Friday, September 25, 2009


1. Potty trained. I'm dedicating this post to Dekker in large part because I'm so proud of him being potty trained! After just one week of prep talk and one week of training the kid is staying "clean and dry" day and nights- that's right- he even wears "big boy pants" to bed at nights and nap time. He even tells me when we're in public places if he needs to go. He hates public toilets and usually has to be taken 2-3 times before he can actually feel comfortable enough to actually go. I still have to help him pull down and up his pants most of the time, and he's not the best at getting his stuff from the little potty to the big potty without spilling, but really- those are all little things. The kid hasn't had an accident for three whole days! Even the few days before that they were just little ones right in front of the potty. So yeah, I'm very proud of him- even if it does also kinda make me sad to realize how grown up he is! I think the big motivator was just that he thinks his CARS underware are SO COOL. He loves picking out which ones he wants to wear and then turns around in front of the mirror in his room so he can see the character on his little bum- its so cute.

2. My clean, messy one. Dekker is funny in that he is always such a mess. He is always spilling stuff and coloring on himself, or has a runny nose or anything else you can think of that would cause a mess on, near, or around him- but he hates being messy, and always exclaims, "Oh no! A mess, a mess!" until I help him clean it up. And you know how most kids HATE having their noses/faces wiped- not Dekker. If I go to wipe his face he jutts out his chin and holds real still- and when I'm done he'll ask, "Messy face?", and when I say, "Yes." he responds, "Oh, thanks Mom!"

3. Josh's fan. He and Josh are the best and worst of friends. They can play so well together one moment, and be screaming at each other the next. But when it comes down to it I think most of the screaming is just to get my attention anyway. The sweetest is though, that now that Josh is back in preschool, Dekker misses him SO MUCH while he's gone. He always begs to go to preschool too- and as soon as we drop Josh off he's asking, "Go get Josh, Mom?". It's pretty sweet.

4. Knows his cars. I remember I was shocked when at six months old Dekker would find one of Josh's toy cars and start making the "vroom, vroom" noise. The car obsession has only gotten worse. CARS is his favorite Disney movie by far- but he always loves to point out "cool cars" (usually ones with an interesting paint job, or with loud mufflers) to me- and trucks too. But he also associates cars with their drivers- for instance he is constantly pointing out black Audis to me and telling me they're "Dad's car", he also points out big red SUVs and says they're "Paig's car" (our neighbors have a red Tahoe), he points out VW Passats and and Jettas for "Trish" (she has a green Passat), etc etc etc. We'll have to find a good occupation that encorporates this passion (No- I'm not to fond of him becoming a mechanic, and a race car driver is far too dangerous for this mom.... maybe he'll engineer more efficient, yet "cool" cars for the future).

5. SUPER strong. He also loves super-heros, and his capes and is always showing me how "super strong" he is by lifting things up, or running really fast with his elbows pulled up and out. And while Josh likes playing "Piece of this" because its with Dad and its kinda SCARY-fun- for Dekker its ALL FUN. Even Josh will sometimes send Dekker to "get Dad" or call out "Dekker, come save me".

6. Sweet guy. Yet despite his "super strength" he also knows how to be sweet and kind. He HATES being in trouble and always needs sincere hugs and kisses to make things better. He'll say sorry without being asked and will gives hugs and kisses "just because" all the time. I always ask for "BIG HUGS/Kisses", but he even made up his own "little hugs/kisses" which he comes and gives me as softly and quickly as he can. Man I love my Dekkerman.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


1. Keisha's baby shower. Saturday was my cousin Darren's wife's baby shower. It was fun to see her, my Aunt Karen (flew down from WA), and my cousin Jenna (who flew in from California) and to be reminded of ALL the excitement that surrounds a first baby, and first grandson for a family!

2. Cousin night. My cousin Candy was is in town this week- and so Monday her sister Natalie invited everyone over to her house for dinner. She made a YUMMY dinner and we played DDR (okay- I just watched everyone else play). Dixons and Knights ended up not being able to come- but Garrett, Kari, and Evan went and it was good to see Candy.

3. Potty training. Okay- really not a great thing- it's exhausting really, messy, gross, ties me to the house and all the rest- but honestly for not having attempted it at all before now- Dekker is doing pretty dang well. Today he finally pooped on the potty and went pee by himself several times. Still a lot of accidents- but he's liking big boy pants and is getting better every day.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

1. Labor Day at Jordanelle. It was windy- but we still had lots of fun. We found a good beach area, had a picnic, and did lots of tubing. Garrett, Kari, Evan, Trish, and Tio all came. We met up with my Aunt Deb, Uncle Rog, and Kate and her gang (they also had a boat), and even saw the Bushes.

2. Jake's my hero. Josh's toilet stopped up this week. After a lot of snaking, and eventually unhooking and taking the toilet to the front lawn for revers flushing and inspection we found that a plastic toy red and blue boat was the culprit! Thanks to Jake his toilet is now fully functional again. Not a fun job- but somebody had to do it.

3. Laughing it off. Josh and a couple neighbor kids decided to "make sand" by turning on our hose and stirring it in to buckets of potting soil and gravel- the activity turned bad when they found a rag and decided to dip it in the sand and then wash Jake's Audi with it. Was it upsetting? Yes. Do we have to pay a deductible and file and insurance claim to cover the new paint job now required? Yes. But did we make it through without strangling any kids and actually laugh a little? Yes!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


This last month really has been a good one- just a lot of traveling and laziness has kept me from posting much.

1. My new rocker/recliner. I found an AWESOME dark brown rocker/recliner for the babie's room! I got it on sale at RCWilley Outlet for just over $200 and it is SO COFORTABLE. It's really big- bigger than I'd probably normally like- but last night I had both boys in it with me reading a book- so its great that way, and it doesn't look too manly like most "lazy-boy" type recliners. In fact, I think it will go really well with the new white, brown, and soft teal and pink plan I have for the room. Best of all its more than half the price of the one I'd been saving my money for!

2. Such a great trip to Washington. I didn't realize how badly I needed a WA fix. It was so good to be "home". Say what you want about the rain and gray skies of WA- there's no prettier place in the summers as far as I'm concerned. If I go home in the fall/winter I do miss the sun- but summers?! GORGEOUS! And to just chill at home, at the lake, the beach... HEAVEN!

3. Our peach tree! It's producing a lot less this year- but hopefully our young tree will quickly catch up before this one dies (the little one did produce a few this year, but they came early and were low, and Roxy snagged them all). Seriously- I love having fresh peaches for free!

4. My husband. We celebrated our 6 year anniversary August 5th. We're in a real sweet spot in our relationship right now. I adore him, and he seems pretty in love with me too! We just don't get bugged or frustrated with each other at all. He makes me laugh and I think he's super hot and am so happy he sees past all my imperfections! All marriages go through ebbs and flows- I think ours is more constant than some (thankfully) but ours is definetly at high right now beyond the normal good. You would think with things as busy and crazy as they are it wouldn't (what with business, a new eMBA program, expecting another baby, YM president, etc) but there's no one else I'd rather be doing it all with.

5. My sweet boys. I just LOVE these kids. Some times they make me nuts- sure- but really- they're just the coolest, cutest, smartest kids on earth as far as I'm concerned. I can't wait to see what our little girl will be like!

6. Our basement- we've been finishing this off and it's finally coming together. My laundry room/ craft room is actually looking pretty dang good, the cold storage is great, and the toy/game room will be wonderful as well. We just have to put the floor in the toy room and do the trim work- then we can set it up, and I can start painting Josh's new room, move the boys, and paint/decorate Naomi's room. A lot of work yes, but its the kind of stuff I love.