Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hi, remember me?

This blog has been neglected. I promise I'm still counting blessings- just not always writing them down.

1. A baby is on it's way! I'm expecting number four! After my miscarriage it was hard to trust my body and get excited again. But I'm now approaching week 17, I've heard the heartbeat twice, and even felt the little one move.

2. LIving in Heber. We found a great deal on a forclosure in Heber City. It's not a ton of land, but overlooks the valley, pastures, and even has an irrigation canal that runs through our back yard. We love it! Landscaping is going to be expensive and a beast- but luckily the basement is mostly done already. I was a bit worried about making the leap to a small town, but can honestly say that so far I love it. Heber is great, because it has lots to offer right here, Park City is just 15 minutes away and Orem and Salt Lake (Sugar House area) are just a hop skip and a jump away as well. Our neighborhood and ward have been very welcoming and kind. We really like it here.

3. Blessings for family. My brother Garrett found a job in Bellevue, so that he and his wife can be close to both their families for the birth of their first child (due Nov 1). My mom has had great strength through her breast cancer diagnosis and we are very happy she only had to go through radiation and not Chemo as well. She amazes me at her ability to see the positive side of every trial she faces. My sister Karina continues to love her time as a missionary in Guatemala and has had great experiences there. My brother Brian found a job that "pays the bills" and allows him the flexibility that he needs after a time of unemployment.