Thursday, March 26, 2009

We can't keep secrets

Jake and I just found out we are expecting another little one! I know you're supposed to wait to start telling people (knock on wood) but so many people have been asking and expecting the announcement that we're breaking the news early. We've been blessed both times before to not have any problems, so we're expecting we'll be okay this time as well. Keep us in your prayers. My due date is estimated at Dec. 3, but we are guessing that since both Josh and Dekker came exactly 3 weeks early it will be more like mid November. I know I could very well regret counting on another early baby- but so far I'm like clockwork when it comes to these things (with both Josh and Dekker my water broke at 3am exactly 3 weeks before their due dates). So there you go- hooray for babies!!!

With two boys everyone is asking if we want a girl this time. Jake says he hope its twin girls because he thinks that would be the quick and perfect way to complete our family- yikes! I'm not sure I'm hoping for that. I'd love a girl- because it would be different and fun- but I figure if it's a boy- we're good at that, and it'll give me that much more amunition in petitioning for a fourth with Jake later.... When it comes down to it we really will be very thankful for a healthy one- boy or girl.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


1. Regular temple attendance. Jake and I have been working on this- and it's felt good to go more often. Saturday we went together to the temple to do a session and it was so nice.

2. Missionary work. The Spanish sisters call me often now, and I've been going out with them about once a week. We've had some great experiences, and its really good for me because I always need that in my life, and living here in Utah hasn't been easy on me in that way- but there really is a lot of work here too. It is also good exercise for my Spanish skills.

3. Finishing the Old Testament. I finally finished it this last week! Because it is the hardest book of scripture for me to finish from beginning to end it feels really good.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


1. A sweet surprise. Jake came by the house today a little after lunch time with a Sambazon smoothie from the Emerald City Smoothie shop in American Fork. It was a busy day for him, with lots of appointments, but he made time to pick one up and drop it off for me!

2. A new "do". I had my hair done Tuesday night. One of my more drastic changes- I went for an all-over darker color and cut bangs. The inspiration? Penelope Cruz's locks at the Oscars... It's been a long time since I've had bangs- but its a fun change.

3. Kids are doing better. Well, Josh started throwing up last night- which made me realize that Dekker's bowl problems most likely were a bug, not something he ate. The night and morning were not fun, but he started feeling better around 11:30 this morning. Dekker seems to be doing better too.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


1. I'm sitting here with Dekker on my lap. My two year old who is getting so big, but today seems so small. Last night the poor guy got hit with really bad diahrreah and a resulting horrible diaper rash. Since then I've been only feeding him bananas and applesauce, giving him tylenol, and putting every possible cream on his raw bum. This morning he woke up in pain again- so all morning he's been extra needy. I can only do so much to help- and so its nice to know that he seems to find some comfort in my love. We lay on the bed and he wraps his arm around my neck and just pulls me close. I rub his back and give him kisses and it seems to take the edge off.

2. Discussions on mortality. Last night Josh picked a Kids Discovery book to read, and it was one about Egyptians - Well, as we read about mummies and pharoes Josh got real sad and asked why the people had to die, and asked if only big people die. I was trying to be honest and told him that like Charlotte explains in Charlotte's Web we're all born, and live, and eventually die. This made him BURST into tears.... I wasn't doing too great with this whole conversation of death thing... but then the Spirit helped me out: "Josh, do you know that when Mom and Dad were married in the temple we made a special promise with God? We made promises that make it possible for our family- Mom, Dad, You and Dekker- to be together FOREVER! That means that even when we die we'll be together again. I promise you that." That finally brought some peace. Then Jake came in and sang some songs to lighten the mood and help him sleep. FEW!

3. Both of these events have made me very grateful for my understanding of the gospel and for the Atonement. I'm happy to say that I know we can be together again, and so thankful to know that Christ, through the atonement, understands all our pans- spiritual, emotional, and physical- and can bring us comfort even in difficult moments.


We had a good trip to Colorado this weekend. So much to be thankful for:

1. We got to the Denver Temple in time for Dot and Pat's sealing. We got a little later start than we had planned, but would have been fine except that a few miles down the freeway I realized I'd forgotten my enhailer! No I am no asthmatic- except for when I'm around cats. Seriously I am MISERABLE without my enhailer in a house with cats- so we had to turn around and get it- adding another 1/2 hour to the trip. Luckily we still got to Cliff and Leah's house with just enough time to drop off the kids with the sitter, change our clothes and head over to the temple.

2. The sealing. Very neat- especially because Dot has been waiting a long time for this- and Pat was prepared and ready.

3. HILLARIOUS moments. The next night we were all in Buena Vista and went to a local steakhouse for dinner as part of Brea and Tom's reception stuff. They reserveda room for us- good thing becaue it was quite the night. There were a few skits pepared and performed: a Finding Love gameshow (I was bachelorette #1), and Disco dance skit by all the parents, and the the best was last- a skit by Jake and Rick where Rick shaved his head and put on make-up to look black, and they both fit in HUGE pants and a shirt to look like siamese twins!!! They did a funny dialogue and then a dance to Black or White by MJ. It was too funny for words.

4. The reception. They held this one in the BV "museum"- a really old building with a lot of character. Jake said he thought 1/2 the town showed up :)

5. Small branch had to be there. One of the craziest sacrament meeting talks I've heard in a long time! LOL!!!

6. Safe trip back. Both there and back we had Rick, Jenny, and McKyla riding with us- which means every seat was filled. We all fit though- and the kids did pretty darn good!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Another St. George trip

1. Better weather. We had better weather this time around. Friday night was really windy and cold- so the boys and I only watched one of Jake's two games that night, but Saturday was beautiful! The boys loved running around and playing while at the softball fields and it felt good to sit in the sun.

2. Better games. Jake's team played better this tournament too. In fact they took 5th in the tournament and had a big win over a tough team that they've lost to in the past. It was a great confidence booster.

3. Nicer accomodations. Lou's in-laws bought a condo in St. George just recently, and they were very kind to let us stay there for free. It's two stories and a little bigger than the one we stayed at last time. It only has an outdoor pool (and it was still too chilly for that) but the accomodations were very comfortable.

4. Sambazon. Acai + Strawberry + Cranberry + a little soy milk = the perfect smoothie made by Emerald City Smoothie. I got one the last time we were in St. George on our way out of town and fell in love! This time the owner informed me that they just opened a store in American Fork- Uh, oh- this could be bad- because while a very yummy and healthy treat- they're not too cheap. I guess there could be worse addictions.

5. Tender Mercies and a safe trip. We made it there and back very safely- thanks in part to a coule of tender mercies. While enjoying a little In-N-Out after the Saturday games a stranger pointed out to us that our rear right tire was low. Investigating further revealed it was a slow leak that must have been caused by a nail or something. We quickly ran to Wal-Mart's auto center where they were just closing up. The young man closing agreed to stay a little late and fix our flat for us! I was very thankful for those two men who were our tender mercies that night and made it possible for us to have a nice safe trip home Sunday morning after Sacrament!

6. Swimming. One of the other team members was staying at the Holiday Inn, which had an indoor pool and sauna- and they invited us to swim with them. Josh and Dekker are definitely getting more confident in the water. It was all we could do to get Dekker to stop climbing out and jumping back in!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


1. Splits with the sister missionaries! I was asked to help out the Spanish speaking sister missionaries the other day. It was so fun! I was able to go on just two appointments- but it was so neat to feel the spirit of missionary work. It was really great, and I came home all excited, telling Jake all about it. Jake says he's glad I love missionary work so much. I guess some people don't?!?! News to me.

2. Bowling with the boys. Our evenings seem pretty busy lately- we do make sure to have FHE every week now- but last night Jake wanted us to all go out and do something as a family- so we went bowling and then to Sonic for a treat. The boys had fun and so did I.

3. Earlier mornings. We're not the best at the whole "early to bed, early to rise" thing- but we're trying to be better- with some success even!