Friday, December 21, 2012

Party, party, party!

Let me just review the events of the last week or so...

Friday the 14th- Magellan Christmas party (Rachael- one of my laurels from a long time back- watched the kids and stayed the night). Saturday the 15th, Josh's 8th Birthday party in the afternoon, Neighborhood Christmas party in the Evening (Trish came up for Josh's Party and stayed til Monday morning). Sunday we had our family Christmas party here.  Monday we had a combined FHE with a few neighborhood families. Tuesday was Josh's 2nd grade program and I skipped the RS dinner to take Josh out for a family dinner celebrating his actual birthday. Wednesday we went to Dekker's Kindergarten program and to Clay's 30th Birthday party (kids went to Tio and Bryn's house). Yesterday was our mellow night- so we watched a Christmas movie with the kids. Today is the start of winter break for the kids. Josh had Brigham (his latest BFF) and then went with him and his family to see a movie, and Dekker invited his friend Braden over. Tomorrow we are going over to the Eaton family's for dinner and games. Sunday we're having Brea and Tom and Elise (cousin on Jake's side) and her boyfriend and hopefully another of Jake's cousin over for dinner. Then Monday is Christmas Eve (possibly getting together with my cousins again) and Tuesday Christmas!

1. Friends and family. I am SOOSOSOSO thankful that we are surrounded by such good friends and family. We may not have parents nearby- but we have such kind loving friends and family that make this season enjoyable.

2. Additional activities. We've also been making and taking gifts (as well as receiving  to neighbors, teachers, and friends. We are doing the 12 days of Christmas for one neighbor- and Josh loves to knock and hide each night and wait to hear their "Merry Christmas, Whoever you are!" each time.

3. Baptismal preparation. I was able to witness Josh's interview by the bishop for his worthiness to be baptized. I got tears a couple different times. Josh is very excited, and VERY prepared. He was so excited to talk to the Bishop about his testimony and the things he's been learning in preparation for his baptism. He explained the dispensations of times in a way the Bishop "had never heard and 8 year old explain so well before".

I love this busy time of year!!!

Monday, December 10, 2012

My kids are cute

1. Heard in the car yesterday:
Dekker: I have so many friends. Christian, Nathan, Logan, Ethan, Stevie...
Josh: Crystal!
Dekker: Yeah, I guess Crystal too
Josh: She's your GIRLFRIEND.
Dekker: No she's not. She has a crush on me- but I broke that love!


2. Most morning I bring Titus in to bed to nurse before getting up. He lays next to me and has his breakfast- then when he's done he rolls over- scoots up to Jake and gives him "boob-warmed kisses" (that's what Jake calls them) right on the mouth. Jake says its his favorite way to wake up.

3.  We love Naomi- but she can be a grumpy pants. She lights to cry and whine to get things- a lot of times when we ask why she's crying she says, "You made me sad!" We've been trying to teach her lately that she needs to "choose to be happy and smile". Well, sometimes during they day if I'm working on something or frustrated with something I must make my own "frowny face" because I'll be in the middle of something and she'll tell me, "Mom, be HAPPY! Be happy to me!" Always a good reminder.