Friday, December 20, 2013

My kids

I LOVE my kids!!! I feel I am blessed with such good kids. Josh just turned 9 and I was all emotional this birthday, just because I've seen him grow up so much this last year.  He really is becoming a young man so quickly.

My kids aren't perfect though. But I'll take their imperfections. It's part of the package.

This morning I got an email from Josh's teacher. Here is what she said, and my response:

I just wanted to let you know that I had a little problem with Josh today at school.  During our spelling bee Josh and one other boy looked at the spelling list of a student that was already out of the spelling bee.   After Josh spelled the word, the boy came over and told me that Josh had looked at the word.  I asked Josh to go out to the hall so I could talk to him.  After talking to him, I am pretty sure he did not mean to be cheating, it was more of a misunderstanding in how the spelling bee works.  I don't think he realized when he looked at the word that he might have a chance to spell the same word.  I also think that once it happened, he did not know how to handle the situation.  He was very sad and I felt bad about the whole situation.  I know that Josh is a great kid and always tries hard to do what is right. Please feel free to call or email me if you have any concerns or questions about the situation.  
Mrs. Holly Hansen 

My response-
I didn't get this till this morning, after Josh left for school, so I haven't had a chance to talk to him about it. Yesterday when the boys got home and I was asking about their day Josh did say, "Okay, except I had to have a little talk with Mrs. Hansen about something..." But I was busy and so didn't stop and get the details. I appreciate you letting me know. Josh is a good kid, and does try to do what's right, but he does still make mistakes and sometimes needs correction. Thank you for taking the time to help him understand the situation and the importance of being honest about it. Because Josh tries so hard to "be good" he doesn't always take correction very well in the moment and can become very defensive- but he does internalize it and do better later. I'll talk to him more about it after school today, but it sounds as if he learned what he needed to from the situation.

Thank you,

Jaime Runyan

I was so thankful she had handled the situation the way she did. It made me so happy that she is his teacher. It also made me think back to some of the input I sent to the principal at the end of last year, and so I searched and found that to read over it again. It's so interesting to watch my kids grow and see the people they are and the people they are becoming.

Here's the email I sent to the principal:

I know you have much to consider when dividing children into classes- but without knowing which teacher might be options or anything about them- here is what I would say about my boys:

Josh- My oldest is always eager to please, and sometimes too hard on himself. Josh is never afraid to try new things. He hears EVERYTHING and is very sensitive to any labels or comments regarding him. He also likes to make sure he is heard and sometimes speaks out to get attention or praise. I know he's taking tests for the GAT program, but regardless of if he is recommended for it, or if I choose to put him in it (I worry about him stressing about maintaining a certain level of success or fitting in with that group) he will need a teacher who can recognize and encourage his talents for learning things quickly.

Dekker- More happy go lucky- but very smart. He's grown so much this year and become a great reader. Because he does well both socially and academically I worry that maybe he will be overlooked by some teachers, but he needs attention and recognition in order to continue to grow and achieve his greatest potential. He responds well to incentives, but likes to choose, rather than be told what to do.

Dekker is also lucky to have a wonderful teacher, Mrs. Patterson, this year. I go in almost every Thursday to help with centers, and so I get to see a bit how she manages the class, and how Dekker responds to it. I love that Dekker is in the top reading group for his class, but doesn't even know it. In centers, and I've also noticed in paperwork he brings home, she helps push him to do more than he has to but doesn't overwhelm him, or overpraise him (Dekker can be a bit of a show off if you let him).

I'm so thankful for good teacher who are aware of the impact they have on my kids!!!