Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Naomi Christine

1. Not only that she is here- but that she is healthy and whole. We'd had concerns early on due to soft markers for Down Syndrome and a large-measuring abdomen. Though blood work came back "normal" for DS risks, and further ultra sounds showed no signs for problems that would cause a larger abdomen- there still sat that little worry in the back of our minds. We were more aware that one can NEVER know for CERTAIN that their little one will be okay until delivery day. Naomi's birth and health are extra special because of the trials we went through.

2. My rocking chair/recliner. We're still going through adjustments. I always seem to have breastfeeding issues at first. Naomi sleeps wonderfually in the days- but struggles from about 10pm to 2am. Luckily- I love my rocker and boppy and can be comfy as we work through these minor issues.

3. A father's love. I love seeing Jake's adoration for his little girl. He says that the biggest difference is that he just wants to hold and protect her, while with the boys he just couldn't wait to throw a ball at them! He can't wait till he gets home each day to see her and "oohs" ad "ahhs" over her all the time. It's so dang cute!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Too much.

It's midway into November- a month that should easily lend itself to giving thanks- and I haven't posted here in quite some time! If anything, its really just that I feel so overwhelmed with gratitude lately I don't even know where to start. But whenever I go back and read from this blog the little random things are the ones that are the most fun- so today I'll start with a few of those.

1. A little brother sticking up for big brother. Today the boys were doing pretty dang good through all of sacrament meeting, but right at the end they got a little antsy. Josh leaned over and wiped his nose on Jake's suitcoat, which made Jake pretty upset, and then Josh was upset because he knew he'd made his dad mad- but for some reason he responded by throwing a fit- Well, Dekker saw that Josh was "sad" and so smacked Jake! It kinda came out of no where though, and so at first we weren't sure why he'd done it. Jake asked, "Dekker- why did you just HIT me?" to which he responded, "You made Josh sad!" I had to hide my laughs- because in our home hitting is NEVER okay- but I still thought it was cute that Dekker was coming to Josh's defence.

2. Dekker is learning his colors. We've been working on Dekker with all of his colors a lot more lately. He does really well. He's always pointing out different colors to me- today he was using the black crayon and was very careful to make sure and pronounce the "L". And then, after the sacrament I gave each of the boys a halloween size bag of skittles for being reverent. I couldn't help but smile when I saw Dekker line his all up by colors and then start naming each color as he ate them.

3. My primary kids. Today is very likely to be my last time with my primary class. They've been so fun to teach! I've really grown to love each one of them. I have some funny moments from teaching them that I wish I'd have taken the time to document. Today our class was in charge of doing the scripture, talk, and prayer in the combined hour of primary. I usually call and remind the parents of the talk assignment during the week- but forgot until late last night. Taeya was assigned, and her family is usually really good about remembering- but just in case I looked at the topic for the week and then grabed this months' issue of the friend and found an article she could use as a back up. When we got to church I found Taeya all upset because she had indeed forgotten to tell her mom about the assignment, and could now not find her mom to help her pull one together. I told her that I'd thought that might be the case, and apologized for not giving her a reminder call during the week, but explained that I'd been thinking about her the night before and had found a Friend article she could use. I thought it was so sweet when, instead of acknowledging my fault in forgetting the reminder she looked up at me with the biggest grin and said, "YOU were thinking of ME?!" Kids really do just want to be loved.