Monday, May 17, 2010

A good weekend

1. The garden is planted. Friday I spent time during Naomi's morning nap digging up dandelions all over our yard. We still have many- but we got rid of a big chunk of them anyway. The boys helped by picking them up and carrying them to our compost pile. They had fun because I was giving them all the snails, worms, and centipedes I found along the way. When Naomi woke up and we had all eaten lunch we went to Cook's Nursery and Josh pulled the wagon while I pushed Naomi and Dekker in the stroller and they helped me pick out a variety of starts for our garden. We came home, I put Naomi down for her afternoon nap, and then we planted the garden! I'm so excited to see how it does this year. I'm trying sweet potatoes, broccoli, and swiss chard for for first time.

2. Sprinklers are up and running. My sweet hubby doesn't get many days at home. He had one Saturday and what did he spend it doing- getting the last of all our sprinkler issues fixed and working again. What a stud!

3. BBQ with friends. As a reward for our hard work- and to celebrate a usable backyard, we invited the Barrands and Jesus over for a BBQ. It was yummy! After we ate we played PIT- which I've played before, but forgot that I really enjoy it.

4. Sweet siblings. Saturday afternoon my sister called and asked if she could pick up the boys and take them to the BYU baseball game. OF COURSE sweet girl, of course! The boys had a blast with her and Uncle Garrett (who met them at the game a little later). She posted the cutest documentation of it on her blog as well.

5. Sunday. A very sweet learning moment for my companion and I. I don't feel I should share the details, but I'm so thankful for the promptings of the spirit, and for a husband who is willing to do the hard things.

6. Cute Josh quote. Sunday I was in the front room with the three kids. Josh was babbling on about something with Dekker, at some point Josh started repeating some question to Dekker over and over and Dekker was saying, "Huh?!?!". Josh turned to me and said smugly, "Dekker doesn't know what I'm talking about, does he Mom?" and I responded, "Well I don't know what you're talking about either Josh" and then he smiled and said, "Neither do I. AGH! Nobody knows what I'm talking about- even ME!" We all started cracking up. My kids will definitely talk JUST to talk sometimes.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

About a month

Has it really been that long? Wow. Time is moving WAY too fast these days.

1. Time moves fast. Although often frustrating, when I realize Jake is only a year away from finishing his MBA- I'm happy.

2. A trip to Moab. We had soooo much fun!!!

3. Grandparents. Jakes mom and dad (and Stepmom and Stepdad) worked together to plan the cutest "cousin camp". They had a "where the wild things are" them and made cute costumes, crowns, wands, etc. Dot made a cute video with pictures of them and all they did and it is too cute.

4. Women's Conference. I didn't get to go this year (no nursing babies allowed)- but it brought my mom to town again. Hooray!

5. Mother's Day. It was sweet.

6. Green smoothies. Jake and I have joined the green smoothie for breakfast club. They're actually not too bad- and we've both noticed a huge energy increase- and I'm down another pound or two!

7. My crock pot. Been using this a lot more lately. Love it. Simple moist meals that I can throw in at my convenience and then not stress about the rest of the day. Yippee!

8. A night without wake-ups. Last night was my first non-interrupted night of sleep for a long while! Naomi's been doing better (she started waking up again at nights after sleeping with us during the Moab trip), and we finally came up with a "deal" to get Dekker to stop coming in at nights. If he stays in bed till morning 5 nights in a row (he gets a sticker each night he does it) he gets to go pick out a new disney CAR. We went through two nights of explaining he missed his chance for a sticker- but last night he did it!

9. the EVO. Sprint finally announced it'll be out June 4th. I can wait that long. I'm SO PUMPED for my new phone!