Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I have a home.

No, we didn't buy a new house, but I've been thinking about how grateful I am that I have a HOME. I'm sure what makes a house a home is a bit different for everyone, but I'm thankful for the following things that I feel make our house a home:

1. Prayers. We are not perfect about family and personal prayers around here, but there's no doubt that there ARE A LOT of prayers said in this house. Over meals, in the mornings, in the evenings, because we've lost something, to ask for forgiveness, or ask for blessings on those we love. Yes- our home has lots of prayers.

2. "I love you". It's said all the time around here. Verbally. Out loud we say it over and over. We even try and come up with new ways of expressing just HOW MUCH we love each other. It's a good thing for our home.

3. Laughter. We don't take ourselves too silly around here. We giggle, crack up, snicker, and even bust a gut on a pretty regular basis.

4. We clean. Again- NOT PERFECT. But kids know that if they want to make mom happy (and get something they want) then picking up, setting the table, helping with dishes, cleaning a toilet or vacuuming a floor, etc., etc., is a good idea. My kids know that though it's not fun, it's part of being a family and showing each other that we love our home.

5. We make messes too. At the same time I'm not such a neat freak that we're not allowed our share of messes either. Kids play, and kids make messes. Things get spilled, broken and strung all over. I often have to remind myself that finding Naomi's collection of rocks, picked flowers, feathers, shells and more is part of her. Finding the boys' legos here and there around the house means they are creating and building, and TJ's foot prints all over means he is climbing and trying to keep up with the rest of us.

6. Family and friends. I am perhaps most thankful that our house is often home to family and friends. They come to party with us, to hang with us, to stay and play with us. Jake and I said from day 1 that we wanted our home to feel inviting and welcoming to guests. I'm thankful for those who share and make memories with us here.