Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cute Josh Moments

1. Tonight- while putting Josh to bed.

Josh: "Grandma Chris will be here when I wake up!"
Me: "Yes. Yes, she will."
Josh: "She's not very far away now, huh?!"
Me: "I think she's on the airplane right now."
Josh: "Why didn't she drive this time?"
Me: "Because sometimes driving takes too long."
Josh: (after a brief moment of thought, and sounding a bit incredulous) "Planes are faster than cars?!"
Me: "Yes. Planes are faster than cars."
Josh: (laughing) "You're silly Mom!"

Cars certainly feel faster than cars- and planes don't look all that fast when you see them flying through the air- so I guess hi disbelief in the fact is understandable.

2. This happened about a week and a half ago when Josh woke up in the middle of the night with a nightmare. Normally when this happens I ask him if he wants to talk about it- but he never does. This time I didn't ask.

Me: (While snuggling with him in his bed, trying to get him to calm down.)"It's okay Josh: It was just a dream."
Josh: (between strangled cries)"I wanna talk about it!"
Me: "Okay. What happened in your dream?"
Josh: (Struggling to get the words out between gasps and moans) "Dad....Dad turned me into a chicken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (howl)
Me: (trying to sound sympathetic while also holding back a laugh) "Josh, you know Dad would never turn you into a chicken" (and thinking- as IF HE COULD?!)
Josh: "I know, but it was still!!!!!"

3. I LOVE Josh's curly hair- but it is so hard to keep looking cute- especially the longer it gets. It really only looks good for about 2 hours after he's just washed it. The other day I decided it was getting way to unruly and so bribed him into letting me cut it. I was only going to trim it, but he was being so cooperative that I figured, "Hey- it's summer. I'll just go ahead and go really short." We did this while Jake wasn't home. Later when Jake came home:

Jake: "Woa!!! Who's this kid?"
Josh: "It's ME. JOSH."
Jake: (Very serious)"You sound like Josh, and you're wearing Josh's clothes- but YOU ARE NOT JOSH!"
Josh: (Getting a little worried, and very confused.)"It's me Dad! I'm Josh."
Jake: (Jake smiling now)"No. You can't be Josh...SOMETHINGS DIFFERENT ABOUT YOU"
Josh: (Getting the joke now, and rolling his eyes)"It's just different hair Dad!!!"

Thursday, April 23, 2009


1. Eight weeks pregnant. Getting closer to the safe zone! Went for my first Midwife appointment today. So far, so good.

2. "Poosh". This is what Dekker calls guns, or anything he's pretending is a gun. I guess that's because that's the sound he makes whent he "shoots" it. It's so cute because he'll say, "See. Push." (in a normal tone) and then say explosively "POOSH!" while aiming it at you. It's also cute that whenever you do something he doesn't like and he wants you to stop he'll just point his finger at you and say, "POOSH!" so you'll have to stop and play dead.

3. The Lehi pool. I took the boys yesterday and we had a blast for about an hour and a half. It's seriously the best kids pool ever- I just wish it was closer.

4. Beautiful weather and picnics. It's been so nice this week. Tuesday the boys and I packed a lunch and walked to the park for some play time and a picnic.

5. Morning sunshine. I've been waking up earlier in order to get the the gym and temple more regularly and it's so much easier when the sun is already lighting up the sky.

6. Becca's Birthday! Her birthday was on Tuesday- but I didn't post that day. We're going to celebrate with her tonight by going to the BBQ her roommates are hosting for her. She's such a great friend.

Friday, April 17, 2009


1. Marley and Me. Talked Jake into watching this with me last night (he was hesitant, because although he can watch war movie after war movie he "doesn't like sad dog movies). It was pretty sweet. Who can love you independent of all you are or aren't? A dog, and your family. So true, so true!

2. Playing dogs. One of Josh and Dekker's favorite "games" lately is pretending to be dogs. They're pretty cute crawling around, sticking out their tongues and saying "arf, arf". It comes in pretty handy at dinner when they're not wanting to focus on eating- Jake and I just turn to each other and ask, "Is that doggy hungry? Dogs love this food, I bet he'll take a BIG bite!"

3. Roxy girl. After watching Marley and Me I was more appreciative of what a good dog she is. She's chewed up her fair share of valuables- but overall she's a good pup. Cathes a frisbee better than any other dog I've seen, and I can't help but laugh when her eyes start rolling back in her head when you scratch her magic spot behind her ears. Oh- and she is SO SWEET with the boys- even when they aren't with her.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Masters Program Update

Looks like I won't be going back to school this year. I found out today that the program I applied to was canceled as of a week ago. It's sad, but in a way its a relief- a relief to just know!

I was supposed to be notified at the beginning of March if I was accepted or not, and so when I called they told me I should hear by the end of the month, and since I still hadn't heard I called and was transferred to one of the head professors who was very apologetic over the phone. He said that letters will be sent out Monday, that they were trying to find a way to make something work, but that "doors kept being shut". He said that they are trying to write up a new program that will hopefully be approved maybe by October, but possibly not till December.

It's hard because I really was excited about the program- so much so that its the only one I applied to. For me, this program fit with my future goals and situation- it wasn't that I felt just a need to get another degree. I felt that starting this summer would be good- allowing me to get two semesters/terms done before having another baby so that I could stay committed to it. At the same time though, it is a bit of a relief. Now I can focus on the pregnancy, baby, and family. I was worried about balancing the wife, mom, and student thing. I was hopeful that I could complete the program before my kids were all in school so that I could work in/with whatever school we decide to put them in- but I really believe that there is a season for all things- and so I have faith that now just isn't my season for going back to school. That doesn't mean that I can't still find ways to learn about educational processes and be more informed/participatory in my kids' education. I might still go back to school later, or I might find other ways to learn and get involved. And it most certainly won't keep Jake and I from our sabbatical goal. Just another journey and path to follow.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


1. Costa Vida lunch specials! All but Wednesdays are pretty dang good if you ask me, so I've decided I can stop in once in a while for lunch with the boys.

2. The cereal aisle at WalMart. It has an enormous selection and actually carries the ones that I like for about $1 less a box on average. Since I only go to WalMart about once a month- I stock up when I go.

3. Lost. After such a long break between last season and this season I was afraid I'd lost (pun inteanded) my love for it- but not true, I am still addicted.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

faith and family

1. Jacob chapter 2. It wasn't all too long ago that Jake was filling very overwhelmed and frustrated with work and business- more particularly with iFusion, which has been our "start up" for over 4 years now. After much angst he/we decided to turn our business affairs over to the Lord. It was a process, but one night while reading the Book of Mormon he was hit with insight that really hit him and became his turning point. It's certainly more Jake's story than mine, and its been such a journey I won't try to explain it all here. Basically though, Jake began to replace each fear with a faithful action, began allowing the Lord to be part of his business decisions, and as a result received great insights and inspiration. I cannot fully express what a neat experience it has been for me to see him change and grow in this way. The Lord really is interested in EVERY aspect of our lives. So often these days we find ourselves talking about what a faith promoting experience its all been and I'm grateful for what it has done for him, us, and our family- not to mention business.

2. A new life inside me. I'm already feeling a great love for the little one growing inside me- and I love that Josh is so in love with out baby too. Josh often tells me he loves me- but he hardly ever tells me it anymore without adding that he loves our new baby in my belly too!

3. Some good weather. It's kinda stormy and yucky today- but we've had some good weather the past couple of days and the boys and I have been able to spend more time outside.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fam in town

1. Mom and Denny. I just love these two- and so do my kids!!! I'm so glad they got here safe. I feel bad that the weather is cold and snowy (!!?) since it's Denny's Spring break- but they haven't complained.

2. Late morning gym trips. It's also been nice to take my time getting to the gym! With Mom around to watch the boys it makes my life easier (I did my last visiting teaching appointment too!).

3. Date night. Again we took advantage of babysitters, and Jake and I went out just the two of us on a week night! We went to Bombay House (our favorite) and then to a movie.

Baby blog... I thought about adding all my pregnancy notes here- but then thought I might as well start a separate blog- so if you ARE interested in all the baby details (I'm sure many of the highlights will be noted here) look for the link on the right.