Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Busy times

1. Garrett, Racheal and Charlie came to visit! They came for conference weekend- sort of. Racheal had a mission companion from South Africa who was going to be in town, and so they came to see her, us, and some other friends. It was so nice to visit with them! I guess that's the nice thing about being far away from family- you appreciate the time you DO get with them even more.

2. Yard excavation. We had our front yard excavated. The dug out the front yard and put in rock steps and a new rock wall. It opens up our yard SO much! We were all kinda mesmerized by the backhoe too- pretty cool to see all that rock and dirt moved around. Now we have to put in our spickets off of the secondary water source so we can plant grass and other stuff. Lots of work, but it's great to see much more potential.

3. Titus' blessing and Easter. We had both of Jake's sets of parents here. I was a little nervous- but it worked out well. The blessing was beautiful! Dot, Brea and I went shopping up at the outlets while the boys went fishing. Dot offered to buy me something new to wear for the blessing. I was SO happy when I actually found something at Banana Republic that fits my current body, that I can nurse in, that I'll be wear even after losing the rest of the baby weight, and that is flattering now! We did a BBQ and made taquitos Saturday night, and our traditional leg of lamb dinner on Sunday. Tio & Bryn, Brea and Tom, and Trish all came for the blessing too. It was a great weekend.

4. General Conference was amazing. A bit out of order- but really- I LOVED so many of the talks I heard, and the spirit I felt. I need to start going back and listening/reading them again, cause there was just SO MUCH that I felt was just for me!

5. TJ's smiles! I got nervous when Titus didn't seem to be making eye contact a lot- but then he started getting better. Then I was nervous because he hadn't smiled yet- but now he is doing that too. I'd read that you need to adjust milestone expectations for premature babies, but I was still nervous. I even got Jake nervous about the possibility of autism. I guess you never really can know this early- but it's been such a relief to have TJ locking eyes with us and smiling more each day.

6. Time with Minnie. Before TJ was born I tried to treasure moments with my baby girl. She can be a handful though- and it wasn't always easy. However, we started a habit of her taking showers with me. It was much easier than worrying about what she might get into while I was showering! At first she would just sit on the bench mostly out of the water and wait for me. Then she started copying me and wanting the wash cloth or pumas stone and stepping into the spray a bit. Then one day she reached up and wanted me to hold her. Something about that skin to skin time is just precious. Lately she doesn't get in the shower with me as regularly as she used to- but when she does she still reaches up to me for some snuggle time. She lays her head on my shoulder and I just treasure it. Oh how I love my little girl!