Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Oct 5, 2011

1. Conference weekend. Becca & Dave, Jesus and Bryn all came over for the 2nd session. I made a mexican bar for dinner after. Then the guys went to priesthood and us girls worked on a little craft (jewelry organizers). When they came back we had dessert and played games. Sunday was just us here at home- but I LOVED both sessions and felt like all the talks were answering my personal prayers/questions.

2. Project time. We're finishing the basement bathroom. We've been taking it pretty slow and steady, but I'm really pleased with how it's all coming together, and I'm hoping we'll be done this weekend. We weren't going to move the boys downstairs till we've got the cork flooring in through the great room and hall (that's our next project to start in a week or so), but they're actually really excited- so we might let them move down there as when the bathroom is done since they already have carpet and everything. Their window sills, floor boards, and closets need finishing- but kids don't care too much about those little details- so we can do those even with them sleeping down there. Jake worked out a deal with Cascade to lease their unused golf simulator for a year, with an option to by at 12 month. So he's all pumped. He picked it up yesterday, and while I'm worried it will keep him from getting our other priorities done, he says it will be motivation to get the other stuff done so he can set up his golf simulator and start putting it to use.

3. We've managed to stay within our means through this all. We love our home, and feel like we got a great deal on it- but buying it as a foreclosure has proved more expensive than we expected. List of things we've had to pay outside of our mortgage: Fridge, washer and dryer, wood burning stove, window treatments (still working on some), AC unit, basement furnace, Central Vac system, programmable garage door opener remotes, mail box... those things all add up pretty quick! Our want list is still long: water softener, boiler for the snow-melt system in driveway, landscaping, more hose-bibs, basement finished, new furnishings etc etc. Fortunately, tithing has blessed us again. The only thing we've had to finance are our fridge, washer and dryer- which we got on a 12 month same as cash. And we've been able to pay off our credit card in full (just barely one time) through this all. It really is a blessing of tithing I tell you. And so we are dedicated to stick with it. To do things little by little, and without going further into debt.