Sunday, September 12, 2010


1. Regional/Stake Conference. Just got back from this. Got to hear from Elder Holland, Sister Beck, and President Packer. Very inspiring despite three little wiggly distractions.

2. Three little wiggly distractions. I love them. Even though they're wiggly. They remind me every day that this life is about so much more than me and my wants.

3. Remembering. Yesterday was a day of remembering 9/11. I don't think I feel it as deeply as many. Mostly because when it happened I was living far away in Guatemala City away from my fellow countrymen. It felt very surreal, watching it on the news, and hearing all of the condolences from the Guatemaltecos around me. It is amazing though all that that tragedy can remind us of, and how it can awaken us to the reality that the US can still be vulnerable, and how lucky we are to have the freedoms and protections that come at the cost of others' lives. Sometimes those others go knowingly into battle on our behalf, and other times they are stollen from us. Either way they are precious. Either way I am grateful to them.

4. School. Jake's eMBa program- which we only have one more semester to save and pay for!!! Josh's Kindergarten, which could probably be better, but he loves it because it means he's big and gives him daily interaction and learning opportunities. Dekker's preschool with Miss Tammy who is pretty much AMAZING. That Naomi is still too little for it, I'll be sad when I don't have one too little anymore. And for MY schooling- I'm done for now, and even if I never go back I got to go to BYU-Hawaii for goodness sakes- where I had so many experiences I'd never have been able to have anywhere else (I should dedicate a post to just that one day), and to finishing in Provo- where there are incredible professors and a beautiful campus that I was able to participate in at a fraction of the cost of their true value thanks to the tithing and donations of others.

5. The temple. It's been good to be able to get back. Naomi is not completely weened, but I can be away from her for long enough stints of time that I'm able to get there once again. And I love that whenever we talk of the temple Dekker's eyes get really big with excitement and he exclaims, "You get to go? And feel the Holy Spirit?!"

6. For late night movies, BBQs, Football games, Bombay House, Family reunions, kids' games, trips to the park, good talks, and small projects - which are what I spend my time doing with my husband when he is around- which isn't too often, but we make do.