Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Livin' in the USA

1. I am so thankful to live in this wonderful continent, country, and land. I KNOW it is a blessed place set aside for miraculous things. I KNOW that our Founding Fathers were inspired to set up this government with the freedoms that would allow this nation to rise to great heights. I'm so thankful to be born here. I'm thankful to live here. I'm thankful for all of those that have, are willing to, and will die to protect it.

2. Fireworks. Boom! POP! Sizzle... Blue, gold, red, green and all the rest. I love 'em.

3. Boating. Isn't it sad that our first time out on the boat this year was 4th of July weekend. With Jake's busy schedule, and a colder than usual spring and summer it's been hard. We were able to go both Saturday and Monday though- and it felt FABULOUS. Saturday it was just us, my sister Kari, and Trish. We had a great time though and both the boys got out on the tube. Monday we took my cousin and his family who are staying with us this week while visiting from Oregon. They have 5 boys 12 and under and non of them had been on a tube or wakeboard before. THEY LOVED IT. Especially their 10 year old Ammon who held on through more than we've put ANYONE through before. He also really wanted to try the wakeboard- so Jake put him between his legs on the board and they got up so he could at least get a taste for it. It was a blast.

4. New favorite song. I love Sara Bareilles' new song "King of Anything". It makes me happy.

5. Bybee fam. We had a reunion with a lot of the "Grandpa Bybee on down" crew Monday night. Love 'em. There was maybe half us there and it was still QUITE the bunch. I sat watching Grandpa watching all his posterity visiting, playing, and running around him. He was laughing at a toe-headed toddler playing in the water spicket. How incredible it must be- to know that they all came from his choice to take my grandma to the temple and be married all those years ago. And to see the quality of people his faith, example and hard work has contributed to... WOW.

6. Having the hubby home for a weekend. It was SO NICE to have Jake here for THREE WHOLE days as well as a Friday night. I don't ever really even get TWO. Especially since he was recently released as YM president and so didn't have all his Sunday morning meetings. And watching him laugh as he drives the boat dumping people from the tube- yeah its pretty dang hot! Oh how I love my man. Right now he's on his laptop trying to get back in to "homework mode" like a good little boy. Not many people can know how to work, play and love like he does.