Sunday, May 8, 2011

Being Mom

I love being a mom. It's hard work- and there are plenty of days I wish I had an "office" to escape to, but push come to shove, I wouldn't trade it for anything.

1. Funny Dekker story. There's a little boy in our neighborhood named Austin who has really big cheeks. The other day Dekker asked his dad, "Why do Austin's cheeks shake when he runs?" Dekker was there when Austin's dad was telling me this story and we were laughing about it. A couple minutes later Austin came running up with jiggling red cheeks and Dekker said, "See Mom! His cheeks to shake when he runs!" As if to prove he wasn't crazy.

2. Dekker is my cool hair kid. Lately Dekker loves to do his hair in "Sonic spikes". He's love to wear his hair spikey- and is always asking me "Did I mess up my hair?" or "Does it still look cool?" I think it's pretty cute.

3. Kindergarten Mother's Day program. Josh and I missed the actual Mother's Day program in his class because we were gone to Jake's graduation- but I got to go the day before for my own private showing during one of their rehearsals. It was CO CUTE! Josh is growing up so fast it makes me sad sometimes. He is such a good, sweet kid.

4. Mother's Day/Graduation surprise! Jake knew his mom and step-dad were coming in for his graduation ceremony- but neither his mom or Jake knew that his brother Rick and his family were driving down from Seattle (where Rick is in med-school) and his sister Leah was flying in from Denver, and his sister Brea and her husband would all be going to the ceremony and then hanging out here with us for the weekend. We surprised them both and it was such a wonderful weekend with great weather, late game nights and good times together.

5. Jake is DONE!!! As in completely. No more tests, the trip to China is over, the ceremony is complete! He has his MBA!!!!! And we have "Dad" back. Wahoo!!!!

6. Diagnosis. With new crops of bumps showing up all over 4 weeks after her initial breakout- I knew it wasn't chicken pox. Her pediatrician ended up sending me to a Pediatric Infectious Disease specialist who diagnosed her with Giovani-Closti, a rare but fortunately not serious infection that they assume was in reaction to her 15 month vaccines. Her "hyper-sensitivity" was possibly in part due to an ear infection that was not completely healed before receiving the vaccines. I'm just happy to know what it is (all the descriptions/pictures fit). Happy to know it is not serious, will resolve itsefl (eventually), should not scar, is not contagious and should not have any long-term effects. Unfortunatly she's also seeing and ENT about that ear infection, but even worse her entire right ear drum is a gapping whole- which is beyond anything the ENT normally sees. More than likely she will have to have surgery to have it replaced. And the ENT is trying to determine what the cause is, since this is beyond a normal ear-infection rupture.