Thursday, November 10, 2011

1. Two year warrantee. The ban paid for the warrantee when we bought this house. Well, we've had a leaky pipe and our upstair furnace is now on the fritz. The warrantee doesn't cover secondary damage (so we had to pay for the drywall repair that the leaky pipe caused), and there is a $100 deductible for each claim- but it's still saved us a little bit of money.

2. Pinterest. I feel kinda lame listing Pinterest here, but I really am thankful for it. It's been a great way to organize and store good ideas, recipes and things I find online- and fun to see what others are posting as well. I've already done a few craft and decorating ideas that I've found there, and have found and tried some great recipes too!

3. Lotion and my husbands big hands. I have sensitive skin, and a water softener for this house is still a few items down our want list right now- so I've been itchy and scratchy in this cold dry weather. Luckily its a great excuse to get nightly back rubs with lotion from Jake!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November Thanks

1. Making friends. I'm really thankful that we have felt so welcome into our new neighborhood and ward. We've been invited to play Wallyball (Raquetball/volleyball combined) with a group of couples, to an adult Halloween party, over for dessert, and just people reaching out to get to know us in general. It's really been nice.

2. A handy husband. Since we've started working on the basement... He can't do everything, and things aren't always perfect, but having worked construction many a school breaks, and helped his dad build an entire mortuary/apartment- he's not afraid to take on a project. I think it's fun memories, good for our kids to see some sweat and work, and it saves us some money.

3. Sunday dinners with McLeans. McLeans have been life long family friends. I was roommates with Megan for the first semester I got home from my mission. Since they live here in Heber I've been able to reconnect with them. They even have us over for Sunday dinners 2 or more times a month! We sure love those guys!