Saturday, March 16, 2013

Things change, but they stay the same.

Lately I think so much about things that I want to post here. The kids will say something funny that I want to remember, there are spiritual insights or promptings that I feel are significant, or I have moments of deep gratitude for the many blessings in my life. For some reason I have a hard actually sitting down and posting it. I do post a lot of tidbits via instagram and Facebook- but this blog is a place where I should be giving more details and its a better place for me to come back to reference or read things.

Even though life is very busy and constantly changing, in most ways things are also the same. I have faith, it's not always perfect, but I do act on my beliefs, and I see the Lord bless me for that- despite my weaknesses. My kids are good kids. They drive me crazy and sometimes I let them see my frustrations more than I should- but they forgive me and love me anyway, and then I am humbled that I am entrusted with such strong sweet spirits. Jake is a hard worker, always thinking and striving to be better. He makes me laugh and I'ms so lucky that after 10 years of being together he still spends so much of his energy just trying to make me happy. I AM SO BLESSED!

1.  New calling. I was recently called to be a Laurel Advisor in my ward. This means I'll be teaching and "leading" the 16-18 year old girls in our congregation. I was a bit surprised at first because I'd recently substituted in Relief Society and so I'd thought I'd be called to serve there- but I was HAPPY to accept the calling since I LOVED serving with the Laurels in my old ward. I really don't know the young women in this ward at all, or even most of the women who are serving there. When Deanne (the YW President) called to thank me for accepting the call and to talk to me about my service she said, "I don't want to sound too weird, but I want you to know that I felt VERY strongly about your name when considering this call. I was telling one of the other leaders who was asking who you are that I don't really know you too well either, but Heavenly Father must have really wanted you there because I just knew I was supposed to call you." Then later at church a friend was talking to me about my new call and said, "You'll do such a great job. Especially with your experience having served a full time mission" It was like tingles were straight to my heart when she said that. The eligibility age for sister missionaries recently changed from 21 to 19, and that will make it so much more easy for young women to choose and serve a mission. I knew that a big reason I was called was so that I can help these young women prepare to serve full time missions!

2. Studying the scriptures helps us choose the right. The other day I was reading in the Book of Mormon in 3 Nephi chapter 12. Verse 42 says, "Give to him that asketh thee, and from him that would borrow of the turn thou no away". It made me think of a RS lesson I sat in on a while back about helping the needy and how I when I see "beggars" I often excuse myself from helping because I don't usually carry much cash, but that I know in my heart its also because sometimes I'm judging them as scammers trying to make a quick buck, or people who will spend it on boos or drugs, but even deeper inside I know that I should not judge and should give more freely. I'm not saying we have to give money to every panhandler that we see, but it did make me think about where my heart is when it comes to giving and lending to those who ASK (notice the Scripture says ask, not need). Well, today I had all my kids in the car and was driving to meet Brea and Dot at a park in Salt Lake. We came to an intersection and the light was turning red. I saw a guy holding a sign at the corner saying, "Traveling broke & hungry". I needed to turn and there were two turn lanes. There were two cars in front of me stopped and I noticed all of us chose the lane furthest from this man. The scripture I'd been reading came into my head, and then I remembered I actually had a couple dollar bills in my wallet. I quickly pulled them out and pulled into the lane next to him. I rolled down my window and waved it at him. As he came to take it from my I saw a cigarette in his other hand, but reminded myself it is not my place to judge. He said "thank you sister", my light turned green and I rolled up my window and drove away. I FELT AWESOME!!! And I'm not sharing this or saying I felt good because wow- look at me I did a good thing, but it simply felt right and good. The boys who'd been quiet in the back perked up, "Mom, why did you pay that guy money?" I explained that I wasn't paying him, but just giving it to him. I told him what his sign had said and that I'd felt I should help him out. A couple seconds later Dekker said, "Mom, we're a good family, huh?' "We try to be Dekker". I would have missed out on this teaching moment if I hadn't acted on the prompting I'd received, and I would probably not have been prepared to receive the prompting had I not been reading my scriptures.

3. I'm kind of a big deal :) In January we had a nasty flu bug go 'round our house and when it hit me it hit me hard. I was out of commission for a couple days, and at half pace for about a week. Then at my first YW activity (walley-ball at the rec center) I sprained my ankle REALLY bad. I couldn't even walk on it for two days and was hobbling for three weeks! Jake had to work from home and help out a lot more in the mornings and evenings for a while. Josh also stepped up to be more independent and helpful where he could. Even with their help the house was not running like it usually does. It's not something I want to go through again- but it made me so thankful for the things that I am able to do so easily most of the time, and it was nice that all of us realized more just how important I am. (I'm also glad we recently started a life insurance policy for me, and not just Jake).