Thursday, March 27, 2014

A great compliment

One of the best compliments someone can give to me as a mom is a compliment to one of my kids. I think it's interested that though I don't post too frequently any more, one of my last posts was after a parent teacher interaction. Tonight I am writing again after having been to a parent teacher conference!

Last night I met with Dekker's teacher- who had nothing but good things to say about him. She said that while some teachers don't take the time at third quarter to meet with parent of those kids who are doing well, she wanted to "celebrate Dekker" with me. She pulled out his recent assessment sheet to show that he literally had scored the maximum points in every category. She said she also appreciates his smile and kindness in class!

Josh's teacher hasn't requested a time to meet with me, but had said we could stop by during her open hours on Thursday (tonight). Since I was already there though, I thought I'd swing by her room and see if she had a minute. She welcomes me right in, saying she happened to have a no show and quickly pulled out Josh's reports. Again, she had only good things to say. She said that though he is at the top of his class academically, he doesn't act as if he is better or above the others or what they are learning. She complimented his ability to stay engaged in class and look for opportunities to learn. She also said she's amazed that he takes the time to compliment and encourage others around him.

You'll have to excuse me for bragging about my boys. It really is the greatest compliment to me. Not that I feel I am the cause for all they're strengths. I was not a poor student, but especially early on, I was not particularly exceptional either. I encourage good study habits and require homework before play, but I'm not spending extra time with them on assignments usually, and I only briefly supervise or review their work before they take it to turn in. Yet, I love that parent teacher conferences are a joy, not a worry. It makes me so happy, even though I'm pretty sure it has little TJ nothing to do with me.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Overwhelmed, yet overwhelmed.

Yesterday was not what I would call a "good day". Mostly because I felt that I was not succeeding at anything. I was feeling overwhelmed by all my tasks/roles and felt that while I was trying to keep up, I hadn't really fulfilled any of them the way I'd wanted to that day. I think part of this is because I just recently started a 120 hour online course as a prerequisite to taking the exam to get my real estate agent license. I've thought about doing this for a VERY long time, but since Jake's brother and sister will be moving here at the end of June, I thought it'd be good motivation to get it done so that I can help them buy a home. That means I need to get in my 120 hours pretty quick. I set the goal to put in 2-3 hours each day. I thought that was very reasonable. Turns out though, that I'm a pretty busy gal, and squeezing those in hasn't been as easy as I thought it would be. Honestly, even before starting the licensing course I was feeling pressed for time. I'm a mom to four kids, a wife, a chef, a taxi, a financial clerk, a teacher, a volunteer, a health advisor, and more!

Funny thing though, even though I'm overwhelmed by all I "have to do", I'm also overwhelmed by the blessings that surround me!!! When I feel tired or overwhelmed, I just have to remind myself how lucky I am that this is my life. Remind myself that being involved in and surrounded by so many GOOD THINGS is a pretty good "challenge" to have.

In other words, yes, I am both overwhelmed by all that I "have to do" and overwhelmed by all that I HAVE!!!

1. I'm getting my Real Estate license. Even though it's been harder than I though, it feels so good to be studying something again, and doing something I'm excited about and interested in. And I'm so happy that I can do something like this because I want to. While it's nice to know I'll have this new title/skill under my belt, it's also nice to know that I don't HAVE to dedicate tons of time and energy into if I don't want to. In other words, I'm glad I'm doing this because I WANT to not because I NEED to.

2. TJ's loves. All my kids have been sweet and pretty snuggly- but TJ beats them all. I love the constant hugs, kisses, pats on the backs, and head on my shoulder moment. Seriously- all the time people are telling me how much they adore his affectionate personality. I think I could sell the joy this kid gives with his loves!

3. Perspective through scriptures. I was reading about the Jaredites in the Book of Mormon the other night. I was thinking about their journey to the promised land as a parable to our journey through life. I love that The Lord gives us instructions (what type of ship) at times, and requires us to find answers (lights in the boats) at other times. But ultimately, He does give us lights and safety for our journey. He knows the seas may get rough- but he is watching over us always.