Friday, June 1, 2012

Memorial Day weekend

Before I get to our Memorial Day weekend...

1. Karina is back from her mission! She got back April 19th. She went home to Washington first of course, but came and stayed here with us May 7-18th. It was so great to catch up with her and reminisce on mission life. Jake was called to be our ward mission leader right before she got here too- so that was pretty cool. We had a little BBQ here in her honor. Took her shopping. And she helped watch the kids while I worked on our front yard and Jake and I got to go out on a date!

2. Rain can be good. It was cool, windy and rainy most Fri-Sun of Memorial Day weekend- but we still had fun Saturday we went up to the air show at Hill Air Force Base. On our drive there we worried maybe it was a bad idea because it was a hard downpour, but by the time we got there it had lightened up, so we decided to get out the umbrellas and jackets and at least go see a couple ground displays. The boys had a blast tromping through puddles and using an umbrella, and by the time we got on the base it had stopped raining and they began the air show. Since most people had left by then, due to the rain, we had front row spots! It was a lot of fun, even if some of them were really loud.

3. I'm thankful for my country and freedoms. We live near a cemetery, and since Memorial Day the place is COVERED in flowers. It is such a great reminder to think of those who have past, especially those who have died protecting our country and freedoms. Oh, and for Mother's Day Kari and I took some white lilies to Bradley's grave for my mom.

4. Nice weather! On Monday we finally had sunshine and warmer temperatures. Jake went golfing in the morning. Bryn and Jesus came by in the afternoon to tell us about their Europe trip and enjoy a little BBQ. Then we took the boat out for our first time this year in the evening. The boys dropped their poles in and tried (unsuccessfully) to catch some fish. The kids had fun sitting on the back deck of the boat and dipping their feet in. It was a beautiful evening- even if it did end with me dropping my cell phone into the lake!

5. New phone. At least the timing was right for me to have a credit for a new phone on our cell phone plan! The new EVO just came out, and so I looked into that- but it looked as if they were hard to get, and even with my phone credit it was going to be expensive. I found the fury though, that fit my cell phone needs just fine- so Jake went and picked one up for me yesterday.

6. Our front yard is looking so much better! After the excavation we paid someone to come and do the grading, topsoil, and some cleanup and decorative rock placement. Jake put in a few spicket heads so that we could run a basic above ground sprinkler system. Then we had to do some more of the topsoil moving, build planter boxes, plant trees, starts, and seeds. We're starting to see things sprout up, our sod is finally mostly green (for a while we were worried when about half of it looked like it'd died), and it's actually looking pretty nice!!!