Thursday, April 21, 2016


I guess I have to admit that TJ, as the fourth and youngest in the family, gets treated differently. Especially when it comes to disciplining. He doesn't really know what "time out" is- all my other kids did, especially Josh and Dekker. I just don't have the patience or energy to discipline him. Pluse he's my last little one, and so he gets away with more just because he's so cute! A positive byproduct is that the kid is not afraid to be honest. He doesn't feel the need to hide or cover up things he's done wrong. He seems to know they're wrong- but also knows he doesn't usually get in too much trouble- so he's VERY HONEST- almost to a fault.

1. Broken lamp. I had a desk lamp out on the table where we're working on a puzzle. The other day I couldn't find it.
Me: Guys, where'd the lamp go?
TJ: Oh, it's in Naomi's room behind her bed.
(I go to retrieve the lamp and find it and try plugging it back in at the table, but it doesn't work)
Me: WHY isn't it working now?!
TJ: Cause I dropped it and it broke.

2. Jake's favorite cereal. Jake never eats cereal for breakfast (we're religious about our green smoothies). However, he DOES like to have a bowl at night sometimes- like a treat or snack if he gets hungry after dinner, and the other day he was telling me how he missed when I used to buy SpecialK with chocolate pieces cause that was one of his favorites. So, the next time I was at the store I picked him up a box. He was happy. He left the box out on the counter after a serving though, and the kids, seeing it pulled the bag from the box and proceeded to pick out all the chocolate pieces. When I saw the bag with hardly any chocolate left I said
Me: OK guys- WHO's been eating the chocolate from this cereal?
Kids: Kinda looked at each other and I think it was actually Josh who spoke up with a bit of a giggle and said, "All of us"
Me: GUYS! I bought this for Dad cause it's his favorite. WHY would you think it's OK to just pick out the chocolate pieces?!
TJ: I like chocolate
(Even Jake who was in the other room overheard and started laughing)

3. Sunday. It was a Sunday morning and after getting Naomi and TJ breakfast I was telling them it was time to take a bath.
TJ: Why right now? I want to watch something (on TV).
Me: Nope. It's Sunday. No TV right now.
Me: Because it's time to get ready for church.
TJ: But church takes TOO LONG!