Sunday, October 24, 2010

Missionary letters #2

Hermana Jackson,

I love you Kari. Please send me a note back. I like you. Are you having fun? Please tell me if you’re having fun or not. I miss you. I hope you have fun. Please say prayers to Jesus.

Love, Josh

I love you. I gonna have a Halloween party and wear my costume party there. I singed “follow the prophet” at church today.

Love, Dekker

Hey Karina,

I loved reading your last email. It’s so great to hear you so happy and loving the work. It was so fun to hear about the school bus that picked you up from the airport, and about driving through the city and the things you saw. It brought back so many great memories- even the little bit about the Spanish keyboards! Jake liked the yogurt drink story. And said not to worry about the bird watching thing making you sound like a nerd because, “we knew that already”! See he’s not any kinder when you’re a missionary.

Not too much to report here. Naomi and I have been sick. Her nose is running pretty much nonstop- which is pretty gross. I get slimed all the time, especially when I go to wipe it and she buries her head into my shoulder trying to get away from the tissue.

My dad came to town this weekend for a quick trip to see my grandpa. I was all excited to have him take a family picture fur us- but it was raining all weekend. So then we tried to take some inside, and of course as soon as one kid was ready to cooperate another one would start crying or whining or wiggling- so I we’ll see if he can get anything usable out of it.

Love you.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Missionary letters #1

1. Fall weather! Tonight I watched a storm roll in from the kitchen window while I cleaned up after dinner. I love the cooler sweater weather days. I love lightning and thunder and rain. I think its because it makes me appreciate a warm home, sweaters, blankets and all those comforting/snuggly things.

2. Costumes. As you'll read in my letter below- I bought the kids their costumes this year. They're so cute! They love them- okay, so maybe Naomi doesn't really care too much- but the boys are ecstatic. At first I was a little sad that they were so insistant on buying a character costume, rather than letting me help come up with and make one for them. But, I figure when they get older the later will be more fun (and we can use stage make up, wigs, and spray paint like my mom used to let us do), and like Jake pointed out we REALLY got our money's worth out of their Spiderman costumes from last year (they're still squeezing into those.

3. My sister Karina entered the MTC last week! Today I wrote her my first letter. I decided I'd copy my friend Bri's idea and go ahead and post them on this blog since they kinda give a summary of what we're up to:

Hola mi hermanita!

Sorry I didn't write until now. If it makes you feel any better, I don't know that I wrote Garrett at all while he was in the MTC. This is actually my first time using Dear Elder- pretty cool.

I got to read your email today and I was so excited to hear that things are off to a good start. Loving your companion, roommates and district make everything so much better. I loved mine too!

We are all praying for you here. If you ever feel discouraged, homesick, or just plain tired, just think of all the prayers that are going up in your behalf from friends and family, and then remember all the prayers going up in your behalf in all the temples around the world. You've got a lot of prayer power behind you. Don't be afraid to call upon it!

I bought the kids their Halloween costumes. Naomi is a bee, Josh is Optimus Prime, and Dekker actually decided to be Wolverine! Josh and Dekker wore their costumes all conference weekend and then some. Dekker really gets into playing his character when in costume. It's pretty cute.

Naomi actually took her first steps tonight. I'm telling you before Mom- so you can feel privileged. Not like she was really walking - but would go from a stand and lunge/move her feet a step or two before falling. Before she's just practiced standing/balancing on her own- never steps.

I went to my first parent/teacher conference tonight. Man I feel old. Mrs. Smith said Josh is a stud. No really, she said he's doing really well. She did mention he's so animated and enthusiastic that she has to some times remind him to quiet down and listen to instructions. Funny how everyone always tells me how "animated" he is. Reminds me of how I used to always get mad that when I was little everyone would tell me I was so "dramatic" it made me mad because I didn't know what that meant.

Monday we went to Fat Cats bowling for FHE, and so after stopped by Garrett and Racheal's to see their place. The kids were sad that they didn't have any toys! They did find your Peanuts Holiday Collection among their movies though- and found some African whistles to blow.... Can't take those kids anywhere without them getting into stuff!

Pues, te amo mucho hermanita. Se que tu vas a ser una misionera maravillosa!!!