sun is already lighting up the sky.

6. Becca's Birthday! Her birthday was on Tuesday- but I didn't post that day. We're going to celebrate with her tonight by going to the BBQ her roommates are hosting for her. She's such a great friend.

Friday, April 17, 2009


1. Marley and Me. Talked Jake into watching this with me last night (he was hesitant, because although he can watch war movie after war movie he "doesn't like sad dog movies). It was pretty sweet. Who can love you independent of all you are or aren't? A dog, and your family. So true, so true!

2. Playing dogs. One of Josh and Dekker's favorite "games" lately is pretending to be dogs. They're pretty cute crawling around, sticking out their tongues and saying "arf, arf". It comes in pretty handy at dinner when they're not wanting to focus on eating- Jake and I just turn to each other and ask, "Is that doggy hungry? Dogs love this food, I bet he'll take a BIG bite!"

3. Roxy girl. After watching Marley and Me I was more appreciative of what a good dog she is. She's chewed up her fair share of valuables- but overall she's a good pup. Cathes a frisbee better than any other dog I've seen, and I can't help but laugh when her eyes start rolling back in her head when you scratch her magic spot behind her ears. Oh- and she is SO SWEET with the boys- even when they aren't with her.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Masters Program Update

Looks like I won't be going back to school this year. I found out today that the program I applied to was canceled as of a week ago. It's sad, but in a way its a relief- a relief to just know!

I was supposed to be notified at the beginning of March if I was accepted or not, and so when I called they told me I should hear by the end of the month, and since I still hadn't heard I called and was transferred to one of the head professors who was very apologetic over the phone. He said that letters will be sent out Monday, that they were trying to find a way to make something work, but that "doors kept being shut". He said that they are trying to write up a new program that will hopefully be approved maybe by October, but possibly not till December.

It's hard because I really was excited about the program- so much so that its the only one I applied to. For me, this program fit with my future goals and situation- it wasn't that I felt just a need to get another degree. I felt that starting this summer would be good- allowing me to get two semesters/terms done before having another baby so that I could stay committed to it. At the same time though, it is a bit of a relief. Now I can focus on the pregnancy, baby, and family. I was worried about balancing the wife, mom, and student thing. I was hopeful that I could complete the program before my kids were all in school so that I could work in/with whatever school we decide to put them in- but I really believe that there is a season for all things- and so I have faith that now just isn't my season for going back to school. That doesn't mean that I can't still find ways to learn about educational processes and be more informed/participatory in my kids' education. I might still go back to school later, or I might find other ways to learn and get involved. And it most certainly won't keep Jake and I from our sabbatical goal. Just another journey and path to follow.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


1. Costa Vida lunch specials! All but Wednesdays are pretty dang good if you ask me, so I've decided I can stop in once in a while for lunch with the boys.

2. The cereal aisle at WalMart. It has an enormous selection and actually carries the ones that I like for about $1 less a box on average. Since I only go to WalMart about once a month- I stock up when I go.

3. Lost. After such a long break between last season and this season I was afraid I'd lost (pun inteanded) my love for it- but not true, I am still addicted.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

faith and family

1. Jacob chapter 2. It wasn't all too long ago that Jake was filling very overwhelmed and frustrated with work and business- more particularly with iFusion, which has been our "start up" for over 4 years now. After much angst he/we decided to turn our business affairs over to the Lord. It was a process, but one night while reading the Book of Mormon he was hit with insight that really hit him and became his turning point. It's certainly more Jake's story than mine, and its been such a journey I won't try to explain it all here. Basically though, Jake began to replace each fear with a faithful action, began allowing the Lord to be part of his business decisions, and as a result received great insights and inspiration. I cannot fully express what a neat experience it has been for me to see him change and grow in this way. The Lord really is interested in EVERY aspect of our lives. So often these days we find ourselves talking about what a faith promoting experience its all been and I'm grateful for what it has done for him, us, and our family- not to mention business.

2. A new life inside me. I'm already feeling a great love for the little one growing inside me- and I love that Josh is so in love with out baby too. Josh often tells me he loves me- but he hardly ever tells me it anymore without adding that he loves our new baby in my belly too!

3. Some good weather. It's kinda stormy and yucky today- but we've had some good weather the past couple of days and the boys and I have been able to spend more time outside.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fam in town

1. Mom and Denny. I just love these two- and so do my kids!!! I'm so glad they got here safe. I feel bad that the weather is cold and snowy (!!?) since it's Denny's Spring break- but they haven't complained.

2. Late morning gym trips. It's also been nice to take my time getting to the gym! With Mom around to watch the boys it makes my life easier (I did my last visiting teaching appointment too!).

3. Date night. Again we took advantage of babysitters, and Jake and I went out just the two of us on a week night! We went to Bombay House (our favorite) and then to a movie.

Baby blog... I thought about adding all my pregnancy notes here- but then thought I might as well start a separate blog- so if you ARE interested in all the baby details (I'm sure many of the highlights will be noted here) look for the link on the right.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

We can't keep secrets

Jake and I just found out we are expecting another little one! I know you're supposed to wait to start telling people (knock on wood) but so many people have been asking and expecting the announcement that we're breaking the news early. We've been blessed both times before to not have any problems, so we're expecting we'll be okay this time as well. Keep us in your prayers. My due date is estimated at Dec. 3, but we are guessing that since both Josh and Dekker came exactly 3 weeks early it will be more like mid November. I know I could very well regret counting on another early baby- but so far I'm like clockwork when it comes to these things (with both Josh and Dekker my water broke at 3am exactly 3 weeks before their due dates). So there you go- hooray for babies!!!

With two boys everyone is asking if we want a girl this time. Jake says he hope its twin girls because he thinks that would be the quick and perfect way to complete our family- yikes! I'm not sure I'm hoping for that. I'd love a girl- because it would be different and fun- but I figure if it's a boy- we're good at that, and it'll give me that much more amunition in petitioning for a fourth with Jake later.... When it comes down to it we really will be very thankful for a healthy one- boy or girl.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


1. Regular temple attendance. Jake and I have been working on this- and it's felt good to go more often. Saturday we went together to the temple to do a session and it was so nice.

2. Missionary work. The Spanish sisters call me often now, and I've been going out with them about once a week. We've had some great experiences, and its really good for me because I always need that in my life, and living here in Utah hasn't been easy on me in that way- but there really is a lot of work here too. It is also good exercise for my Spanish skills.

3. Finishing the Old Testament. I finally finished it this last week! Because it is the hardest book of scripture for me to finish from beginning to end it feels really good.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


1. A sweet surprise. Jake came by the house today a little after lunch time with a Sambazon smoothie from the Emerald City Smoothie shop in American Fork. It was a busy day for him, with lots of appointments, but he made time to pick one up and drop it off for me!

2. A new "do". I had my hair done Tuesday night. One of my more drastic changes- I went for an all-over darker color and cut bangs. The inspiration? Penelope Cruz's locks at the Oscars... It's been a long time since I've had bangs- but its a fun change.

3. Kids are doing better. Well, Josh started throwing up last night- which made me realize that Dekker's bowl problems most likely were a bug, not something he ate. The night and morning were not fun, but he started feeling better around 11:30 this morning. Dekker seems to be doing better too.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


1. I'm sitting here with Dekker on my lap. My two year old who is getting so big, but today seems so small. Last night the poor guy got hit with really bad diahrreah and a resulting horrible diaper rash. Since then I've been only feeding him bananas and applesauce, giving him tylenol, and putting every possible cream on his raw bum. This morning he woke up in pain again- so all morning he's been extra needy. I can only do so much to help- and so its nice to know that he seems to find some comfort in my love. We lay on the bed and he wraps his arm around my neck and just pulls me close. I rub his back and give him kisses and it seems to take the edge off.

2. Discussions on mortality. Last night Josh picked a Kids Discovery book to read, and it was one about Egyptians - Well, as we read about mummies and pharoes Josh got real sad and asked why the people had to die, and asked if only big people die. I was trying to be honest and told him that like Charlotte explains in Charlotte's Web we're all born, and live, and eventually die. This made him BURST into tears.... I wasn't doing too great with this whole conversation of death thing... but then the Spirit helped me out: "Josh, do you know that when Mom and Dad were married in the temple we made a special promise with God? We made promises that make it possible for our family- Mom, Dad, You and Dekker- to be together FOREVER! That means that even when we die we'll be together again. I promise you that." That finally brought some peace. Then Jake came in and sang some songs to lighten the mood and help him sleep. FEW!

3. Both of these events have made me very grateful for my understanding of the gospel and for the Atonement. I'm happy to say that I know we can be together again, and so thankful to know that Christ, through the atonement, understands all our pans- spiritual, emotional, and physical- and can bring us comfort even in difficult moments.


We had a good trip to Colorado this weekend. So much to be thankful for:

1. We got to the Denver Temple in time for Dot and Pat's sealing. We got a little later start than we had planned, but would have been fine except that a few miles down the freeway I realized I'd forgotten my enhailer! No I am no asthmatic- except for when I'm around cats. Seriously I am MISERABLE without my enhailer in a house with cats- so we had to turn around and get it- adding another 1/2 hour to the trip. Luckily we still got to Cliff and Leah's house with just enough time to drop off the kids with the sitter, change our clothes and head over to the temple.

2. The sealing. Very neat- especially because Dot has been waiting a long time for this- and Pat was prepared and ready.

3. HILLARIOUS moments. The next night we were all in Buena Vista and went to a local steakhouse for dinner as part of Brea and Tom's reception stuff. They reserveda room for us- good thing becaue it was quite the night. There were a few skits pepared and performed: a Finding Love gameshow (I was bachelorette #1), and Disco dance skit by all the parents, and the the best was last- a skit by Jake and Rick where Rick shaved his head and put on make-up to look black, and they both fit in HUGE pants and a shirt to look like siamese twins!!! They did a funny dialogue and then a dance to Black or White by MJ. It was too funny for words.

4. The reception. They held this one in the BV "museum"- a really old building with a lot of character. Jake said he thought 1/2 the town showed up :)

5. Small branch had to be there. One of the craziest sacrament meeting talks I've heard in a long time! LOL!!!

6. Safe trip back. Both there and back we had Rick, Jenny, and McKyla riding with us- which means every seat was filled. We all fit though- and the kids did pretty darn good!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Another St. George trip

1. Better weather. We had better weather this time around. Friday night was really windy and cold- so the boys and I only watched one of Jake's two games that night, but Saturday was beautiful! The boys loved running around and playing while at the softball fields and it felt good to sit in the sun.

2. Better games. Jake's team played better this tournament too. In fact they took 5th in the tournament and had a big win over a tough team that they've lost to in the past. It was a great confidence booster.

3. Nicer accomodations. Lou's in-laws bought a condo in St. George just recently, and they were very kind to let us stay there for free. It's two stories and a little bigger than the one we stayed at last time. It only has an outdoor pool (and it was still too chilly for that) but the accomodations were very comfortable.

4. Sambazon. Acai + Strawberry + Cranberry + a little soy milk = the perfect smoothie made by Emerald City Smoothie. I got one the last time we were in St. George on our way out of town and fell in love! This time the owner informed me that they just opened a store in American Fork- Uh, oh- this could be bad- because while a very yummy and healthy treat- they're not too cheap. I guess there could be worse addictions.

5. Tender Mercies and a safe trip. We made it there and back very safely- thanks in part to a coule of tender mercies. While enjoying a little In-N-Out after the Saturday games a stranger pointed out to us that our rear right tire was low. Investigating further revealed it was a slow leak that must have been caused by a nail or something. We quickly ran to Wal-Mart's auto center where they were just closing up. The young man closing agreed to stay a little late and fix our flat for us! I was very thankful for those two men who were our tender mercies that night and made it possible for us to have a nice safe trip home Sunday morning after Sacrament!

6. Swimming. One of the other team members was staying at the Holiday Inn, which had an indoor pool and sauna- and they invited us to swim with them. Josh and Dekker are definitely getting more confident in the water. It was all we could do to get Dekker to stop climbing out and jumping back in!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


1. Splits with the sister missionaries! I was asked to help out the Spanish speaking sister missionaries the other day. It was so fun! I was able to go on just two appointments- but it was so neat to feel the spirit of missionary work. It was really great, and I came home all excited, telling Jake all about it. Jake says he's glad I love missionary work so much. I guess some people don't?!?! News to me.

2. Bowling with the boys. Our evenings seem pretty busy lately- we do make sure to have FHE every week now- but last night Jake wanted us to all go out and do something as a family- so we went bowling and then to Sonic for a treat. The boys had fun and so did I.

3. Earlier mornings. We're not the best at the whole "early to bed, early to rise" thing- but we're trying to be better- with some success even!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Italy connections and loves

1. New friend. I met Guilia at Josh's gymnastics class. Her daughter Hannah is in Josh's class. She's from Italy and when I heard her reading a book in Italian to her younger daughter I told her my Dad served there and that started our conversations. She's really nice and has even said she'll teach me to cook more Italian dishes.

2. Risotto my favorite way. Risotto is one of my favorite foods- its an Italian rice dish my dad taught me to make years back and I love to make from time to time. Last time I made leg of lambe I chopped up and froze some of the leftovers so I could throw it in Risotto- so this week I made it with some lamb and some fresh snipped spinach... can we say DELISH?!

3. Artichokes. I also steamed two small artichokes the night I made the risotto- the two flavors complimented each other wonderfully. Jake was umming and aahhhing the whole time he ate. I'm glad we seem to have a lot of the same favorites.

4. Life is Beautiful. Might as well throw this one in as well. It is such an amazing movie- if you haven't seen it- go rent it!!!! A wonderful film- but I saw this when I was in Guatemala. Since the film is orginally done in Italian, and we rented it in Guatemala I watched it with Spanish subtitles- it was the first time I realized that I can understand quite a bit of Italian if I focus.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

1. Family Home Evening. This really has become a lot more fun. Before it seemed like the boys were too young to get much out of it or participate in much. Josh LOVES FHE now though- in fact almost every day he asks if its FHE day. He participates in the lessons, and loves picking games and treats for us to play. Dekker, watching Josh's example even tries to participate and loves to play the games. Plus with Jake in the young mens and schedules getting busier we don't have as many evenings to spend quality family time together- so its more appreciated when we do.

2. Warmer weather. Its been warmer and sunnier lately- which is so nice. The cul-de-sac paly group time (basically 3-5pm Mon-Fri if the weather is decent) has been reinstated. Its so great for the boys to get out and play with the other kids- and I get some time to compare notes with the other parents too.

3. Pizzadillas. I stocked up on Mozzerella cheese, pepperoni, spaghetti sauce and tortillas- cause these are pretty quick, easy, and the kids will eat em.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Everything's amazing.

see latest photoshare post for explanation of title.

1. Sisters. Last night I had the opportunity to participate in an "introduction to Relief Society" for the graduating Laurels. When I walked in one of the three young women who I used to have the pleasure of teaching said, "Sister Runyan?! Are you going to talk or something?" when I responded "Yes" She said "YES!" and I got big smiles from the other two. How sweet is that?!?! I my mind, having a couple of 18 year old girls say they're excited to listen to you is a pretty big complement! It really was a treat to share my testimony of the Relief Society program with these sweet sisters. I'm so fortunate to call them my friends.

2. Hope, faith, and work. I agree with the comments and jokes made by the comedian in my photoshare video post- a little humbling ang gratitude is important. In these "turbulant and difficult times" though I'm also thankful to be reminded that if we turn off all the negative feed and instead turn to hope, faith and some hard work, we can get through all of this. I really do believe that. In Stake Conference our President Hughes (an amazing man) reminded us that the Lord does send trials, but that he sends them to strengthen us, and that despite trials that may come, the Lord does want us to be joyful and happy. WE ARE MEANT TO BE HAPPY! We are meant to be blessed.

3. Scripture study. I'm trying to finish up the Old Testament, which is the hardest book of Scripture for me to study. I have a deep love for the Book of Mormon, The New Testament, and the Pearl of Great Price, and I think the D&C is pretty insightful and interesting as well- but the Old Testament is hard for me. Anyway, I've been making a renewed effort lately- and have been getting a lot more out of it. Yesterday I was reading the last chapters of Amos and comparing some of it to our nation and days. Then today I read the book of Jonah and was realizing how much I didn't know of this Bible story I thought I knew really well. I thought it was intersting that the people of Ninevah (and the others on the boat) actually listened to Jonah, and how funny that Jonah got upset that his prophesies against Ninevah didn't come true when the people humbled themselves... anyway- its nice to see I can enjoy it when I really pay attention.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What a weekend

1. Jake's Birthday. Jake turned 30, and I have to say I feel bad the guy didn't get a bigger celebration. He's planning on doing his 30th party with his best buddies the 2nd weekend in March by going up to a cabing in Fairview, renting some snowmobiles and camping out and getting in some back country boarding... the trip has been postponed twice already though- so I hope it ends up happening. On his birthday though his office did a birthday lunch, which was nice. That night he and I went to dinner and a movie up at Thanksgiving point. It was also kinda our Valentines Day date though since we had Stake Conference starting the next night. I hope he knows how much I love him, even though his Birthday wasn't as big a party as it could have been.

2. Josh's first time skiing. Josh has been wanting to learn to ski for a while now- and we for sure wanted to get him up there while he was excited about it and before any fear seeped in. So Saturday morning we packed up and headed up to Sundance. Our neighbors the Adams' went too, taking their two girls for the first time- and Tio met us up there. Josh was so pumped. He did great!!! Dekker of course hates the snow, cold and being bundled, so I only had time to snap a couple picks and take some quick video before taking him down to the lodge to warm up. Overall it was a great time though.

3. Stake Conference. The adult session Saturday night was good, but admitedly neither Jake or I was excited about taking the kids to the Sunday session and trying to keep them quiet and well-behaved for 2 hours. The kids did surprisingly well though, and the talks were really inspiring. I mean seriously, Jake and I both got answers to prayers through words that were spoken.

4. President's Day. Jake went in to the office to get some stuff done with no one around for the morning. Then instead of coming home like planned, he discovered a flat tire that made apparent the need to stop putting off getting his tires replaced- its a long story- but basically we spent the whole afternoon getting his car to the auto shop for replacement tires. The highlight though is that since we ended up in Provo, we were able to drop off the kids at Karina's apartment while we enjoyed our favorite food at Bombay House!!! Then it was back to pick up the kids and head home.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


1. February. Not only is it the month of celebrating LOVE, its also the month my hubby was born (13th). It's a great month for me to be reminded of all the reasons I'm so lucky to have him in my life.

2. Brea's wedding. It was so sweet, and so beautiful. I'm so glad her and Tom worked and prepared so they could be married in the temple. They were sealed in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple by her grandfather- two things in common with Jake and my sealing- so it was a sweet moment of reflection for us as well. It was also really neat to have all of Jake's family there together in the temple- including his step-father who was just recently endowed.

3. Morning showers. I'm one of those people who never really wakes up till they have a shower- so I love my warm morning showers.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jake's 25 random things

I've been tagged with this like 12 times, and thought that the Facebook Nazis would shut me down if I didn't comply.

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you, or one of these reminded me of you. Go to your profile page, go to the "Notes" tab (add it if it's not there), and enter in a new note. Copy these instructions and paste them into the beginning of your note.

1) I'm 1/2's true. I have abnormally large hands, and a brow that doesn't let sunlight tough my eyeballs...ever. I've learned to live with the disability, and yes, I can swing a club better than most.
2) I'm passionately competitive about everything. Silly things like getting done with my dinner first, or bouncing a golf ball of the face of my golf club the most times. If I don't win at something, I stew over it for days until I come up with strategies to win.
3) I find bathroom humor to be uncontrollably hilarious. If I'm in a serious social environment, without fail I'll imagine someone in the room rip a huge fart, and it will take everything I have not to laugh out loud. The more serious the situations, the harder I make myself laugh inside.
4) I loved Black Sabbath (Ozzy Osbourn) as a youth until I asked my mom to put in the tape while driving to baseball practice in our minivan and she asked me if the music was satanic...I didn't get to listen to it much after that.
5) I will eat just about anything except for radishes and lazagna.
6) I really wish this thing had a spell check because heaven knows if I spelled lazagna right (there's a silent something in that word I'm sure of it).
7) The thing I'm most scared of is meritocracy.
8) I want to build a neighborhood that is 100% self sustaining. All the homes would produce their own power, provide their own water, and have their own sewer and drainage. And I think it would be cool if the city electrical grid went down for a couple of days, and my neighborhood was the only place unaffected.
9) If I could have any power it would be to be able to manipulate time. Not so much time travel, but be able to speed up, slow down or even stop time. I think about it way more than you can imagine.
10) I'm pretty good at remembering my dreams, and 90% of my dreams are either me in some sort of war setting or me in a setting with all of my high school buddies.
11) I'm a notoriously slow driver. I start thinking about something, and I almost completely remove myself from driving (scary I know). So when I'm on the freeway, I get in the right lane, put the cruise control on, and set the slow pace for the entire freeway....all without even realizing I'm doing it.
12) I wish I had more of a "commander" personality sometimes. Sometimes I think it's good to ruffle feathers and hurt feelings a little bit to get things done. But it's so hard for me to do.
13) Part of the reason why #12 exists is because I'm I really just want people to like me. If I feel that I've offended someone or if someone just doesn't like me, it eats at me and I have to make things right. I relate to Michael Scott in that way.
14) I love sports, but more and more they are starting to hurt. I've pulled a muscle playing the Wii, bowling, playing softball, golfing, playing ping pong and playing air hockey....all of which are very low contact sports/games.
15) I hate going anywhere by myself. I'll go without eating before I go eat by myself. I'll call up a friend and beg him to drive across town to go to the grocery store with me so that I don't have to go by myself.
16) I think my boys are freaking awesome. I know everyone thinks there kids are awesome, but I think my boys are more awesome than yours....seriously :)
17) I've turned into a convenience freak. Growing up, my whole world was inconvenient. I lived way out of town and there was much of a town to be out of. So now I want everything to be simple and stress free.
18) I am the most disoriented person you'll ever meet. I've lived in the Provo/Orem area for 7 years now and still could not give you directions to anything. If I follow you to a place I've never been, chances are, I won't be able to get back out without you.
19) My biggest talent is recognizing the resources around me and using them to get something done. It's really more of a talent of necessity...when you aren't given a ton of resources yourself, you need to piggy back on others, or withers and die. I don't want to wither and die :)
20) I was in an accident when I was 20 that completely changed my life. Without a doubt, I would be in a worse place and in a worse situation if I hadn't been in that accident.
21) One of my most favorite people is my mom. She cracks me up and she has a passion for making memories and keeping family ties strong. There are very few things I look forward to more than seeing my mom.
22) In high school, I was the team captain for my baseball team and thought it would be a good, team building idea, to get everyone to bleach their hair. Everyone agreed accept for my girlfriend. At our first game everyone had bleached blonde hair but me.
23) I've shot one elk in my life. When me and a guy I was with stabbed the elk to start gutting it, it shot blood and guile all over us like a fire hose. I almost threw up then and haven't had much desire to big game hunt since them.
24) Usually nobody notices, but I have half eyebrows. It's true, look at my pictures real close.
25) I have a secret man love for 2 men. Tiger Woods because he never disappoints and Mitt Romney because he's freaking awesome.

25 random things about me

1. This is the second time I wrote this up. The first time I accidently deleted it before I posted it.
2. I was born in Salt Lake City, UT- but for always hurry past that part and quickly add, “but I was raised in the Seattle area”. I guess Seattle will always be “cooler” in my mind.
3. Despite #2 I somehow ended up living and starting my family in Utah- and its actually grown on me- and though I hate to admit it- since I haven’t lived in WA for over 12 years now, I think I would REALLY miss the sun if I moved back- but hey- there’s always central/eastern WA right?
4. Speaking of places I’ve lived- I consider myself incredibly fortunate to be able to say I lived in Hawaii for 2 years (got my AA at BYU-Hawaii) and in Guatemala for a semester.
5. I also lived in South Texas for a year and a half. It was the best place in the world for me to serve as a missionary for the LDS church- but I can’t honestly say it was a great place to live- I think the summer I was in Laredo it was the hottest city in the U.S. for about two weeks.
6. I LOVE to travel. If I had limitless time and funds that’s what I’d spend it doing. Some of the cool places I’ve been? 4 of the Hawaiian Islands; Glacier Bay, Alaska; Tikal and Atitlan, Guatemala (and other cities); La Fortuna and Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica; Baja Mexico as well as Mazatlan, CaboSanLucas, and Puerto Vallarta; Madrid, Spain; Paris, France; Vancouver, B.C., as well as some pretty cool places in Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, California, and Colorado.
7. If I had to pick a favorite of the places I’ve been I’d say it’s a tie between Lake Atitlan, Guatemala and Glacier Bay, Alaska.
8. #7 just goes to show that my travel style is more for the new experience of a unique surrounding and/or culture than it is to see really touristy or fancy places.
9. I speak Spanish pretty well, and love to use it, but hesitate to speak it often because I don’t want to be one of those people who spouts off in another language at random moments as a sort of “see what I can do” type of thing. I can also understand Portuguese and Italian pretty well, and a little bit of French.
10. My husband and I served in the same mission- but didn’t meet there- and elder that we both new (Jesus Garcia) introduced us at BYU.
11. I love to go boating, surfing, SCUBA diving, and swimming but I’m actually (*sigh* I think this is the first time I’ve admitted it) pretty afraid of the water- mostly going under and having to hold my breath.
12. #11 is probably due to the fact that I’ve almost died TWICE- and both were me nearly drowning.
13. I hate cats. Sorry cat lovers. If it’s any consolation it’s probably because I’m HIGHLY allergic to them. I can tell within 10 minutes of walking into someone’s house if they have a cat.
14. There are a few “girly” things that are really hard for me. I have to force myself to wear jewelry, use a cute purse, wear pink, or spend a lot of money on clothes, makeup and that sort of thing.
15. I’m notoriously “frugal” as I would say- others would probably say cheap.
16. My teenage obsession was the movie Newsies- more particularly the character Spot Collins- if you know the film- he’s the skinny little scrapper from Brooklin. Don’t worry my taste in men has greatly improved over the years!
17. These days one of my hobbies is Real Estate. I really should break down and get my license. I love checking MLS listing sites, as well as and other real estate websites/blogs. If you’re ever looking to move- let me know and I’d love to get your specs and track down some cool deals/places for you.
18. I actually enjoy cooking and entertaining. I think I have knack for picking good, but relatively simple recipes and adapting them from cookbooks, recipe sites, blogs, magazines etc.
19. I’m also one of those crazies who actually enjoys teaching, talking, or performing in front of people. I guess it started in theater productions in high school- for me it’s a natural high/thrill.
20. One of my pet peeves is messy toothpast bottles. Luckily I explained this to my husband when we first got married and we've never had issues. Now with kids though it is much harder to keep all the toohpaste bottles tidy.
21. When I was little, if asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?” my answer was a whale or dolphin trainer.
22. I believe in aliens. Not little green men per say- but I definitely believe there is life on other planets somewhere.
23. My favorite restaurant is Bombay House- LOVE INDIAN FOOD!
24. I believed in Santa till I was 12. When I was little I “saw” Santa- looking back I think the memory is a combination of real moments as well as a dream- but it’s still hard for me to make perfect sense of today.
25. I’m horrible at spelling. In fact, when I was in third grade I somehow won the class competition and was selected to represent my class in a school-wide spelling bee. I pretended to be sick that day so the runner up would compete because I knew it was just dumb “luck” that had me win.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What am I doing?!?!

I'm finishing up my application the the BYU Masters of Education this week. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time- wondering if I can really do this. Like I keep saying, I know it's not going to be easy (to balance the whole wife, mom, and student thing) but it'll never get easier....

So if you're interested in what I'm doing.... Here's the link to the program I'm applying to:

Here's my letter of intent:

Letter of Intent
I am applying for the CIDE program within the Education department because I feel it will best compliment and expand my existing educational background and life experience and will provide a direct path towards achieving very specific personal and familial goals.
When I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in 2003 the words, “Enter to learn, go forth to serve” rang loudly in my ears. At the time the priority of supporting my husband through the remainder of his studies at the BYU Marriot School of business seemed the best way to do that. Later, though, when Jake received his degree and became a partner in two successful Utah Valley based companies, I became concerned. Could I really “go forth to serve” if I stayed right here? I realize of course, wherever we live my sincere efforts to manage and raise a righteous family are a great service and contribution to my community and to society. Reflecting, however, on my own education and personal background, I feel very passionate about the educational possibilities that result from service and experience outside one’s own immediate comfort zone and familiar community. I have been blessed with those opportunities and wish to provide the same for my own family as well as for others. Consequently, my husband and I formulated a plan to work diligently now, and arrange our work and business obligations so that when our oldest reaches his teenage years we can live in Central America for 2-3 years to work, serve, teach and learn as a family.
Over the last few years we have defined better what we would like to do. We have a unique combination of experience that will help us help others. Central America is a good fit because both of us speak Spanish. As a student at BYU-Hawaii, as a missionary in South Texas, and as a volunteer for a Service Learning project in Guatemala, I became acutely aware of the many people in third world and developing countries, and more specifically people from Central America, that desire to improve their intellectual and economic situation, but simply do not have access to the many resources that we are blessed with. My goal is to involve ourselves with, or even start an educational program, that will teach skill sets that enable people to find, receive, and apply microloans in order to start successful small businesses. These goals are very much in line with those of Enterprise Mentors which was started by Warner Woodsworth of the Marriott School of Management. This is a lofty goal, but I am certain that because we are seeking to serve, the Lord will help us accomplish it. Participation in the CIDE program is a vital step on the path to making it a reality in my life and the lives of others.
On another level this masters degree excites me because not only will it help me towards my long term personal goal, but in the short term, it will multiply itself through affecting choices I make for my own children’s education as well as providing opportunities to serve in the local community.
The CIDE program will empower me to make wise decisions regarding my children’s education by teaching me how to compare and contrast different educational systems. I have always viewed education as important, but now as a parent focused on making choices regarding my children’s education, I am all the more interested in exactly what a “good education” is. I have seen that desire and excitement for learning come naturally to children, and I want my children to always enjoy learning. There is much debate today about public, charter, and private schools. Learning to compare different types of educational systems will help me find the programs best suited for my own children. I also feel that I have unique experience and preparation I can bring to the program in the process of receiving this degree.
My undergraduate work was not in Education, and I have not worked in public schools, consequently I am not necessarily tied to traditional mainstream policies and procedures. Through my Service Learning Experience, my work at the Senior MTC, and through Missionary and Church service I have had many diverse opportunities to teach. Those experiences made me fall in love with seeing how knowledge and light change people’s lives, helped me feel the exhilaration of finding just the right way to reach a new or unique student, and showed me that I also learn when I teach others. I also experienced challenges one encounters when teaching; monotony in some materials, time constraints, language and cultural barriers, and limited resources. As someone with this experience, yet is not tied to traditional theories or policies, I can offer a unique perspective and open mind within this program. The international comparative aspect of this program especially interests me, because it is apparent that here in our own communities there is educational development that needs to be addressed. We have wonderful, internationally competitive universities, but it is no secret that our elementary through high school programs do not measure up internationally as well as we would like. I want to understand why that is, and examine what can be done to improve it.
I hope that with this degree I can help not only my own family, but others in our community, be more informed and make better decisions regarding education. I want to find opportunities where I can bring positive change to education policy. This will certainly begin at a local level within a single local school, but with experience and success expand to a larger scope where I might influence community or even statewide policy.
My hope is that through this program I will not only acquire the understanding and skills to recognize problems and issues that require change, but most importantly, discover and devise innovative and realistic community based solutions.
Upon acceptance into this program I plan to begin studies as a full time student in summer of 2009, with an expected completion date of summer 2011. This schedule will afford the opportunity to complete the program in a timely manner while also providing adequate time to excel and derive the most benefit from the program and the entire experience.
As you review this letter of intent along with my application you will see that my preparation and motivation for the CIDE program are both unique and strong. While my quantitative scores on the GRE were low, they reflect a very short month of preparation and my first opportunity to take the test. It has been several years since I have been actively enrolled in math coursework or academically applied many of the quantitative tested abilities. It is of note however, that in my math related courses my grades were well above average. Over the course of my educational experience quantitative and standardized testing scores are not directly reflective of my grades and scholastic success. I do not seem to perform my best when tested in timed circumstances. I learned to compensate for that in my coursework through diligent study habits and a methodical and meticulous approach. Working hard and controlling my own pace allow me to thrive and excel in my studies. More so than standardized testing, my grades and resume most accurately reflect that.
Thank you for this opportunity to state my goals and intentions and I look forward to becoming an active participant and contributor to the CIDE program.

Monday, January 26, 2009

St. George and back

1. The trip to St. George. It was pretty fun. It was misting rain on and off most the time we were there- but at least it wasn't real cold. The kids LOVED swimming in the indoor pool. Josh did awesome swimming around on his own with his floaties, and while Dekker hated any sort of flotation divice- he LOVED jumping to Dad and swimming around if he was being held. We also drove out to Sand Hollow resort and Jake took the boys out exploring through the sage brush covered dessert. They even came back with "dinosaur" bones.

2. Back in my bed. I wish I was a better sleeper- but I'm just not. Not like I have insomnia- but I'm a light sleeper and so get woken up easily- I especially don't sleep well in other places- so it was good to be back in my own bed.

3. Duck Duck Goose. With everyone over for dinner Josh was begging to play duck, duck, goose. We all sat down to play and it was SO MUCH FUN! I think us "adults" didn't want to play at first, but as soon as we saw how PUMPED Josh got, and how cute he and Dekker were running around and playing we all got into it. We played for quite a while and it was really a lot of fun.

Monday, January 19, 2009

A Quiet Moment

Ahhhh! Both kids down for a nap on a weekday? I must take a moment to give thanks for sure!

1. Gymnastics. Josh went for the second time today- and I think that's partly why he's taking a nap rigt now.

2. Talking 2 year old. It's like Dekker turned two and a light when on- he's adding more and more words to his vocabulary every day and say 2-4 word sentances on occasion! Now talking has its advantages and disadvantages for sure- but right now I'll appreciate the advantages. One of my favorites lately is "Otay!" (okay). And the other day I was telling him, "You're funny!" to which he rejoicingly repliec, "I FUNNY!". I also enjoy his "I did it!" and "I wuv so, so, so!" (His way of saying I love you SOOOOOOOOO much!"

3. Perspective. The other day I was having what was probably mostly a hormonal moment, but I was all sad because life just wasn't happening exactly the way I wanted it to at the moment... Then I was reading a friend's blog who's 4 year old has continuous colon problems that have yet to be fittingly diagnosed/treated, and I was reminded that some can't always have kids or as many as they want, and others are really stuggling to find work and provide for their families and I realized I was being very selfish in deed. My life isn't perfect- but man, you put it in perspectve and I realize I CANNOT complain.

4. Having Jake home. He wasn't gone very long- but I always appreciate him more when he's gone. Sometime I don't realize how nice it is to just look forward to having an adult to talk with and be hang out with- even if its only for a few hours at night (Bri, my heart goes out to ya!). It's nice too when he comes home from a short trip appreciating and missing me- He was telling me about a friend he saw while there who is was using Jake as a listening ear to unload a lot of marital stress/issues. When his friend made some kind of question like "Don't you ever fight with Jaime?" Jake tried to be sympathetic, but said he really had a couldn't think of an example of something that we've really faught over. He was telling me, "It really made me grateful to realize that even when we do disagree we don't really ever get to the point of yelling and saying hurtful things to each other."

Monday, January 12, 2009


Dekker's Birthday!!!!

My baby is 2 years old?!?!?!? I can not believe it. I'm so thankful for this sweet, cute boy! Dekker is generally a pretty laid back kid. He's open to new things and places, but doesn't get overly excited/anxious about them. He's cool to play by himself, but is kind and social with others as well. He can however be very stubborn about certain things- lately he's very picky about what he eats, drinks, and wears. He is also very protective of certain toys and likes to tell Josh "No!" but I think that's more a stage. He's my lovey/snuggly child- one of my favorite things about Dekker is the way he warps his arms around me to give me unsoclited hugs or kisses, or sometimes just climbs up to sit next to me or on my lap. He never does these things in a needy way- just in a "I want you to know I love you" sort of way. I jokingly call him my OCD child (though I probably shouldn't) because he loves to line things up and sort or organize things- and recently I've started to realize maybe the reason he's such a picky eater is because he doesn't like it when I mix foods in soups or casseroles. Dekker is a charmer- he knows how to make people smile and put a smile on their face. He loves to copy his older brother- but also seems pretty confident in himself. I'm so lucky to have him as part of our family!

We took Josh to his new gymnastics class this morning. It went really well. It's cool to see that he's progressed since last year. He's much better at listening to and following instructions, and he's physically more capable as well.

Then I took the boys to the food court at the mall for lunch and afterwards let them play at the newly remodeled play area for about an hour.

We came home and they both fell asleep in the car. Later we had ice cream cake and the Sunday gang over to share it with us and open presents.


1. Dinner with the gang. Sunday was the first time in a long time that we had the WHOLE gang here; Becca, Garrett, Karina, Brea, and Tom.

2. A new easy Sunday recipe. Okay- so it sounds a little strang, and Jake thought I was nuts- but then everyone loved it. Just dump dry onion soup mix in a crock pot with a roast (either beef or pork) with 2 cups cranberry sauce and let it slow cook all day. The flavor is not too sweet or fruity and you can throw add a little butter and flower in with the juices and mix into a gravy. We served it with roasted potatoes, green beans an biscuits.

3. New church schedule. Last year we went from 1-4, now we're from 9-Noon. It's a little hard to get us all up, ready and to the church on time- but I'll take it over the 1-4 schedule anyday.


1. Primary activity. A fun thing to break the day to day routine.

2. Both boys took naps and I had a little time to myself. Jake headed out back-country boarding with some friends. I was a little sad - but at least the boys were good for me and gave me some needed time to work on my Masters application and get some stuff done around the house.

3. Girls' night out! Since Jake got to take off with the boys he said that he would hang out with Josh and Dekker so I could have the night to do whatever I wanted. Becca and I went and grabed some dinner and then got pedicures!!! It's been a very long time since I've had one- and the winter dries out my feet so bad- so it was very nice.


Date night!!!

1. Brea came to babysit. Jake and I haven't had a real just me and him date night for a long time- and I was having a hard time finding a sitter- luckily Brea and Tom were willing to sacrifice a date night of their own to come hang out with our boys.

2. McGrath's Fishhouse. SOOO yummy. Enough said.

3. Benjamin Button. Despite the fact that this movie is just under 3 hours long we really liked it.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

7 days into 2009 already?!

This year is already moving way too fast.

1. A visit with Bri. She and her little boy Caleb came to visit us yesterday! It was so nice to just be able to hang out and catch up. Caleb is super cute- those cheeks!!! And I just love Bri, I love her because she is so open and honest. I also love that though we don't get to see each other a ton there is still that automatic closeness that comes from having served as missionary companions.

2. A couple days of sunshine. Don't get me wrong- I actually think the big snowstorms are fun- but its nice to have a breather and let the driveways and walkways dry up a bit.

3. I've been using this site for a couple of years now. Love it to death because I can just plug in recipe names or ingredients and it'll pull up lots of ideas for me and has ratings and reviews I can review to help me decide. I've found many a great recipe here. It's definetly a handy little tool.

Monday, January 5, 2009

WAY too much

I haven't posted- for a long time- and these last couple weeks have been FULL of things to be thanksful for.... tsk, tsk, tsk.

Here is a very brief and weak attempt to catch up:

1. Our friends the Barrands! This was their first Christmas just them too- and so we convinced them to come and spend it with us. We had a great time. They also had us over to their house a couple nights over the holidays- once for a yummy Brazillian dinner and a movie, and another time for games and treats.

2. My family in town. My mom and stepdad drove down from Washington, bringing back Garrett, and Karina's car. Karina flew back from Florida on the 2nd- and my brother Brian has been in and out since the 1st (he's mostly been up in the mountains and with boarding buddies- but he can't miss out on a few family and nephew moments).

3. Hubby around. Its been nice to have Jake around so much too! We had a fun memory moment up at Sundance on the 1st, he cleaned out the garage and his tool bench, he took Josh to the BYU basketball game, and he's been around for games and hanging out time. I was sad to see him head back to work this morning.

4. Brief moments and a great thing. Favorite mission companion Bri is in town visiting her family. Knowing how much she loves Sundance I told her Jake and I were heading up on the 1st. She couldn't join us - but offered the use of her dads' corporate passes. It was nice to see her and her chubby cheeked baby for a moment (still working on another get together), and the passes were GREATLY appreciated- especially since conditions werent' super great, and Jake didn't have his own board and so we didn't end up sticking around for too long.

5. Cute kids. Josh and Dekker are so cute these days. Dekker gives the sweetest unsolicited hugs and kisses lately- I just love it! And Josh continues to surprise us with his intelligence in all the amazing stuff he does these days. He's also pretty dang funny- the other night Jake wasn't going to the "right" bonus features on Wall-e, as Josh was trying to communicate this he got so frustrated he said, "Agh! You're getting an my nervous!" Not a phrase I want him to use a lot, but still we couldn't help but laugh that he said nervous instead of verves.