Sunday, August 21, 2016

Pete's Dragon Moments

School starts on TUESDAY and summer is quickly slipping away from us. All the more reason I was sad that Jake had commitments that would keep him busy EVERY night of last week. Poor Dekker had to have FOUR teeth pulled Wednesday morning, but I told him if he was feeling up to it, I'd take him and the other kids to see Pete's Dragon that evening. So I couldn't believe it when I got a call from Jake around 3:30 telling me he was done with the Dry Cleaning training early, would have time to go to Costco, AND be home in time to go see the movie with us!

1. Happy to be together. Jake came home, we quickly ate dinner and then piled in the car to go see the movie. We were SO HAPPY to be together as a family (the week before I'd been gone with the kids to California- so we'd already been missing Dad.)

2. TJ sits in my lap. About half way through the movie I heard Jake whisper to Titus, "Why don't you go sit with Mom for a bit..." He walked over to me and climbed into my lap. My baby. He's 4 and a half! Yet he still climbed up and snuggled into my lap. I stuffed my nose in and sniffed his soft hair as I gave him a kiss on the head. I love that he still snuggles me. I think with my older kids, because there was always another baby close behind, I was hurried for them to feel comfortable sitting and doing things on their own. With TJ I savor him being little. Even as he get's bigger and isn't so little anymore, I'm going to hold onto every little bit of his littleness I can.

3. Dekker is my cool kid, with a soft heart. Pete's Dragon is a lovely moment. I love the message- Believe. Have faith. See the magic, and you see the world differently. Better. It has some very tender moments. Dekker was sitting next to me and during one moment I heard him sniffling. I reached my hand over and he took it. Then later during another moment I caught him wiping at his eyes. With TJ on my lap I gave him a pat on the leg. He laid his head on my shoulder and we let our tears run down our faces together. I'm glad he has a tender heart.