Monday, December 27, 2010

Example of prayers

With the boys, when they were tiny we didn't do family prayers with them so much. Jake and I prayed together, but we didn't include them as much until they got older. Well, since we're doing family prayer with the boys all the time Naomi has witnessed them from the start. And its amazing what these little ones learn:

1. "Amen". This was pretty much Naomi's first word. Besides our names and "woof, woof" (if you can count that) and maybe. I remembered being shocked when she said it at the end of a family prayer after we'd all said it. Did she really just say that? She's done it several times since.

2. Folding arms and kneeling. Often times our morning prayers are said in the kitchen, and Naomi is in her high chair. A couple of times I've seen her hold her hands together when we begin to pray, but last night was the cutest- We were in our bedroom. Some times I'll pull her on to my lap to kneel, but she's so wiggly that most of the time I don't worry about it. Last night she was crawling around when we all knelt to pray. She crawled over and knelt down and held her hands in her lap (I couldn't help but peek) and she stayed that way just watching us for the whole prayer. It was super cute!

3. Boys' prayers. I'm so thankful my boys know to pray. Josh has a lot of faith in prayer, and I constantly catch him praying about little things at random moments. Dekker has just recently gotten more comfortable with prayers and using his own language, thanking and asking for personal things- and I love that. I love hearing them tell Heavenly Father what is really on their minds.