Monday, August 27, 2012

Where did summer go?

This summer has gone by incredibly fast. I could sit here and write about so many things from this summer that I'm thankful for. I hate that I'm always playing catch up on this blog anymore! Instead I'll just write what I'm thinking about right now.

1. Josh is in 2nd grade! My first born is getting so big. It's a little sad to have him gone for so much of each day again- be we had such a jam packed full of fun summer that I don't feel too bad about it. In fact, the timing is pretty good since things just started winding down and I started to hear the "Mom- what can we do for fun now?" a lot. At least they don't say "I'm bored!".

2. Dekker is going into Kindergarten! He doesn't start until next Tuesday. So these few days where Josh goes and he doesn't are hard on him. He misses his play buddy. The nice thing is that he plays more and much nicer with Naomi when Josh isn't around- and she loves that. Sending Dex to Kindergarten won't be nearly as hard as it was to send Josh- since he went to preschool 4 days a week last year- it's really just one more day a week. And then I get time to focus more on my little two.

3. Father's Blessings. Tonight for FHE Jake gave Josh and Dekker there blessings. Naomi wanted a "turn" too. She sat up on the stool and folded her arms and squeezed her eyes shut and bowed her head for the whole time. I couldn't help but peak. I felt an overwhelming love from our Heavenly Father for this, the only baby girl in our family. It really was distinct. I'm so happy she's part of our home.

I love my family.