Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Did I forget to mention...?

1. Health. Right now we are all pretty healthy! This winter though, we went through a couple doozy stomach bugs, some ear infections, some nasty coughs and headaches. Sometimes you don't appreciate a blessing until you don't have it. I am very thankful for a healthy body though. Especially what I went though in January. Yeah, I didn't much feel like writing about it at the time. Sorry. It was January when I found a suspicious lump in my right breast. Yeah, never a fun thing. I've actually been through this scenario before. Back in college after my mission I found one. I freaked out and went to the doctor, who told me it was a "good find" and they sent me to get an ultra sound (my breasts were "too firm" for a mammogram; wish those days were still here!) The ultra sound showed that I have "fibracious breasts" and the lump, as well as two smaller ones we discovered in the process, were fluid filled an nothing concerning. They told me though, that since I had such lumpy breasts it would be good for me to be familiar with them- so I could spot strange changes. Not long after though, I got married and started having babies, and when you have babies and are nursing, your boobs change A LOT! So self exams kinda went on the back burner. Anyway, in January I was realizing my breasts had been really achy for a while, especially my right. I was doing a self exam when I felt the lump. It was bigger, and in a different spot than the one I'd found back in college. I didn't panic, but since I'd just been talking to Jenny about cancer, and I talked to my mom who told me that her geneticist had told her that her daughters needed to be more cautious (she had and overcame breast cancer at age 59, and we have lots of cancer history in our family,) even though her BRACS test came back negative, I knew I needed to go in and get it checked. My doctor said it was probably just another fluid filled cyst, but again, complimented me on my find and sent me for a mammogram. Unfortunately the mammogram showed it looking like more of a solid mass, so I was immediately sent in for an ultra sound, which also showed a more solid mass. I was referred to Dr. Hart, who is a very cool surgeon in Park City, who deals a lot with this sort of thing. She told me I would need to have a biopsy. Just a few days later, I lay on a gurney, attached to another ultra sound machine, and watched as she drilled into the mass to take several samples. Yeah, wasn't my best day. And then I had to wait. Meanwhile we headed to CA for our Disneyland trip. Luckily though, she called me the evening we got there and told me the results were benign! It was such a relief. Now I just have to go in EVERY year, or even six months for a mammogram. There you have it. My breast lump story.

2. Conversation about smoking. Tonight as we were finishing up dinner Dekker asked Jake if he smokes. A very random question. Jake and I were both kinda thrown off guard- the answer is NO, but it question kinda came out of nowhere. So I decided to ask him more questions. Why did he ask? Does he know anyone who smokes? Does he think smoking is good or bad? Why is it bad? He knew, it was bad but couldn't tell me why. So we talked about it from a spiritual aspect, and then from the physical perspective. And then talked about, if people know all of those bad things, why do they do it (usually peer pressure), and then the addictive nature of it. It was a really good conversation. He said that he's decided he won't ever smoke. Again, a reminder that there are so many lessons to teach as a parent.

3. Dance moves. Tonight, while Jake was doing the dishes, he turned on some music. TJ came in the kitchen and started to "bust a move". It was pretty jerky and a little off beat- but so stinkin' cute. I love toddlers' dancing!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Being sensitive

1. Non-fasting Fast Sunday. This Sunday was "Fast Sunday". At our church the first Sunday of the month is set aside for members to fast. We offer the money we save on the meals we fast to those who are in need. The empty stomachs, or humility, that come with fasting help us feel closer to the spirit and focus our prayers and thoughts to a meaning or purpose on that day. On Fast Sunday there are no prepared talks for our general meeting- instead, members who feel prompted, may stand and share their testimonies impromptu with the congregation. Well, since we have church at 9am every Sunday, I am usually rushing to make sure everyone, including myself, is ready for church on time. MOST of the time I end up forgetting to feed myself breakfast, or an unpurposeful fast, even on the non fast Sundays. Then after we get to church I realize I'm starving and that my stomach is grumbling- so this last Sunday after I finished getting some cereal for TJ, I spotted a muffin in the pantry left over from soccer game treats the day before. I grabbed it and started to eat, so proud of myself for remembering to feed myself. I carried it into the closet with me when getting my shoes, and bumped into Jake, who reminded me it was Fast Sunday! ARG! Oh well. So I went to church feeling bad that I was not participating in the fast (As a side note- I find it really hard to fast when I'm pregnant or nursing, which has been most of the last 10 years, so I've been working hard at getting back into a full, purposeful fast this last year). The Lord must have forgiven me though, because despite my non-fasting state I felt the spirit so much this Sunday. Jake even asked me twice if I was OK, or why I was crying (I get teary-eyed when I'm feeling the Spirit sometimes). I really did come home with my "lamp full". I love Sundays like that.

2. Jake had to tell me he saw a bad image today. After the kids were in bed we were talking and he proceeded to tell me he saw something that he wished he hadn't. When I asked why/how he told me that it was a complete accident, but that it left him feeling horrible, especially because he'd been trying to show two other employees something on the computer, and so had inadvertently exposed them to it as well. He said that he closed it as quickly as he could, and pulled them each aside later to apologize. Obviously this was very unintentional, but I'm SO THANKFUL I have a husband who is sensitive enough to feel bad when he sees something he knows is inappropriate, even when on accident, and that he feels it necessary to apologize and confess it. It led to a great conversation between us about how we can avoid pornography when possible, how we SHOULD be sensitive to it's various forms, how to talk about it with each other and with our kids, and how to increase protections against it for us and our family. I love him!

3. Teaching respectful speech. Dekker is in first grade, and learning all kinds of "cool" things from friends at school. Lately he has started practicing he slang, phrases, or tone with us at home. I guess it's funny some times- but lately it's become a bit much. In fact, I know he doesn't mean to, but he's started to sound very disrespectful to us in some of the things he says. It's not anything really bad, but he'll say "REALLY, Mom?!" with this incredulous tone, or "WOW!" in a sort of, "I can't believe you just said/did that" sort of way. Jake's corrected him a couple times lately, saying "Don't talk to us that way." But tonight Jake stopped to really try and explain it to him. Dekker confessed he didn't understand what it meant to be "disrespectful". Jake took the time to help him understand that the WAY we talk to people demonstrates how we see, or feel towards someone, and how how sarcasm or jokes that may be OK with friends, shouldn't be used towards parents or people you respect or look up to. Dekker got it, and said that he really wants to do better, and we can correct him when we hear him do it inappropriately. There are so many lessons to teach as a parent. I hope we get through to them on lessons such as these. Some times it's the little things that matter most.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

1. Park weather. Today Stacey invited us to meet her and her girls at the park for a picnic. Liz Came with her two girls too. I ha Bryn with me (Naomi's preschool friend). It was beautiful! Then after dinner I suggested we walk to the park as a family- so off we went. It was so nice!

2. Family coming to the neighborhood. Rick and Jen and their cute kiddos are moving to Heber. We didn't really even push it on them. When they were here for spring break they were mostly looking in the North Dalt Lake area since they thought they had to be within a certain distance of the hospital. I think the good school JR Smith, and especially the cleaner air (especially with Jen's increases cancer risk) swayed them to the area when Rick got approval. So I went and looked at a couple more homes and videoed them, and after a lot of back and forth on one, they finally came to terms! If all goes well they should close June 9th and move in around the 23rd. It will be fun to have family so close. I've even requested Dekker and McKyla be in the same class!

3. An amazing baseball coach! Jake was so disappointed with Josh's coach and program last year- but this year we somehow lucked out and got the best coach. He's an older man who loves the game. They've practiced 5 times this last week an he set up a batting cage on his property with a machine pitch and everything. It's awesome!