Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Time just flies these days....

1. 12 weeks. I made it to the "safe" 12 week mark and was able to hear the baby's heartbeat on Thursday. The midwife had a difficult time finding the little one- but it came in at 170 bpm when we finally found it.

2. Boating. I'm so happy boating season is finally here! Saturday we picked up the boat and took her out for a spin around the lake. It was cool and cloudy- so it was just a fun trip to see that she's running good- but it was still fun.

3. Memorial Day. We hadn't made any plans because Jake was planning on going in to work at least a half day- but he ended up not going in at all. After getting chores done in the morning (lawn-mowing, cleaning the garage, cleaning the boat) the weather was looking much better than predicted and so we called up some friends and went out boating. The water actually wasn't too bad (74 degrees) and not too crowded or choppy. Jake hoped on in for some kneeboarding and wakeboarding- and then Jeramiah followed after him. After him some clouds rolled in that made the air a little chilly, so we anchored up close to shore and let the kids try to catch fish with the poles and tackle we'd brought. Then we headed in and hurried home for a BBQ. Becca and Barrands joined us for that (they were also out with us on the boat) and it was yummy and fun. What a great day!

4. el templo juntos. Jake and I are doing pretty good at getting to the temple weekly and together monthly. Saturday morning Kari watched the boys so we could go and do sealings. I got a little woozy at one point- guess I didn't drink enough water that morning- but it was still really nice.

5. Family fun. Friday night we took the boys to see Monsters vs. Aliens (sounds scary- but it is an innocent kids show- I promise). It was fun, although we didn't know it'd be in 3D. Josh thought that part was cool ("Woa! That was right in my FACE!") but Dekker was too cool for the glasses and got a little restless 3/4 of the way through.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Such a fun day!

1. Pools and Popsicles. It was HOT today- crept well into the 80's. So we turned on our AC and sprinklers finally. And I pulled out the kiddie pool and popsicles for the boys. They had such a blast- and I had fun watching them.

2. Salad wraps. When the weather turns warm I swap soups for salads and salad wraps. Tonight everyone gobbled up my latest favorite: Chopped cooked chicken, torn leaves of favorite lettuce, chopped cashews, diced apple, dried cranberries and Brianna's Poppyseed dressing! We buy the uncooked tortillas from Costco and cook those up to wrap them in- SO YUMMY!

3. Josh planned FHE. I was telling Josh that it's FHE night and he quickly chirped up- "Can we pop popcorn and watch a movie after FHE?" So after the weekly planning, singing, and lesson he chose Pixar Shorts to watch while we munched on popcorn. It was lots of fun.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm not the only one who loves my kids!

I really think that as a mom, the biggest compliment is when you know other people loves your kids too! Afterall, you know they're great- but if someone else can adore all their quirky, lovable, uniqueness- its kinda like proof that your kids really are special and your not just biased.

1. Aunt Brea. Brea used to see our boys pretty regularly (and she lived with us the first semester she was at BYU) and so obviously she knows and loves my kids. Now that she's married and living up in Salt Lake we don't see her too often though. She still works here in Utah County though- and so I thought it was so sweet when she called me the other day and said, "I'd like to spend some one on one time with Josh and Dekker. Would it be okay for me to occasionally come by at lunch and take turns taking them out for ice cream?". How sweet is that?! Josh was thrilled when she came the next day and took him out.

2. Jake. Okay- so maybe this one's a little biased because he's their dad- but that's another thing that's pretty sweet as a mom to see your husband adore you kids, and you kids adore their dad. Last night was Josh and Jake's first "Father Son Campout" together (Dekker isn't allowed till he's potty trained). Josh was SO EXCITED all week and was bouncing up and down as they packed up and headed out. Jake said they had a blast. They went on a hike just the two of them and brought back all kinds of "treasures" (shot gun shells, animal bones, animal fur, etc), and then after dark Josh had fun playing flashlight tag with all the other boys. Oh- and the first thing Josh told me about when I asked him about how it went was the "mooshmellows". Jake is kinda notorious for not remembering things and details- he said that last night he said a prayer that Heavenly Father would help him remember all the fun and feelings he had during his one on one time with Josh.

(Jake loves Dekker a ton too BTW)

3. Tio and Trish. Jesus knew that Jake and Josh were gone on their campout this weekend. He contacted me this morning and said he didn't want to get me worried or anything, but he was wondering if I'd heard from the boys or new when they would be back because he's had a dream that Josh got hurt... (they were fine of course) but I thought it was so sweet that Jesus was dreaming about MY SON. I was telling Trish (Becca) this because she was here keeping me company and she told me that she also had a dream about Josh last week where she had to save him by performing child CPR. Wow- how sweet is that!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

1. Morning. Jake made me a yummy breakfast of eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns.

2. Afternoon. We packed a pic-nic and drove up the canyon to Nunn's Park and hiked around so the boys could find wildflowers to make me a boquet. When we got home I took a nap.

3. Evening. Jake made his signature shrimp scampi and twice baked potatoes. Becca brought over a yummy salad and drinks, and Garrett and Kari brought over dessert. I didn't have to do a thing!

4. Josh taking part. Josh gave me a cute handprints and poem he made at preschool and lots of hugs and kisses throughout the day.

5. Dekker following suit. Dekker loved hiking and picking "flowers" (he mostly grabbed bits of leaves and weeds and excitedly handed them to me).

6. Other Moms/Women. I was very appreciative of all the love my family showed me- but on Mother's Day what I'm most thankful for are all the women that have positively influenced my life. My mom is such a good example, and has become a dear friend. She is also an incredible Grandma.

Okay... this is just TOO hard... I'm sitting here and thinking of all these women and just don't even want to start because it would be too hard to try and write all the women and all they've done!!!! My Grandma Blanche, my Grandma Bybee, Jake's Mom, my mission "moms", aunts, friends, cousins, etc....

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The ups outnumber the downs

1. Listening ears. Yesterday was a bad day. I won't go into all of the reasons it was a bad day- because this is my thank you blog- but it was a bad day. I was about at breaking point when Jake called and told me he would be staying late at work and would be going straigt from work to Young Men's. Great. Luckily, not long after I hung up with him Garrett and Kari came over to hang out, do some laundry, and watch LOST. I know they weren't expecting it, but when they came in and asked, "So how are you?" I broke down and bawled as I told them my sob story. It really didn't sound THAT bad as I told it, and it felt SO GOOD to have adults who could just listen and say, "Wow. That stinks! I'm sorry you had a bad day!". Yes- I was very glad they were hear for me to unload on.

2. BandAids. One of the things that went wrong yesterday was that while I was making dinner, I slipped with a sharp knife and sliced/stabbed my pinky finger. Josh quickly ran and found his new ScoobyDoo bandaids and brought me one. It was a WHILE before I could get the bleeding under control for the BandAid to really help- but I thought it was so sweet that he wanted to help and was willing to share his "fix all" BandAides.

3. Lavender Pillow Mist. This stuff seems to actually help me on my restless nights.

Monday, May 4, 2009

So much this last week!

let's see....

1. Visiting teachers. I really love my visiting teachers. I look forward to their visits and the fun chats. This month they were very sweet to offer to watch my boys so I could go to Women's Conference with my mom on Friday!!!

2. Friday's Women's Conference. Sister Beck's address was awesome- and L. Tom Perry's was really good as well. Most of all though I just love being among so many women who really are doing their best to get it right- not too caught up in all the worldly stuff- but looking beyond themselves to be the best daughters of God they can!

3. Having Mom around. Always nice. Wednesday I was able to just take off, run errands, and have a little "me time".

4. Family. My cousin's parents were in town as well- so we invited all the Williams family in the area over for a BBQ Potluck on Saturday. It was so much fun- the weather made it so we stuck mostly inside- but cleared up enough for Jake to gril and the kids to play a bit outside as well. It was lots of fun.

5. Easy Sunday Dinner. We had so many leftovers from Saturday that it made my Sunday dinner planning very easy!

6. Temple with hubby. Mom watched the boys Saturday morning so Jake and I could go to the temple together!