Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

1. One of my laurels came by the house and dropped of a Tobleron chocolate bar for me with a note attached that read, "I'm thankful for you". It made my day. I love working with the young women and I love them so much. At the end of October I taught a lesson on being grateful. I challenged the girls to make a conscious effort to find a way to show more gratitude in their lives. I don't know if my challenge inspired the chocolate bar, but I'm thankful for her example of really seeking to do good each day.

2. Hosting Thanksgiving. Some people may think it's strange that I'm thankful to host the dinner, but I am. I was a bit nervous because we were hosting people from Jake's side of the family and from mine, and I really wanted everyone to feel comfortable, but I think it all went over really well. Everyone helped bring things together for the meal. The food was fantastic. I loved hearing and seeing the kids run around and play, and it was so nice to relax, play games, and shop. The guys got to do some fishing and shooting too. For me, it was perfect!

3. My faith and testimony- it's not perfect, but it truly is what brings me hope, peace and perspective. Without those I would feel so discouraged and lost.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Attitude of Gratitude

1. Three surgeries in one day. This last Tuesday I took Naomi, Dekker, and Josh all in to have their herniated belly buttons surgically repaired. I was SO glad Brea could help out by taking Titus, and Kari could go with me to be my aid as they were going in and coming out of surgeries. Primary Children's at Riverton really did do a great job of making it go as smoothly as possible.

2. Kids that take care of each other. It was cute to see the three of them empathize and help each other feel better. They all slept together in Naomi's room a couple of nights so that they would be close if they woke up in pain. Josh helped Naomi and Dekker come get when they did. He also read stories to them at night when it was time for bed. Naomi had a hard time transitioning when she woke up from her surgery, but when Dekker took his turn of crying out in pain she put a smile on her face and tried to cheer him up. I have such sweet kids.

3. I'm thankful for the month of November and this time of remembering to slow down and recognize the abundance of blessings that surround us. Even though I do not take the time to write them all down here like I used to, I do still daily stop to recognize the Lord's hand in my life. It makes all the difference.