Monday, October 12, 2009


1. Friday November 2nd. Jake took me to the BYU football game. We were really only there for the 2nd half- which was perfect for this pregnant belly in the stands. I love going to the games- just the smell of the stadium and it was a crisp night- but not too cold- and we got yummy hot cocoa. It was a fun date.

2. This last Friday (the 9th). Kari came and watched the boys. Jake was supposed to have a study group- but it only a few from his group were planning to meet- so he went to help Jesus install some flooring in his house and I went to go get a MUCH needed pedicure!!! It felt awesome! Then Jesus, Trish, Jake and I all went to catch a late night showing of 9. It was good- but not fantastic- but fun regardless.

3. This next weekend! This Saturday Natalie is throwing me a baby shower and I'm so excited to gather a bunch of girls around me and celebrate a girl coming to join our family!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Freaking Awesome

1. Killers concert. I was excited for a date night- but not uber excited for the concert- I didn't think I knew the Killers well enough. However, I was surprised at how many hits they've had and how fun and great their performance. The group that opened for them was pretty lame- Mariache band??!?! But besides that it was a lot of fun and I've been loving the Killers tons these days- kinda cool that the lead singer grew up in Nephi and has a kid named Ammon too...

2. Cheesecake factory. This is the first time we've been. We did the classic "share, share, share" where we order one appetizer, one entree, and one dessert and share all three. The "appetizer" was huge though- come to think of it- so was the entree and dessert- so though it was all SUPER YUMMY, we ended up bringing some of th eappetizer and dessert home with us. We got the red velvet, white chocolate cheesecake- Can you say TO DIE FOR?!?!

3. Home improvement and painting is coming along. So Jake has been a saint about getting the basement done in the little free time he has, and I've been doing TONS of painting and helping where I can. Josh's room was way more work than I had expected- but turned out pretty cool. This last week I finally got the boys into their new rooms- and they both really like them (I was a little worried about Dekker, but the new CARS sheets really helped). I still need to put one more shelf, hanger rod, and red curtains in Josh's room- but it came together well. The toy room and laundry/sewing room are looking great too. I still need to go back and calk and touch up the baseboards, but we got the desks and "file baskets" in. Friday I went and got the rest of the wall cabinets and shelves that we need to set up and then I can post picture of it all. The space is already getting tons of use though- the kids play TONS more with their blocks and train tracks because now they have a hard-surface floor that works well with them.

4. New hairdo. Thursday I went and got my haircut and colored so that'd it'd be looking nice for maternity pics (which Brea shot Thursday afternoon) and though it ended up taking almost 3 hours- it finally turned out pretty much perfect. You'll have to wait for the maternity pics which Brea says she should have done and edited by the end of this next week.

5. Brea's photography. Because my hair took so long, and Brea had plans to leave her work/studio a little early and head out of town- we only had about a 1/2 hour to shoot. From what I could tell though she got some good shots though- and even managed to take a few portraits of the boys. She's so sweet to do it for me- and I've never done "maternity" pics before - because I'm never excited about how I look while I'm big and prego- but I always regret it later- because it really is an amazing thing that should be documented.

6. Aunt Trish. I love Becca to peices! She watched the boys last weekend so Jake and I could go to the concert- and last night so we could go to the BYU game. And my boys adore their Aunt Trish. Who wouldn't though when she takes them up to "Cornbelly's" up at Thanksgiving Point and pops popcorn and watches movies, and all that other fun stuff?!?! She is such a good friend and really does deserve the title "Aunt".

7. Spiritual leaders. Last night we ended up parking at President Christensen's house for the game- and so of course said Hi to him and the family. They're such great people- and I love them lots. And the first half of General Conference was today- and its been just what I needed so far. I need a spiritual recharge- I love primary- but its good to get fed at an adult level again too!

Few! And that's just covering the highlights... a clear sign that I have not been keeping up with this blog like I should be!