Friday, June 13, 2014

Mini Moments

1. Naomi says the cutest things. The other night she was snuggling up to Jake and could hear his heart "beeping" and they had a conversation that went like this:
 Naomi: "Dad, I think it's Jesus trying to talk to you."
Jake: "Oh really?! What do you think He's trying to tell me?"
Naomi: "That you need to tell Dekker he should be nice to his sister!"

2. She loves us all so much. Lately Naomi has been hit by the love bug. She is always telling us she loves us. Lists us and her love for us in prayers, is sad if she's still asleep when Jake leaves for work and doesn't get a kiss goodbye, and even when she's mad at me for not letting her do/have something she'll yell or get mad, but then say, "But I still love you Mom".

3. Fascination with nature. Every morning Naomi goes outside to check on our flowers and plants. Especially our strawberry plants. She loves finding new white flowers or ripe strawberries. And she loves finding and catching ants, lady bugs, rolly pollies, etc. I'm trying to encourage all of this as much as possible by having her help in the garden, and I bought an apple tree, a peach tree, blueberry plant and grape start all to keep her interested. I'm guessing the blueberry plant and grapes won't do so well, even though they are "harty versions for my zone", but it's worth a go.

Friday, June 6, 2014

In Summer!

(nod to Frozen)

1. Great school, good students. I love the teachers at JR Smith. I know Dekker's teacher especially just LOVES Dekker, and all the kids she teaches. Dekker was telling me how she was crying on the last day as they all left. Both kids came home with fantastic final report cards and perfect next year teacher assignments. It's so nice to feel good about where I'm sending my kids each day, who they are with, and all that they are learning.

2. Slumber parties in Dekker's room. Dekker has two twin beds and a full sized futon in his room. When we have lots of guests often the kids all end up piled up in his room. On weekends (I don't let them do it on school nights) Naomi and Josh end up in there a lot of the time too. Naomi was so excited for it to be summer in large part so that she can sleep in Dekker's room. I think it's so cute the way they all go in there and read or tell stories or play games. What a fun memory that will be for all of them.

3. Helper Josh. I love having my kids home for summer, but it is a bit of an adjustment for all of us. We unplugged the xbox and said no electronics (except by special/occasional permission) for the summer. At times it seems like it would be so much easier to just let them veg out- but they really are happier when they get outside and/or use their imagination. When we do get frustrated with each other, or I just get overwhelmed (TJ doesn't like having to share me with the rest of them so much) Josh steps in and helps out. He makes quesadillas, reads stories to the kids, helps clean- or the other day he was reading this book of mine about fun kitchen snacks/activities for kids and the next thing I knew he was making "banana snakes" and "dinosaur footprint sandwiches" for everyone!