Thursday, February 9, 2012

Heber Life

1. Elementary fundraiser. This week was "teachers at the Train". Tue-Thur teachers from the JR Smith worked evening shifts at Dairy Keen ("home of the Train"), and all the profits go to the teacher's classroom budgets. It worked out great that both Dekker's preschool teacher, and Josh's 1st grade teacher were working the same night. So tonight we all went to "the train" for dinner. It was seriously fun! The principal was there blowing up balloons for all the kids, Josh and Dekker got to see their teachers, as well as lots of friends from their classes. We entered a raffel for a bike, and ate our meal while watching the train do circles around the restaurant. It was fun too to see a lot of people from our neighborhood and ward. We seriously said hello to at least 5 other families we know. I can't believe how cute and "small town" the fundraiser was!

2. Bald eagles in the back yard. This was a while ago, but we had bald eagles hanging out in the trees behind our house. I saw one sitting there early one morning, but it was gone by the time I grabbed the camera. The boys saw it with me, but I could tell Jake was skeptical. Then a couple days later, during lunch Dekker came and grabbed me and said it was there again. When I went to look we actually saw TWO, and a hawk circling overhead. Later we found out there was a dead dear in one of the nearby vacant lots, and so that's why they were all there that day. The largest of the two bald eagles sat in the trees at almost eye level the whole time we sat eating lunch though. I swear it was staring me down. It was pretty darn cool!

3. Ski lessons for Josh. We got Josh into the "Start Now" program up at Park City Mountain Resort. It's for Utah residents, and only $200 for 5 lessons- which includes day passes and rentals for each day of lessons. Since the Park City is just a hop skip and a jump away, it hasn't been too hard at all to get him up there- and so far he LOVES it. Better yet, the schools here have an after school ski program that starts in second grade, so if we can get him comfortable enough this year, maybe he can do that next year!