Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Kisses mean 'I love you'"

This is a line I've been saying since Josh was born and I discovered my uncontrollable urge to kiss his sweet baby body. I've repeated it ever since with all my kids. I figure its a good thing to drill into their heads now. That way when they're gorgeous teenagers it might remind them to not go around kissing whomever they please, and thus save a few broken hearts (since I'm sure my kids will all be heart-break material- I mean look at them!?). I was thinking about this this morning and decided I'd better post a blog about all the wonderful kisses (and kissers, for that matter) there are out there.

1. Quiet kisses. Naomi is a pretty wiggly little thing. I mean, you know how they say that you can tell a puppy will be difficult to train if when you put them on their back they squirm and wiggle instead of settling down? Well, if the same thing is true for infants- we're in trouble. The little thing HATES to be held on her back (unless nursing). She much prefers to be up on the shoulder or facing up and out at the world. She doesn't mind playing on her back on the floor- but she's always wiggling and arching her back even then. HOWEVER, one of my favorite things is that every once in a while we have "quiet kisses time". Mostly in the mornings when she snuggling in bed with me. We lay there face to face and she'll close her eyes and hold real still while I gently go in circles kissing her face; forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. It's about the only time she's still when awake. I love it! And if I pause she'll open her eyes and reach out to touch my face and open her mouth like she wants to pull me in and give me some "quiet kisses" of her own. True sweetness.

2. Healing kisses. These are my favorite Dekker kisses. I mean most kids want you to "kiss it better" when they get hurt. Dekker will keep coming back for more though until it really does feel better. And he needs them when he's emotionally hurt too. If I get upset and send him to time out, he inevitably will not come out of time out without asking for a kiss to make sure things are right between us again. He knows I can't give kisses when I'm upset. He does this with others too. He's the kissiest of my boys- maybe because he had such cute cheeks that I used to kiss ALL THE TIME when he was a baby.

3. Fill your canteen kisses. Some people tell prospective missionaries they should "fill their canteen" before they go out, since they won't be getting any kisses as missionaries. Well, as a five year old boy I'll say these are what my Josh kisses are. It's sad to say he's pretty much outgrown kisses on the lips already. I still give him as many kisses as I can though- because it won't be long before he starts thinking kisses from mom are "gross" or "embarrassing". But because "kisses mean 'I love you'" I want to make sure I get in as many now, while I can.

4. Biting, playful kisses. You know. The "you are so dang cute I just want to EAT you!" kisses. The ones that are more like playful bites than kisses, but kisses nonetheless. Yeah those are fun, until your kids try to give them back and end up biting you. Ouch.

5. Mom and Dad smootches. Often, when Jake comes home, we'll do the exaggerated pucker up kiss and wiggle your head and make a "mmmmmwwwaaa" noise kisses. Our kids think its funny now, but I think it'll actually be even more fun when they're older and it embarrasses them.

6. First kisses. Butterfly in the tummy- what's it gonna be like? kisses. Yes!

7. Romantic kisses. enough said.

8. Sweet old people kisses.

9. Lipstick kisses.

10. Goodbye kisses.

I'm sure I'm missing a few... Do YOU have a favorite kiss?