Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Vacation Memories

We recently got home from our most epic vacation ever. We were lucky enough to be able to go with McQuiggs on a Disney Cruise, and also spent time in the Orlando area going to Universal Studios (and Harry Potter land) and other things. The vacation was fabulous and we did so many fun things, but it's the little moments and quotes that I want to record so that I won't forget.

1. At the end of the Disney Cruise I was asking the kids what their favorite part of the cruise was. TJ's answer: "The elevator; and our cool room." This shouldn't have been a big surprise, because TJ loves buttons, and so he was always racing to be the one to push the buttons on the elevator and use the key cards to get into our rooms. Plus each elevator did have a different "theme" or surprise, so they were pretty cool- but I still laughed when he said that was his favorite part.

2. In the car Naomi and Dekker were fighting over something in the back seat, when I tried to intervene and ask what was going on Naomi said, "Dekker just grabbed it out of my hand without asking!" to which Dekker responded, "I asked if I could see it!" and then Naomi said, "But I said 'NO'" and then started chanting, "No means No, No meands No, No means No!"

3. We taught the kids how to play the card game "Nines" on our trip. One morning the kids were playing and Josh was complimenting Dekker on his plays - Those kind of compliments don't happen very regularly apparently, because Dekker said, "Wow Josh that's really nice! I really like your attitude this morning!"

4. The night we were teaching the kids to play Nines we were all sitting around the table, and TJ slipped and whacked his head on the corner of the table. It sounds mean now, but the way it happened we all started laughing, but it must of hurt because TJ said, "Guys, I'm not laughing!!!"

5. Another time when the kids were arguing in the car (the trip really was fun, but when you're all together for 2 weeks, there are bound to be some fighting moments) I said, "Guys, this has got to stop, this isn't the way to show Mom and Dad that you'd like to do a trip like this again!" to which Josh responded, "Mom, you already said this was a once in a lifetime trip!"