Monday, July 9, 2012

Trip to California

1. Safe travels. The Tahoe passed 110k miles on our trip. Some of the weather stripping came loose, at one point the thermostate on the drivers side wouldn't work right, Naomi stuck something in and broke our DVD player, and by the end of the trip our car was a MESS- but there were no major car issues, and we had safe roads and travel- so I am very thankful for that.

2. Jake caught the Disney bug! Jake had never been to Disneyland and wasn't super excited to go. With his bad ankle all he could imagine was being uncomfortable standing in lines all day. Since he's just a big kid at heart though, I knew that once I got him there he'd have fun. That was the truth. He had a blast and even ended up being the one hurrying our kids onto as many rides as possible. And once we learned how to manage a line time app and fast passes- we really didn't have to do too much standing in line anyway.

3. Minnie meets Minnie. It was cute when at our Character Breakfast our Minnie met Minnie. She was being very shy of course and didn't want to get close to her- but she made the connection I guess, because later when we were in one of the gift shops she found some Minnie ears and latched onto them and wouldn't let go. She also sweet talked her dad into buying her a little Minnie pin. Oh- and  another favorite Minnie moment was on the first day when Jake let her pick out a sucker- as they were walking to the register she found a GIANT one, and without taking her eyes off of it she handed the smaller one back to Jake and with a big grin grabbed the big one!

4. Dekker at CARS LAND. Dekker LOVES the CARS movies and all things cars really- so when he found out CARS LAND would be opening two week before we got there he got super excited. That's where the lines were the longest of course- but luckily he has a sweet aunt and cousin who were kind enough to go first thing in the morning to stand in line and get fast passes for the Speedway ride. They got there as early as they could, stood in line for 45 minutes and the fast passes were STILL not till 4:40 that evening. We got to go though and it was Dekker's favorite ride.

5. Just tall enough. Josh was just tall enough to go on all the big roller coaster rides. The first one we took him on was California Screamin. He was so nervous- but such a good sport. Jake talked him into doing a lot of them. He said in the end that Star Tours and Space Mountain were his favorites.

6. Family, family, and more family! We got to see Mom and Denny, Garrett & Rachel with Charlie, Kari, and Kjerstin at Disneyland. Then we headed up to my Dad's for the forth. It was SO GOOD to see Kjerstin there talking to her dad again (Brian). And we got to see Brian and Erin, Sera and Shaun, my DAD and his crazy beard.

7. Enjoyed the Bybee Ranch. It'll be interesting to see what happens with that place. My dad still has it listed, but with all his retirement wrapped up in it, and the supressed real estate market, who knows if he'll ever get an offer that will be attractive enough to actually let go of the place. I know that when we are all there and enjoying it- he remembers why he worked so hard to buy and establish the place- but when he's there all alone dealing with the maintenance, finances, and legalities- it's another story. So it was great to be there and make more memories in that beautiful, magical place. We had fun fetching eggs from the chickens, picking raspberries, catching frogs, trying paddle boards, swimming, skiing, canoeing, jumping on the trampoline, playing in the sand pit, picking flowers, walking the vineyards and watching the sunset.

8. Visiting friends. My good friend from high school, Camille, and her family live in the bay area now. So she and her family came up and spent the 4th of July with us. She had her baby just two and a half weeks before so I got to meet her little tiny one. One the way home we also stopped in Reno for a break and visited Rebecca, who was my "companion" for the semester I spent in Guatemala. I haven't seen her in years- and so it was fun to catch up with her as well.