Monday, June 22, 2009

What a FUN weekend!

1. Friday at Dairy Days. I took the boys up to Dairy Days at the Thanksgiving Point petting zoo. It was lots of fun with ice cream and chocolate milk samples. Ice cream and butter making and other fun activities.

2.Friday/Saturday girls getaway. My birthday gift from Jake was a night away with the girls. We rented a condo up in Park City. We relaxed at the hot tub, ate pizza and snacks, played games, watched chick flicks, did pedicures and stayed up late and slept in (me not so much- my body is just too used to waking up at 7:30)and went shopping at the outlets for hours before grabbing lunch and heading home. It was really nice.

3. Father's day. Yummy breakfast. A walk to the park. Delicious dinner. Even though it was all in Jake's honor it was enjoyed by all.

4. Men/Fathers. In a world where gender roles get confused and down-played, where a lot of time husbands are portrayed as lazy, unintelligent, and crewd- I'm so thankful that there are still great men out there who work hard every day to show just what strength and power comes when a man lives up to his potential. I'm especially grateful to the father of my two boys. They adore him- and I'm so glad they do. He is a great example for them to follow. He is kind, loving and hard-working. I am very blessed.

5. "Chocolate". This is my favorite word that Dekker says these days. He pronunciates it so well- and almost with a hint of British accent or something. I love it!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I've been a slacker

1. No training wheels. I think it is so incredibly cool that my little four year old has learned to ride a bike with no training wheels already! I posted a pic and video on our photo blog. That was from two days ago. Yesterday he rode and practiced a ton more, and he's doing awesome! He still needs a little help getting going- but now he and his friend Lexi can even help each other start out- so we don't have to start him out and chase him around anymore. It's so cute to see how happy he is to have learned it too.

2. Swim lessons. We're doing swim lessons this week and next through Orem City. I accidentally signed up for the indoor classes- but since the weather has been so abnormally cold for this time of year its been a good thing. Last year both boys were more hesitant- but this year they both LOVE IT! It also gives them something to look forward to every day.

3. My garden. Again because of the weather, it seems a little slow starting this year- but we are already enjoying fresh lettuce, green onions, cilantro, and green beans from the garden- and I'm finally starting to see little tomatoes forming on my tomato plants!

4. My husband. Jake is such a good father and husband. I've seen so much growth in him this year, and I know its in large part, do to an increase in faith based actions. He's so smart and hard working too. The majority of Magellan and iFusions revenue comes from the health insurance industry. Because of all the changes, and even more because of the many proposed changes, he is being very forward thinking. He's always saying he "hopes for the best, but wants to prepare for the worst". He's done such a good job providing for our family, and because we've always tried to be smart and consistant with our budget, and because the Lord has protected us from some possible bad choices we are in a very good situation to feel secure even during these difficult times.

BTW- I'm encouraging him to start a blog discussing health care. Because he has worked in the industry for these last 6 years, and because his job is basically trying to make it as affordable for people as possible- he has a good perspective and good ideas. He gets so frustrated that no one seems to be addressing the real issues. The more we read and talk about it, the more we see the lack of understanding for the way the industry really works and the flaws inherant in the system. The problem is not so much availability of health care, or even the PRICE- but instead the COST and lack of insentive for personaly responsibility for the cost. Price, and cost are very different. Jake really outlines it well- but just as a simple example: If car insurance worked the way health insurance did- we'd all be driving around the most expensive cars, with the best upgrades. We we would only go to the best and fanciest mechanics for maintenance, and would pretty much do any and all things the mechanics recommended to us- because we'd only have to pay a "$10 copay"- and we would never really investigate all our options and costs. Car insurance is much more affordable than health insurance- yet the amount of risk and cost per driver is a lot closer to that of a health insurance patient than you think (especially because car accidents often result in insurance companies paying for MEDICAL bills). The biggest difference is that individuals are aware of the COSTS (AND OPTIONS SURROUNDING THOSE COSTS) involved in regular maintanance of their cars, and what type/class of car they drive.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My biggest fear

One of my greatest fears is that something traumatic would happen to one of my kids. Yesterday I got a phone call from my mom telling me that one of my cousins three kids took a traumatic fall and was life flighted to Primary Children's Hospital (from Eagle Mountain) in Salt Lake. She was playing in the play loft above their garage swatting at flys at an open window. When the screen gave way she fell out the window hitting her head on the windshield of their car below and then landing on the concrete slab. The good news is that she was concsious when they found her and that the tests at the hospital reported that not only was there no apparent damage to her brain stem or spine, but that there were no broken bones beyond her fractured skull. Little Cassidy is able to move all her limbs and is somewhat responsive. The dangers are that she slips in and out of conciousness and there is obvious head trauma that still needs to be evaluated. Blood clots formed on the frontal lobes but they will have to monitor her until the swelling goes down to really asses the extent of the damage and what they can do to repair it. They are concerned of course about continued bleeding and swelling in her brain.

1. Family and prayers. This is not the first time I have witnessed the incredible charity of the Williams family as action and faith is put forth to asses a family member in need. There was a quick move to make everyone aware, prayers offered up, and names put in the temples within hours of the accident. As soon as I got off the phone I knealt and offered a prayer- when Jake got home a few minutes later we knelt as a family and offered a prayer as well. My other cousin Natalie and I spoke and shared what news we had heard and discussed what needs/way we might be able to help ou the family. Everyone is keeping them in their thoughts, prayers, and doing what they can to help during such a traumatic experience.

2. Health and safety of my family. It is the easiest thing to take for grantid when you have it. I constantly thank Heavenly Father for the protection we've been blessed with, and pray to be free of such trials. There are no guarentees of course, we don't always understand just why such trials may come, but I am ever thankful that as yet I have not had to pass through such a trial. As stated above- it really is one of my greatest fears.

3. "What did you just call me?" On a much lighter note- the other day I called Jake by "Jake" and he asked, "What did you just call me?" I had to laugh because it really is true that about the only time I call him that is when I'm referring to him with someone else. Both he and I are accostomed to calling each other by nick names; "Sweetie, Sweetest, Love, Lover, Lovest," or "James" or "Jacobito". I'm thankful our communication and tone allow for such terms of endearment all the time.