Wednesday, November 17, 2010

In the month of Thanks

I have not been too good about posting. However, I am trying to open my eyes to all around me. To be thankful for all those things I see daily, and so sometimes fail to "see".

1. Mormon Messages. I LOVE THESE! They brighten my day. Give new perspective, and drive simple truths home.

2. Boys who miss each other. Even though they fight sometimes when they're together, when they're apart they always miss each other. When Dekker was at preschool today Josh was playing really well by himself, but I smiled when he asked, "is it time for Dekker to come back from preschool yet?!" Dekker does the same thing every day that Josh is at Kindergarten. I try to point this out to them- that they miss each other and how lucky they are to have each other.

3. Our home. I need to say this. For a long time now Jake and I have gone back and forth about moving to a new home. I would love a bigger dining area and pantry off my kitchen, he would love an office/den and a third car garage (or at least an oversized garage that can actually fit two cars along with a workbench and stuff. But we LOVE our neighborhood and the safety it provides for our kids, and the outside play time. It's warm. It's comfortable, and we've done so many projects to make it "ours". Truth be told, when the time comes to say goodbye to this place, it will be REALLY hard. So I must repent of all my complaining in the past- because it is HOME and there are many things I do love about it.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Nov. 14 letter

1. My friend Becca- a.k.a Trish. She is the sweetest, kindest friend. She is an example to me in many ways she does not even realize.

2. My kids' funny and sweet moments. There a couple in the letter that follows.

3. My bed. Because it sounds so inviting and comfortable right now.


How are you sister? Sorry that I didn’t realize I should have been sending my letters to your email instead of through Dear Elder once you got to Guatemala. I should have thought that through. Do you have enough time to read all our emails? I will switch to snail mail if I need to- but I’m worried that the hassle of getting a stamp and something in the mailbox might hinder my success of getting something to you… Garrett and Racheal were here for dinner tonight and we were talking about how AWESOME and happy you sound in all of your letters. I pray you continue to do so well. Oh, and while we were talking about you, Josh wise piping in with, “Kari’s in Guatemala” and Dekker said, “Yeah, she’s taking a REALLY long time on her mission!”

Please be prepared for some shocks and challenges when you hit the field. I’m honestly not too worried for you though. Your enthusiasm and positive vibe will push you through anything. And besides, though the language and work load were a shock for me, I still loved my first area, companion and all of that. I had an MTC teacher who said over and over again that he wanted us to be able to “hit the ground running” when we got to the field. That imagery seemed to help me. I really just “jumped” into it and tried to be prepared for anything.

Nothing too exciting this week to report. Trish took the boys to a Yo Gabba Gabba concert on Tuesday. They don’t really watch that show, but I showed them some You Tube videos before, and they had a blast. There is one song that they do about eating all your food because “there’s a party in your tummy” and all the food wants to go. It’s actually gotten Dekker to eat more at dinnertime. So I’m pumped!

Jake went to Colorado this weekend for his yearly trip to reconnect with his old high school buddies. He gets back tomorrow. Becca stayed with me all weekend to keep me company. We stayed up late last night making these cute hair clips. She, Naomi and I each wore one to church today.

Today at church one of Dekker’s nursery leaders was released and she’ll be in the RS presidency. She loves Dekker since he’s the oldest in nursery and can actually talk and stuff. Well, when I went to pick him up the other nursery leader reminded Dekker to “Say ‘goodbye’ to Sister Shepherd!” He looked up at her and said, “Goodbye Sister Shepherd!” with his sweet big eyes and she got all chocked up saying goodbye back to him. That little kid has sutch a way of working his way in to people’s hearts. It was a sweet little moment.

Funny Josh moment: This weekend Josh was talking to Trish about finding her husband. Before he has told her to just find a boy in blue shirt. Well, I wasn’t there for the whole conversation, but he asked her if she’d found the guy in the blue shirt yet, and I think she was trying to explain that it isn’t that simple, and so he said, “Okay, you find the guys wearing a blue shirt, and driving a car, and then you say, ‘Who wants to marry me? Raise your hand!” It’s pretty classic because Josh loves to do the “Who wants _____? Raise your hand!” or “If you like ______, raise your hand!”

It’s snowing right now. There’s actually some visible snow/slush on the grass.

Naomi turns ONE on SATURDAY!


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Missionary letter 11-7-2010


Hey there chica. So in random news- this week we’ve been working on loading all the home video from our little video tapes to our Mac. As we were going through them we found one that is yours. I didn’t watch the whole thing, but there was a little bit from the Haunted Mansion at the beginning, and then it looks like the rest of the tap is of some car trip or scavenger hunt with Lindsey and Hanna? I’ve got it set aside for you here, but if you want me to do something specific with it- let me know.

I’m glad to hear you had at least a couple fun surprises on Halloween. If it’s any consolation it rained all evening here- so Garrett and Racheal only took the boys to three houses before they decided to come home. We did watch Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin and do a little bobbing for apples though. The boys really weren’t too disappointed, and I didn’t have to worry about them bringing loads of candy back to the house.

So a couple of interesting notes in response to your last letter. I actually stayed in la casa de huespedes for a week or two when I first got there. That’s where we stayed until we found an apartment. It was really cool to visit with other people who were staying there while visiting the temple from far away places. To hear their stories and the sacrifices they made. And I also remember the kite flying festival. That was one of the two weekends we spent up at Lake Atitlan, and there were several kites in the sky that weekend even though it wasn’t the main city where all that goes on. Oh- and I loved you comments on the buses. I always loved riding the buses too. In fact, I recently found my Guatemala video and had it transferred to DVD (can you tell we’re trying to update our documentation processes) and there’s a section where I randomly turned it on and recorded just because I loved the crazy music, sounds, and driving, and I think even a chicken that were all part of the experience. And you probably don’t remember but the Lonely Planet book I gave you for Guate had a red bus “tipica” on the front.

I’m glad to hear Spanish is coming along. You’re so lucky that you have this chance to be so submersed in it BEFORE going out to the field. We spoke as much Spanish as possible in the MTC, but it was still a HUGE shock when I got to the field and had to jump into the work and the language all at once. And now you know why RMs will sometimes revert into their mission language when talking. We make fun of them for it, but sometimes it really is because they get SO used to expressing certain things a certain way and they just don’t always translate.

Naomi took a break from trying to walk, but today has started practicing again. She also cut her 4th tooth on top- so her smile is looking more balanced and she now has a total of 6 teeth.

Yesterday I took the boys to the BYU football game (Jake was at class, and my neighbor gave me free tickets, so we just went to the last quarter). After we decided to go visit Garrett and Racheal for a bit. The last time we’d been to there place we commented how you were right there at the MTC. This time I didn’t say anything about it, but as we drove by the MTC Josh asked if you were still there. I told him no, that now you were in Guatemala. He said, “Oh yeah. I knew that.” Which he did, but it was cute to know he was thinking of you- right? We are praying for you in our prayers, and talk of you often. Oh and BTW, apparently I have really powerful prayers. The other night I was asking Jake about how things were with all three of his businesses had gone that day and he responded saying that they were all just kinda plugging along and that he was ready for something exciting to happen with one of them. Well, the next morning he asked me to say the family prayer, and in my prayers I said, “Please bless that Jake will have a good day, and that something exciting will happen with one of his businesses”. Well, that day in fact there was some excitement. I won’t go into all the details of it, but it’s something exciting but also pretty stressful at the same time, and could change a lot of things over the next year. While we were talking about this change of events Jake said, “You do realize this is all your fault, right?” “How so?” “Because you prayed that something exciting would happen! You have to be careful what you pray for. You always do this!” His “always” is in reference to a couple other times where I prayed for things that brought on challenges, ones that were good, but challenges nonetheless (i.e. his calling as YM President, and him going back to school). We kinda laugh about it, but it really IS true. Heavenly Father DOES listen to our prayers, and he does answer them. Not always in the way/time we expect, but he DOES answer them!

So, question- the computers that you have access to- can you connect your camera and load pictures? Are you aloud to send us any? We’d love to see some pictures!!! And can we send you any digital pictures? I’m gonna send you a couple. If they’re not allowed, let me know, and I’ll repent later!

Te amo mucho mucho hermana mia.



Monday, November 1, 2010

My kids are cute

and this will be sent to Sister Jackson- since I know she'll appreciate it.

1. Josh. When Jake came home today he asked Josh how his day was, and Josh responded, "Incredible". When Jake asked why Josh said, "Because Katherine and I FINALLY decided to fall in love!" Really? This was news to me. Katherine is one of the neighbor girls close to his age. So then I asked, "And what happens when you fall in love?" He proceeded to tell me that they almost have decided to get married. He said he wasn't sure because Katherine and Gracie (his BEST friend from preschool last year) are both pretty great, but since he doesn't really get to see Gracie anymore Katherine is a little bit "higher"- so "I think I'll marry her". He asked me which one I thought he should marry and I told him that was HIS choice, and he would have to follow his heart, but that I thought he was too young to get married. He quickly corrected me saying they won't get married till they grow up, saying, "Katherine will wait for me. She said." Jake and I were cracking up.

2. Dekker. Yesterday out of NO WHERE Dekker said, "Do you know the bubbles in my mouth have germs, but the bubbles in hot tubs don't?!"
And then today he came in from outside with a purple pansy and gave it to me. "This is for you Mom!" "Thank you!" I responded. "It's because I love you." and then he gave me a big kiss. Doesn't get much sweeter than that.

3. Naomi. Our little one loves to bob her head "yes" and shake her head "no" these days. Mostly it seems to be copying or in agreement to what we say, not as much an answer or opinion of her own- but more and more we're realizing she's got it figured out. Yesterday Jake and I were laughing because he was feeding her snacks in the kitchen. He pulled a bag of dried apricots from the cupboard and asked, "Do you want these?" to which she firmly shook her head "no". Thinking she didn't really know what she wanted he gave her a couple. She took one and put it in her mouth and then promptly spit it out, picked them all up one by one and threw them on the floor. "I guess she did know what she wanted".